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In my opinion WOMANITY (may be seem grammatically wrong but I coined the term ) is more proper than Feminism because Feminism is generally about to get right and for justice in patriarchy. Womanity (should) refuse patriarchy with its every kind of dominance.
Womanity is a story of women exploitation. How the belief system enforces women to be exploited systematically although they are never accept the reality because they are being incepted that whatever happens with them is fate, the bloody fate.....

Submitted: May 13, 2019

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Submitted: May 13, 2019



"Even I condemned the loneliness that originates from the bloody solitude...

The flattery truth never be monotonous here

The sprouting tree of exploitation

empowers the slaves to be firm to dim the vision seeing reality

The only reality is that there is no reality for everyone"

She mutters this kind of foolishness in this civilised society. Her name is Vijaya . She never be praised by anyone yet and she never cares such things. I am the only girl who interacts with her. I think she is stupid. She never believes in customs, rules -regulations, tradition and even culture. She hates the worldly ways. She is not comfortable in this pompous world . This 'pompous' word is one of the favorite words of hers. She always tells me that we are always making fool by everyone just because of our womanliness , it is the thing that's implanted and incepted by the culture and society within us. The things are there even in our DNA that never allows us to be free from, to analyse things as these are .We are being lived in systematic fantasy that seems reality. We are living in false reality with our intellectual stupidity. I always get bored with such imaginative things. I simply think god has given us such beautiful life, whenever we get chance to be happy we should be happy. Whenever we get opportunity to enjoy we should enjoy. I never think that exploitation , injustice , slavery and all are here. I just want to enjoy my life even in any condition .

Principles, truth and such philosophical things never matter for me. Anyways, she is my good friend although our views are different.

Today is very special day for me. I am waiting for Vijaya . I want to share this first with her.

"Hi Viju , come here and look at this"

she goes near

"Who has given you this ?"

" It doesn't matter , I got the gift that matters for me. Just enjoy yaar . You refuse traditions but sometimes you seem more traditional than anything"

" Do you really think this is tradition. To show the reality and mentality of people is tradition for you. You are trained like this . it's not your fault at all. I know who has given you this gift and why has it given to you"

"Don't spoil this happy moment , tell me is it good or not ?. This is the marvelous one darling isn't it?"

" Yes it's pretty good ...to deceive people"

"Please Viju, I am not a kid now . I know what to do and what not"

" Yes, you are right you are not kid....

anyways .You are happy with this that's all, but be aware don't do anything that can be the reason of your remorse.okay"

" Don't worry Viju. lets have a fun . Come with me for snacking."


We enjoyed evening. Viju just came with me for my happiness. She said that mine happiness matters for her. We shocked to see Ananya with that wretched Man that's her maternal uncle in ice-cream parlor. Viju was furious to see that man. We were discussing that how could Ananya's parent believe in Shriram, she is so innocent. Last time he had been beaten by his own brother for misbehaving with his niece. Viju was preaching me . I was getting bored but I had to listen to her unwillingly . She cares for me. She cares for women. I was surprised to listen the magic of her words. She said, " Don't believe in Humanity, it's very rare. Believe in WOMANITY and try to empower women and eliminate every kind of subjection even from within. Unite women, help women , make them realise that they are in slavery. We have to break the shield that never allows us to realise the reality."

I was just listening to her casually. I just replied "Yes , of course we should help each- other." I mockingly added "We should also prove that woman is not enemy of woman."

I said her good night. But it was the worst night . It was my blunder mistake that I had told Viju's views to him. He convinced me for that night's love. He loved me twice. He even promised me for marriage. I feel so regret that Viju was right. She knew the mentality of men very well. I decided to meet Viju but it was late night although I had to meet her anyhow. I started to go towards Viju' s home. The night was very serene , It was slept as usual. I saw Viju in miserable condition and I shocked. I was crying , she was dead . somebody has raped her cruelly. Her thighs had been parted. Every part of her body was stabbed . She was bathed in blood. She was absolutely right about this world. I just ran away as a coward from there. There was also a sound of moaning but I ignored. I was so confused so I just go in bed . My parent shouted a lot asking about Viju. They had allowed me at evening because Viju was with me. My mother was beating me to ask what had happened but I was just crying.

They made me calm and I told them that Viju is dead. They also shocked to listen. I didn't tell them about my exploitation. They forced me to be quiet for.

Next morning I went there,police were also there for investigation. He was also there and talking with police. His expression was strange asif he had accomplished something that was in his mind. He must be criminal. Viju's mother became alone now. Viju was the only support for her. I have to do something , I must give justice to Viju. I went Ananya's home. Her mother was frightened . I asked her, requested her so much then she confessed that last night she had seen a group of people over there and she said, " You know them very well "

I asked her to help giving justice to Viju, Just tell in court whatever you had seen but she refused.

Ananya was looking so helpless. She was not able to walk properly. Now I clicked that it was the sound of Ananya's moaning. I asked her mother " Keep away Ananya from your brother." She slapped me. Ananya was crying , her mother took off her inner. She cried a lot . Ananya was just eight years old.

Ananya's mother did nothing for Ananya. She was frightening to society. Even she didn't tell this to Ananya's father. He was asking her why she hates Shriram now.

I am also living in this coward society with its extreme noble and great norms .

 I condemn myself.

 I spit on my existence

 I spit on women life

 I spit on Humanity.

My parents counsel me everyday that everyone can never be the same . Some good people are also there in the world. Woman is the creator of the world. "You should proud to be a woman. People adore women as goddess."

If some good people are there in the world then they are very less and they are helpless. They are also living this coward life. There is no use of them besides this kind of foolish example of servitude spreading hope.

Women are being fooled to use as deities and all. If they are goddess then why patriarchy is there in the world.....?

Vijay Ashok Indusholai

Dondaicha Dist- Dhule Maharashtra(INDIA)



© Copyright 2019 Vindushokai. All rights reserved.

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