Lasting Treasures

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Showing that you care is a treasure

Submitted: July 25, 2009

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Submitted: July 25, 2009



Lasting Treasures

Part One, Someone Special


Lunch today is quite different for reporter Carolyn Shane, she is at the local bowling centre, Phil’s Bowl Party. It’s a very special Wednesday, Phil Walker joyfully celebrates fifty years of the bowling and diner business. Carolyn is writing up a story on his lasting, successful career and loving family. Phil adores his wife, Susie, four children and eleven grandchildren. The recent Walker’s family photo is clearly shown at the bowling entrance. Their love, smiles are precious..Carolyn’s husband Jeff is an avid bowler who has often mentioned Phil’s terrific food, good service. It’s not just the place, it’s lovable Phil who is proud of all that he accomplished. Kindhearted Carolyn will certainly make it interesting for the Oakville Gazette.

Now, while Phil talks to an assistant in the hall, Carolyn enjoys a burger in his office which is filled with gift bouquets. She notices cute wall verses, Bowling is a pleasure, it’s a ball of fun! and Happiness is Phil’s Bowl Party, Happy Bowling, Happy Eating! She chuckles at, Here, we bring you sunshine, we have yellow caps, yellow bowling shoes! Now, Carolyn’s phone rings, it’s friend Emily. She calls to remind Carolyn of the closing out sale at Ruby’s Fashion, last chance for bargains.

"Emily, I’m busy and this evening, we’re having a dinner guest, Mrs. Doyle, Lora’s math teacher. She is leaving to run her father’s inn. Call you later, I’m doing an article on Phil’s Bowl Party, great burger!" Smiling Phil now enters and he holds the mail, some gifts.

"These are from my customers, I love their comments, it’s a blessing! I’ve made many friends. You must write about how fortunate I am to financially help with the hospital equipment, town park’s new pool and contributing to the handicap children’s camp. There’s something else, I would like to give a party for my cousin, Sister Megan Farrell. She is a social worker, very kind and devoted. But she has a bone illness, it’s getting worse. To show our love for Megan, a party at my home is special. The memory will be a lasting treasure. I need a plan to get Megan to come."

Carolyn is touched by his profound concern. She sighs while thinking of his sincere words. Now, Phil reaches for a picture, a lovely one of Sister Megan and Phil taken before bowling. Carolyn hears that Sister Megan enjoys painting. She adores the artist, Evan Reams, his portraits are amazing. Carolyn knows who recently did a story on Evan. Now, Carolyn looks anxious.

"Give me your cousin’s address. I will personally make sure she is coming to her own party! I’m a reporter, I’ll think of something."

Phil is grateful. This lunch hour is fulfilling, Phil and Sister Megan are two special people. Carolyn can’t wait for the barbecue dinner at the Walker’s home next Saturday. Carolyn’s husband Jeff and their teen daughters, Lora and Hilary are also invited. It’ll be a delightful evening.

Lasting Treasures

Part Two, Brilliant Idea


Later, Carolyn drives to a favourite shop, Lasting Treasures for pretty napkins, candles. Now, she stops at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner tonight. She sees a friend, Sarah who works at the deli counter. Carolyn approaches.

"Hi Sarah, how are you and plans for your Dad’s retirement party? I’m envious about their cruise." Sarah smiles.

"Things are going great, I’m glad and very busy. It was supposed to be a surprise but that’s ok. Oh, we will celebrate Aunt Violet, Uncle Bob’s last mortgage payment too." Carolyn is content. Now, she is seriously thinking.

There’s a pause, Sarah looks puzzled. The moment is too quiet.

"Carolyn hello, you’re miles away." Carolyn is beaming

"I’ve got it! Wow, a perfect plan that will get Sister Megan to attend the party! I’ll tell her that it’s for Phil, a surprise gathering for his fiftieth. She will definitely come! I must talk to Janet at work to arrange a meeting with Evan. That special picture of Phil and Megan will be a portrait gift! So, I’ll have some cole slaw please." Sarah now is stunned.

"Ok, that was interesting, I guess. You’re the reporter."

It seems that Carolyn has wonderfully figured out this important matter. Afterwards, she meets with Jeff for a quick coffee. She tells about Phil and his special party. Family, friends are lasting treasures. Now, Jeff enjoys the excitement in Carolyn’s eyes.

Close to ten in the evening, tired Carolyn turns on the dishwasher. She happily goes up the stairs for bed. Their cat Misty follows behind. Now, Carolyn’s daughter Lora heads to the fridge. She takes out the last piece of lemon meringue pie.

" Ah, the last piece for me!" Her sister Hilary is near.

"That’s for dad’s lunch. Have date loaf." Lora groans.

"I’m not a date loaf kind of person! What are you having for a snack?" Hilary is all smiles, she then pulls out the

fridge salad drawer. She has cleverly saved a piece of pie.

"This! I’m not a date loaf kind of person either. Turn off all the lights, ok." Lora sadly reaches for some crackers.

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