Secret Escape For Two

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Beat the winter blues with a warm escape

Submitted: February 26, 2009

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Submitted: February 26, 2009



Secret Escape For Two

Before having a toasted bagel, yawning Nicole Atkins looks out the window, she notices someone at her neighbour Diane’s place. She is holding garments on a hanger. Today, twenty fourth of February, Diane is giving a speech to the town council. It concerns the litter, graffiti in their community park. The phone rings, Nicole thinks it’s Mom who loves spending time with the grandchildren. On the phone is, Catherine Reed. She and Nicole are social workers. Catherine clearly mentions the two o’clock meeting with the well to do Claytons. Hopefully, they will give a donation. Nicole sighs, she isn’t focussed on work today. She is tired, not the usual perkiness. Nearby, she sees her daughter Justine’s cool drawing of teddy bears.

" Justine is doing teddy bears in art class." Catherine groans. "Come back to reality Nicole! We have that meeting at two. You said that you’ll be here after the vet’s appointment."

Now, Nicole shows a shocked look. She sees the dog on the sofa.

"Oh no, I’ve forgotten about Wally’s check up! Where’s my head, this is strange! I’ll be there shortly, bye Catherine."

Nicole is glad that Phil, her neighbour will take Wally for a walk later. She turns to an adorable photo, Nicole by her husband Tim, fourteen year old daughter Justine and son Robby, eleven. It was taken at the school sledding party. Nicole wishes for that fun again.

Now, Nicole is in her driveway, she sees Aunt Marian.

"Hi Nicky, your uncle and I are taking a trip to Florida! Niece

Gail is getting married. We didn’t plan on going but it sounds perfect. A sandy beach cures the winter blues! Oh, I wanted to surprise the newly wed neighbours with a romantic haven, our cabin in the woods but I heard they have the flu. You and Tim can go, the kids are at school. Here’s the key to a secret escape with food, drinks, cozy fireplace." Nicole is surprised.

"The Florida trip is a great idea but I don’t know about the cabin. Tim is busy working on an ad slogan for a new perfume. He has been occupied for weeks now. I’ll take the key. Bring me back a souvenir!" They hug. Nicole holds the shiny key.

She likes the word, escape, she misses Tim. As she heads to the car, Nicole remembers her phone is on the kitchen counter. She giggles.

In the warm car, Nicole now listens to her new messages. Catherine called to say that the furnace at work shut down. There’s no heat in the offices and the building is closed for repairs. Nicole is thrilled as she stares at the cabin key. The next message is from Tim, he has come up with a slogan for the perfume, Softly Escape. He likes to do something special. Nicole leaves Tim a cute message. After, Nicole calls her mom who will look after the kids. Content Nicole now drives to Aunt Marian’s cabin. On the way, she thinks of Tim, their honeymoon camping. He made heavenly pancakes.

Nicole happily arrives, she sees banks of snow but there’s a pathway made by Aunt Marian. Nicole feels youthful. She doesn’t go in, she takes her snowsuit from the trunk. There, she notices a flattened cardboard for sledding. An escape in the snow is what she needs. It’s fun. Later on, she hears Tim’s voice. He chuckles.

"Hi hon, got your message! I spoke to Marian, she is terrific, so is this invitation!" He looks good. Smiling Nicole gets

closer. He kisses, it’s special. There’s nothing like sweet romance, that secret escape for two.

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