It's Snowing Hearts

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A valentine short story

Submitted: February 15, 2009

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Submitted: February 15, 2009




It’s Snowing Hearts

As Aunt Cora opens up her bedroom curtains, she focusses on a pretty bird near the window. It’s a winter sparrow, adorable on this snow covered oak tree. Cora now has a flashback, her three children, Jillian, Ryan, Gwen and niece Stacy Morgan enjoyed climbing to the middle branch. It was their fun place to sit and tell stories. They spent many summer days under those leafy branches. Aunt Cora and Uncle Martin had adopted Stacy at the age of nine when her parents were in a tragic car accident. It’s been thirteen years and today, a sunny February fourteenth, Stacy is getting married to Michael Tenor at two thirty. Michael is a high school teacher and Stacy, a bank secretary. Stacy and Michael have been dating since her cousin Jillian’s party for the in-laws on April twenty third. Jillian, a teacher invited Michael to the party. For Stacy, it was satisfying as she bumped into Michael at a crowded coat room. She was looking for gum, he was getting photos from his jacket. Their laughter was a joy.

What’s very surprising in April was that Michael and Stacy met at a drug store a week before the party. She stood next to him at the check out. Michael couldn’t help looking at several items, packages of popcorn, chocolate mint lollipops, pudding and chips. Stacy anxiously told the girl working that there’s romantic movies on TV all weekend. Michael thought she was special. He did notice a lovely smile and pretty brown shoulder length hair. He even recalled a heart clip in her hair. Stacy was suddenly in a rush at that moment, she remembered Aunt Cora was waiting for a drive at the market. Stacy had dropped some change on the floor and Michael helped her. They deeply gazed, a magic moment. Stacy is so happy they met twice on that special April. The couple were engaged on a rainy September evening. They both decided on Valentine’s Day. Aunt Cora and Uncle Martin will walk Stacy down the aisle. Cora now thinks of her sister, Evelyn and brother-in-law Jim. Cora says a prayer, she truly misses them on this special day. They will be watching. Stacy wears the heart clip from her parents. While going down the stairs, Cora thinks of what’s to be done. In the kitchen is relaxed Stacy who has read something in the morning papers.

"What an article! A young girl’s Valentine wish has come true. She wanted her mother well again to enjoy the winter carnival. The single mom had overcome heart surgery. The girl mentions Grandma’s love from heaven is a blessing. Today, it’s snowing hearts! Beautiful!" Stacy thinks of paper hearts in the snow. Now, excited Aunt Cora grins.

"Nice, it’s your day Stacy! The photographer will be here!"

"Not until one, Aunt Cora. Have tea. I’m going to get a picture taken with my cousins at our oak tree. I hope you’ll wear your new heart necklace." It’s a gift from Stacy.

"Oh yes! Your uncle must have left for a haircut." Now, snow is falling. The phone rings, it’s loving Michael. Aunt Cora heads to a bouquet filled livingroom. She is close to the photo of Evelyn, Jim. There’s a small card and Cora looks at the note, Stacy and Michael, Happy Wedding Day, Love Mom and Dad. This is incredible, it says, Mom and Dad. Cora shouts, Stacy runs in to see Cora with the card. Stacy reads it, she is puzzled.

"Ah, it’s flowers from Mona and Dan, friends at work. You need to relax, how about a bubble bath?" Cora quickly looks at it, she wonders. Now, Cora’s smile is glowing.




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