When Dolly Cries

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A young girl's honest instinct

Submitted: August 29, 2010

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Submitted: August 29, 2010



When Dolly Cries



This mid summer is one busy time for Gwen Parker who is assistant manager of the Seaside Shops and Amusement Centre. The bright, attractive place is a popular tourist spot because it’s so close to the lovely beach. Gwen, a teacher wanted to make extra money in the summer. She and husband Steve have their eyes set on a charming home on a hillside, overlooking the beach. The house they live in now is small, too cramped for the family. There’s Gwen, Steve, their children, eight year old Melanie, five year old Ryan and Aunt Jess who is a great comfort. She enjoys looking after the kids while Gwen works. Mechanic Steve has been extremely happy with home dreaming and about his mother Lorraine. She surely is an excellent golfer. Today, fourteenth of August and at two o’clock, Lorraine and her teammates will play in the annual golf tournament.

Now, just before lunch, Gwen happily meets up with mother- in - law Lorraine to wish her well. Gwen has a gift for Lorraine who feels like a young girl at a party. She sees a colourful necklace.

"Oh Gwen, how sweet! Four leaf clover, a star, very pretty but it isn’t my birthday!" Warm hearted Gwen taps Lorraine’s arm.

"I have the benefits, working at the Seaside Shops. It’s a good luck gift for today but you’re amazing, you’ll do wonderful! Steve will be there with his camera. Jess and the kids too, they can’t wait to cheer for you!" Lorraine is anxious to wear it, Gwen now helps to fasten the new necklace. Grateful Lorraine cheerfully sighs.

"A precious gift, I love it, thank you! Yes, Melanie and Ryan are darlings, they drew me pictures that I keep with my clubs. Oh, I had a perfect dream, you, the family content in your new home! I’m hoping it comes true." Gwen turns to hug. Now, a young man approaches, Lorraine has a phone call at the lodge. She nods, Gwen glances at her watch. She should be getting back to work. Once she is close to the parking lot, Gwen has a phone call from Melanie. Gwen always enjoys hearing her soft, pleasant voice.

"Hi Mom, I’m wearing my new, butterfly outfit, it’s cute! Oh, we just got a call from Alan, our fence painter who is going on a short vacation. He mentioned, Track Morris will be painting. What a weird name, scary eyebrows too! I wish Alan wasn’t leaving."

"Honey, don’t worry your pretty little head about grown up matters. Have a good time watching Nanna!" Melanie is at her dresser near Violet Vicky doll, a photo of Grandpa Dan, Lorraine, Melanie and Ryan skating. It’s three years without dear Grandpa.

"Gosh, someone has to worry around here! Bye Gramps, all my dolls, see you later." She dashes to the kitchen, Ryan is eating, he wears his cap. Aunt Jess is cleaning the counter, she now turns.

"Sweetie, you’ll need a cap in the hot sun today." Nearby, Melanie picks her orange flower sunhat, an Easter gift from Nanna.

Shortly, Aunt Jess and the children arrive at the crowded tournament. They’re happy to see their dad. The warmest thrill of all happens when Melanie suddenly notices good friend, Sarah Neville. She had moved to another town in May. Melanie must go over to greet her. Steve watches, he knows this is a special moment. When the girls happily meet, it’s a rainbow and pot of gold feeling. They tenderly hug. The smiles, giggles make this time memorable.

"So wonderful to see you here Melanie! We’re staying for a week. We wanted to surprise you later, I have a gift in my back pack!" Sarah quickly takes out a pretty doll, Dimple Dotty Delight.

"Oh, she is beautiful, blue eyes and blonde curls! She even cries too, thank you Sarah!!" This certainly is a lovely way to start a tournament. Melanie will treasure today’s heartwarming event.

Later at seven twenty, the exciting match is over, Lorraine and her team are the winners. After, there’s a family party and Gwen has bought chocolate fudge cake, lemon pie. Aunt Jess plays the piano, fun celebration for Lorraine. Steve also had a great phone call from the retired principal, Mrs. Irene Hayes who is interested in buying the Parker’s house. She had made an exceptional offer. The family will contact their real estate dealer tomorrow, they truly adore that new home. Melanie’s best part of this evening is being with Sarah and playing with her new doll. There’s a button to push for crying but it doesn’t work. Melanie isn’t bothered by it, she is grateful to have a sweet, lovable doll. Now in her bedroom, Melanie, Sarah and Ryan are having some fun with a board game, Actions and Ryan has the most points. Melanie now remembers she has left her tape recorder out in the garage. It’s nice to record, cherish the memories. Melanie will go as she places Dimple Dotty in the hood of her sweater. Before leaving, Melanie tells she is going to the garage.

The night air is warm and the cricket sounds, a soft harmony. As Melanie gets close to the garage door, she sees a very dim light, she hears voices. She now stops walking, she attentively listens.

"This isn’t much to steal Track, the lawn mower doesn’t look great and this radio, cooler, nails kit aren’t worth gold."

"No, but it’s something Ned. I do like this electric heater, portable barbeque. All these cans of paint, pretty awesome! Kenny better get here with his truck soon." Melanie’s heart is beating fast, she trembles at the thought of, Track Morris, an actual thief. All of a sudden, Melanie’s doll starts crying and it’s so loud that it startles everyone. Gwen rushes out, she sees Melanie pointing to the garage. The hoist is just talk, Gwen is in charge now. She is shaking but so relieved to catch the crime before the two young punks take their valuables. Melanie felt a bad vibe about Track who she saw once. It is odd, Melanie wonders how the doll did cry at that particular time. Afterwards, the police hears and makes a report. Ryan speaks out.

"And I thought dolls are so stupid but it looks like we have a crime stopping one. So, can I sit in the police car?" Melanie chuckles, she kisses Dotty, a special doll that truly cries.

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