Jade's Swing

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Submitted: July 02, 2017

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"Jade's Swing"

It’s a cold Friday night, silence filled the streets. I’m on my way home from a long day of work. I used to walk every night alone. Tonight, while walking homeward bound I saw a little girl on the park just a few blocks away from where I live. It’s weird… because it’s already nine in the evening as I checked on my watch. The little girl is on the swing alone, pushing herself slowly to swing. And I decided to come near her and sit on the vacant swing beside her. She might be lost or what, who knows? “Hi! Are you alone? It’s already late ”, I greeted and asked her. “Good Evening ”, she greeted me back with a smile. And she didn’t answer my question just still swinging slowly. She’s so pretty, a curly long brown hair, a wide black eye lashes, a rosy cheeks and a cute voice. Her age around four to six years old and she’s wearing a cute blue dress that matches her pale skin color. “It's cold here outside. Why don’t you go home now?”, I asked her. “My name is Jade ”, and there you go she didn’t answer my question again. “Nice meeting you Jade . I’m Fleur”, I said. And she started talking weird again…. “The Earth is such a small place…” Though I didn’t say anything about Earth…. “…for each and everyone. One day every person you bump into is your friend or maybe a person you know. As you wake up everyday a new life is born Earth’s space are getting smaller and smaller each day. Don't waste too much time working and killing time . Have a sit sometimes with the ones you love and appreciate the beauty of life it is more than how it appears. As I listen to her nodding my head. She raised her voice at me and say, “Now! Use your space wisely before it’s too late.” And I’m a bit startled. A cute little girl talking about earth and life? Weird. “RingRing ”, someone’s calling. It’s Mum and I answered the phone. “Hold on a second jade I just need to answer this”, I told her and I stand up and walk a few step away from the swing. “Yes, mum I’m on my way home”, she’s worried cause I’m a bit late. “You know what Jade I’ll send you home now. What’s your house number?”, I’m talking while still looking at my phones messages from mum. And as turn around there’s no Jade on the swing. “Jade?”, I call. “Is this a prank? It’s not funny anyway.”, my voice a bit mad. “Jade? It’s not the best time for hide and seek.” , and no response from Jade Maybe the little girl is gone in the wind. Impossible, or maybe the car who passed by a while ago, while I’m talking on the phone picked her up. Maybe I’m just tired , sitting here alone talking to myself. The next morning I wake up a little bit late I helped mum to clean up their room. Change their mattress, sweep the floor, and clean her cabinet. As I started cleaning up the upper part of the cabinet I need to put down a blue box it’s kind a heavy for me. And it slipped on my hands, papers and some pictures are all over the floor. While I’m clearing up the floor I saw a picture of a girl. A little girl in blue dress, in a curly brown hair , a wide dark lashes and a rosy cheeks. It’s Jade no doubt. “Mum!!”, I called mum cause it’s a little bit strange. “Yes! Honey?”, mum answered back. “Who’s this little girl on the picture?”, I asked her very confused. “Oh! Is she so cute, she looks like me when I was a kid right?”, what a strange reaction from her. That’s why strange thoughts pop’s up on my head, maybe she’s my sister or maybe my sister from mum’s other guy. Why not ask her instead of thinking strange stuffs right?? “You know her mum?”, I asked her. “Off course honey, you know her too..”, she replied. I know her too? Maybe she saw me last night talking to her. "I used to tell you story about her back then, can't you remember?" "I'm sorry mum but I don't remember anything about her", I told her. I wan't my mum handle all the talking. I shut my mouth about what happened and whom I talked to last night. I didn't mentioned anything about the little girl Jade. "I'll tell you the story again honey, this beautiful little girl here.. like me" "Mum..!!" "I'm serious honey". Yeah she's serious.. "This is my aunt Jade your grandma Claire's older sister.." ... I don't know what to feel or how should I react its creepin' me out. "Oh! Yeah.. Grandma Claire's older sister", now I remember some parts of the story my mum used to tell me back then before bedtime.

I remembered the story about her. It's a beautiful childhood she lived but everything comes to an early end. They live in the country side where children can play in the playground and in wide meadows after school. In a very young age she's an achiever she always work hard at school but she never forgets to thank God for all the blessings. At a very young age she used to tell her mother and father about going to church and have a picnic in the park every Sunday. She's very cheerful and full of joy. But one day everything has ruined by a misunderstanding of her mother and father little Jade never saw her Mom and Dad fight before. She covered her ears while crying, my grandma Claire told me that she never saw her sister Jade so scared and sad. When Jade can't handle the fighting anymore Jade ran outside the house and wen't to the playground near them where they used to play. Grandma Claire followed her because she's worried about her. When she came in the park she saw Jade sitting in the swing crying silently, Claire watched her from a far. Not knowing that Jade is really hurt inside. Jade stand up and Claire hide herself but still keep watching her sister, Jade ran too fast Claire followed her. They ran inside the forest, Claire lost Jade she's afraid to still go inside the forest its too dangerous. She decided to came back and ask for help to his mother and father who's still fighting that time and still don't have any idea about Jade being lost inside the forest. Their parents is shocked about what Claire just have said. They called the city's emergency hotline to help them out look for Jade. One week later, Jade is still missing. Without Jade their house never filled with smiles again her positive energy is also lost. Claire stares in their window every day waiting for her sister to come back. On the 9th day of looking for Jade their mother and father received a call from the emergency office reporting that they saw a little girl inside the forest. Mentioning a body of a dead little girl. Their mother refused that the girl is Jade and her mother bursted in to tears. They came to the see the body and the rescuer opened the bag. Her mother fainted seeing the little girls blue dress. My Grandma Claire mentioned that the blue dress was her favourite it was given to her by her mother and father as a present. It's hard for their family to move on and accept the fact that Jade who brings joy and laughter to their family is gone forever. " Fleur , honey you okay? " , my mum asked me. " Yes, mum I'm fine ", I answered back as a lie. " Okay, I'll just get the vacuum in the storage ". I remembered everything and still I didn't mentioned anything about what happened. Mum will never believe me even. I was just thinking that I can see ghost? I can talk to them?. And making conclusions about Little Jade showed up to me and tell me not to waste my time. Maybe she's still have a lot of dreams for her life and her family that's why it's even harder for her to move on. On what she said to me that night. It just make me realize that not all of us has given the chance to see the world with a smile and I'll promise to achieve a meaningful life for her. But what happened inside the forest is still a mystery. Not showing any evidence about her death. And me left with all the questions in my head every time I passed by the playground.

**The End**

Hi, I'm new as a writer and a story teller. I apologize about my sentence constructions and wordings because English is just my second language.I hope I delivered the story's lesson properly.Feel free to comment your thoughts so that I can enhance more my writing skills. Thank you for your understanding.

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