Memories Merry-go-Round

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Happy memories can lift up one spirit.

Submitted: October 29, 2010

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Submitted: October 29, 2010



Memories Merry- go- Round


Fall is one beautiful time, especially when the sun glows on spectacular warm colours from maple, oak trees. It’s a joyous feeling, nature’s splendid glory. For Lynda Carson, October happens to be the saddest month of all. It’s exactly four years that her boyfriend, Mike Whitmore and her dad, Philip were in a tragic car accident, they both died. Phys. Ed teacher Mike and her dad were coming home from a trip, a football game. It was a rainy mid October afternoon, an elderly truck driver, Ron Macleod was having a stroke. His truck instantly hit Mike’s car. Apparently, Lynda’s dad wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The only one who had survived the crash was, Ron’s hitch hiker Brian Taylor, he suffered minor injuries. Since that dreadful day, he has tried to be Lynda’s friend. But Lynda feels too heartbroken, maybe because Brian was the only survivor. Lynda is slowly getting over the coldest grief, she has been working steadily at a carpentry warehouse. She is always interested in the beauty of wood, joy of accomplishments. She holds many memories watching her dad work in his garage. To relieve the emptiness, Lynda enjoys making furniture, work is usually long but productive hours. Nearby, just up the road is a small trailer she calls, home. It’s satisfying and her cat Treasure brings great love, comfort.

At work, before getting her jacket on a Monday, twenty third of October evening, Lynda has a strange thought. She now thinks of her teens, the fun carving out a pumpkin and her parents happily watch. Her brother Shaun enters their kitchen. He holds a jacket.

"Hey silly sister, you left your jacket by the basketball net. A Halloween party invitation too!" Smiling Lynda shows the card.

"Oh Mom, Dad, it’s a boys, girls costume party at Maureen’s place this Friday, seven to tenthirty! Ah, is it okay to go?" All eyes turned to Dad’s thinking expression. She briefly wonders.

"Yes, stay with your friends and make sure no later than ten thirty." She hugged him, planted a kiss on his cheek. She thinks of the special costume, Tinker Bell. In a quick flash, Lynda now thinks of Mike, her boyfriend who had actually wore, Alice in Wonderland costume at a dance. Lynda dressed as the Mad Hatter, they were a big hit. Now, the fun memories leave, she hears her boss.

"Oh Lynda, you’re miles away! I want to remind you of my wife’s birthday tomorrow. You’re coming over for cake?"

" Ah, I was thinking of wonderful Halloween times. My dad was sweet, my boyfriend looked so funny in his costume. Yes, I’ll be over for cake, thanks." She picks up her jacket with the biggest smile, these lovely thoughts often ease the sorrow. Now, when she is next to the door, she sees Brian Taylor who is holding a yellow wrapped gift. He warmly smiles, he now hands her the box.

"Hi Lynda, I’m glad you came to the Fair and you’re good at

Monopoly. You will like this, it’s cheerful." She is surprised.

"You didn’t have to buy me anything! I can’t accept this."

"Think of it as a necessity. Oh, there’s a film on African Safari at the college tonight, care to go? I’ll buy popcorn!" Brian who is a vet’s assistant is always interested in animals. Lynda quickly sighs.

"My friend will be over at seven to watch murder mystery shows on TV. Brian, take this gift back!" Brian shakes his head.

"Come on, no big thing. Call me when you open it! After the film, I’ll be at Joe’s. Ah, you look so pretty in blue!" She grins, he is very nice but Lynda doesn’t feel comfortable. He waves goodbye.

When Lynda is close to the trailer, she sees crumpled leaves that were pretty. A plastic ghost, witch is covered with them. Tired Lynda now lights up seeing Treasure, her cat who snuggles. The gift is placed near a special candle. Now, the phone rings, she thinks it’s friend, Karen but she hears lovable Charlotte, Mike’s aunt.

"Lynda, it’s that time again, old clothes drive on the weekend. Your mom sent me a letter, she loves being with Shaun, the family. Like to go to a craft shop opening Sunday? You need to get away from work, have fun." Charlotte is a good friend. Lynda chuckles.

"Well, I was busy helping my neighbours here get ready for the Smith’s anniversary. I do have fun once and awhile! I’ll let you know about Sunday." Lynda happily thinks of dinner plans with Mike’s parents Thursday. She now cuddles the cat who is hungry for supper. As soon as she looks after Treasure, Lynda opens the gift while her dinner heats up. She has joyful memories of Mike at Christmas. Now, the paper is off, she reads a teddy bear card.

"Lynda, I know that I’ve been smothering you, trying to soften the blow, your heart is still numb. I’m not asking you to forget that terrible day, your dad and boyfriend were very special to you so always cherish the happy memories. I do wish that someday, you’ll reach out to me for a little warmth, comfort just like this cute teddy bear! I am so sorry for your pain, all I can do is wait till you are ready to feel again. Keep Saturday free, you can ride with me on Kingston, a beautiful horse. Always there for you, Brian." Now, Lynda cries, she is confused. Her facial expression soon changes when she sees the gift, a sparkling merry- go- round that’s so charming, delightful. It’s called, Memories Merry- go- Round. She winds it up, the tune is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Lynda is happy. Vividly, she has a loving flashback, it’s her mom, Aunt Charlotte making star biscuits, cinnamon rolls. Lynda sits in the middle of Mike and her dad. They’re working on a farm puzzle, Mike spoke.

"This is mind boggling, it reminds me of my niece on the merry- go- round, she dropped her necklace, beads everywhere!" Lynda smiles,she now turns to the special candle. It's a good feeling. She calls Brian,she leaves a heartfelt message.

After eight, Lynda and Karen are fascinated by the movie, there’s a knock on the door. Brian has the sweetest smile. They hug, the most satisfying embrace for both. Lynda adores his gift and precious memories of love, good times like riding a merry- go- round.

© Copyright 2017 Vincey Delaney. All rights reserved.

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