Pray for a Happy Christmas

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Christmas is shared with family and friends

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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Submitted: December 09, 2009



Pray for a Happy Christmas



Fresh snow has fallen on this lovely December ninth morning. Three surprises welcomed Ally Carter who is enjoying french toast for breakfast. The first surprise is Ally’s dentist appointment is cancelled, she could go shopping. The second surprise is Aunt Jessie will be coming tomorrow on the evening bus. The third surprise is that Ally’s boyfriend, Philip Reynolds has won the Christmas Goodies Contest on the radio. Law student Philip had guessed the name of the festive song. He was so excited, he called Ally from his car. He was on his way to the library. Ally congratulated him, he will happily share the goodies which is probably yummy chocolates and cookies. Philip wishes the goodies is a large Christmas sock filled with cash. It would be useful for his law school expenses. Also, Ally has recently started her own greeting card shop, More Than Just Words. Ally is doing alright but extra money can come in handy especially at this time of year. Now, Ally finishes the last bite, she hears the doorbell. It’s new neighbour, Susan Mullins from across the hall. She too likes bowling. Ally sees that Susan looks grim.

"Oh Ally, terrible news! My mom called, Dad had chest pains, he was taken to the hospital, sounds like a heart attack!" Ally sighs.

"I’m going soon, I’ll take you to the hospital! Come in, I will just grab a few things." A bright morning filled with surprises suddenly turns into a dismal chill. Ally is shocked, she met Susan’s dad Ross who works at the Post Office. He warmly gave Ally a beautiful wreath for the door. Once Susan is in the hallway, the phone rings. Ally finds out that Melanie, Karen, Ally’s assistants will open the card store. Ally can spend time with Susan at the hospital. Now, Ally finds her cap next to Philip’s gloves on the decorated bookshelf. Susan looks at pine cones.

"Think good thoughts Susan, your dad is going to be alright!"

"Hope so, he has been workingpart timeat the lumber mill. Having him well is the only gift I want for Christmas!" As Ally picks the car keys on the lamp table, she notices the Christmas card from Grandma Noreen. It’s a nativity scene, Silent Night. Ally anxiously puts the card in her purse. She hopes it’ll give peace of mind. Moments after, driving is slow because of shoppers. Susan tells of special family times.

At the hospital, Susan meets with her mom and brother Jeff. They mention to Susan that it’s a heart attack. The oldest brother Nick, his family will arrive at noon. Thoughtful Ally brought raisin biscuits, she will get coffee for everyone from the cafeteria. On the way to the elevator, she sees nurse Jill who also lives in Ally’s apartment building.

"Hi Ally, neighbour Tracy is here, she is in labour!" Ally is surprised, this is one unique morning. She thinks of Tracy and Greg Shaw who are very friendly. Tracy is anxious to be a mother.

"Oh wow, that’s nice! I’m with Susan Mullins, her dad had a heart attack. I’m getting coffee for the family. Let me know about Tracy."

"Sure. Tell Susan that I’ll pray for her dad." Ally nods, she thinks of that dreadful September evening when Philip was in a bike accident. Prayers definitely helped Philip with his head injury. Ally has never been happier. She and Philip are truly right for each other.

Before the cafeteria, Ally will check the gift shop hours. As she

comes off the elevator, she surprisingly notices Philip. She calls out.

"Ally, what a surprise! I just came, my niece Kim fell at skiing, it’s serious!" Ally sadly groans. She tells about Susan’s dad, Ross Mullins.

"I know Ross from the Post Office, I used to work there in the summer! His nephew Brian is in my class. Tell his family, I’m thinking of him." Ally nods, she will join him shortly. It seems that people all around can be connected. Ally now brings the coffee, tea for Susan’s mom. She mentions to Susan about Philip’s niece and that Philip knows Ross very well. Susan smiles, she touches Ally’s hand. Before heading downstairs, Ally takes out the Christmas card. Near a Christmas tree, she says a prayer, "Lord, please shine your light, make everything here alright. To Susan’s dad, Kim and Tracy, help them, give them a happy Christmas! Hope Mom, Dad are fine on their cruise. Thank you, amen."

After lighting three candles in the hospital chapel and calling work, Ally is with Philip in the waiting room. Philip reads, Ally admires pretty ornaments, angels. It lovingly brings back warm memories.

At two thirty, sleeping Ally looks peaceful on Philip’s chest. She holds the Christmas card. Now, Jill comes over, she taps Ally’s hand.

"Susan’s dad is responding to the medication. He is going to be fine, rest is important. I also checked on Tracy, she will have the baby very soon!" Ally and Philip are grinning, Ally looks at the card. Shortly after, Kim’s doctor tells the family that the hip surgery went well, they could see Kim for a moment. This certainly is wonderful news, Kim’s mother cries happy tears, everyone does the same. Emotional Philip tightly hugs Ally. There’s more celebrations, he can’t wait to give his engagement ring to Ally on Christmas Eve. Ally will surely be surprised, she now feels amazing joy to be part of this family gathering.

At two fifty, Tracy gave birth to beautiful, Samantha Crystal. It’s been an incredible day, one that Ally and Philip will never forget. The most heartwarming gesture is from Philip, he will give his contest prize to Kim. Ally delightfully gazes, she sees the goodness of love.

"Well I realized, the candy and cookies is a nice prize but it’s very special if I give it to Kim. That’s what Christmas is, sharing with family and friends. You know, giving feels wonderful!" Ally adores Philip, she softly kisses him. This is all precious. Because of wondrous praying, a happy Christmas is definite.

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