I fly through space!

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Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Endless walk

I have walked out once again to know the life,
To feel its dimensions and views in disguise,
Amidst of its outcry and hunger for peace,
Once again I am trying to find life in its piece,
Piece of its shattered boat of dreams,
Boat which could have flown with wave of hopes,
Without any hurry or obligation, with no anchor or ropes.

A long walk is looking at the endless road,
An empty way where there is no one to take on board,
May be a senseless walk,
May be an aimless walk,
May be walk less walk….
A walk which will for sure take me somewhere,
If not to peace than may be to nowhere,
Some place where life itself is living,
May be a walk that would take me inside of my being……

Wherever it leads me
Whenever it retreats me…

Your continuous thoughts will always be there
Moments of our love will always come to care
If not you…your angelic smile will always be there!


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