Again In love ?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of two perplexed minds who come across to complete each other and eventualy end up defining their lives by falling in love!!!!

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



She was in his arms, laughing out to the glory. He could see that she was drunk by now.

However; he was amused knowing her capacity to consume alcohol. She gave him excuse of being empty stomach since breakfast!

 Whatever it could have been....there was a magic in that moment. Both had tried famous Noctrum beer followed by tangy Delirium beer which was further followed by a tasty mango beer.

When Minnie realized that she couldn't hold the kick of Belgian beers at famous Delirium cafe of Brussels anymore they both decided to walk out.

Entire Grand central palace was illuminated by amazingly romantic weather, people and light. She couldn’t stop coming inside his arms and he also couldn't stop letting her swing in his arms.

 This moment was very special one for him as he kissed her cheeks. She acknowledged the kiss and kept smiling while she was trying hard to control herself.

Well, after all the young man was in love with her but how could he make that moment anymore awkward. He knew that she was in love with someone else!

 Yes, yet again same old love story where a romantic lad loves his best friend who loves some one else.

 So, how different this story is than others? Bye the way...why it should be different....?

Love has always been the same but every time you paint canvas with its colors, It turns out to be a unique painting!

 And this is what it is.....a story of two unusual friends and a tale of his heart and emotions.

 Heart that deemed to be glowing in love,

Or may be was bleeding in pain!

Until she turned on the light of some hope,

And held his arms to look up in the sky...

Where he was about to fly with hope and joy...

 All lost in his love life he had deiced to move away from Priland since every thing of that town was haunting and tormenting him with his past. He couldn’t stop bleeding so decided to move to London for 5-6 months to loose himself in work.....


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