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This Story is About an Mafia Tony who wants to rule whole Underworld and his best weapon is his brain. See If he was successful or the Cruel Underworld was too much for an Italian mafia.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012




Heavily armed Guards all over the mansion, over the roof, outside the main entrance, swimming pool, balcony, everywhere one can imagine. Only two types of persons on earth can have this much of security, President of USA or an American MAFIA and this was not US President for sure. Oceanic roaring sound is filling the environment around beach facing mansion. Suddenly Limo parked in drive way to mansion, starts beeping. The beeping starts echoing everywhere from the mansion and after a pause “Boom” multiple explosions shatters the earth.

A man wearing MIB black suit with long black coat and sunglasses enters shooting at guards, empty cartages of bullets falling nearby him, from his gun. He then goes inside Killing each and every man coming in his way shooting at some and hitting some unlucky ones.

He finally makes his way to a big Hall, standing accompanied with the destruction all over he made, which can be seen through the big glass Windows. Seems he is looking for someone.

“Bad-Luck! Your search and life both ends here”, says someone pointing a gun on back of his head.

American MAFIA Frankie Gambino.

“Ya’ rattin’ Ass Frankie! Don’t you point that gun on me, or else…” says the man.

“Or else what?? You are not in commanding situation as gun is in my hands right now and it is pointing right on your fuckin’ head.” Frankie.

“Alright as you wish.” man smiles.

Wooshh……. A knife cuts Frankie’s hand.

A beautiful lady enters ,”Now your gun and hand both are ours and so will be your business too” she says.

“No! nooooooooo”, says Frankie shouting in pain ,”I have created this empier, you cannot take it so easily Tony”

A smoke bomb explodes and Frankie manages to escape.

“Shit!! That sombitch managed to escape Tony.” says the lady.

“Don’t worry my Darlin’ Erica! Where can he run,, Once Tony decides to end someone’s service to mankind he doesn’t live for long.”

(He is Tony the Italian mafia who now wants to rule the American Mafia world.)

“Hey! Will you end this shit here mann!! You tryin’ to be romantic, You know how did my throat end up out there!! I was almost killed.” shouts someone standing outside the glass wall of the room. His dress is burnt a little and face covered with black smoke.

“why didn’t ya tell me you left explosives in our car”, He says,” I was smoking and that car almost burnt my ass mann and you are smilling.”

“Hahaha!! I warned you smoking kills Luciano.” says Tony

Tony puts his cigarette in his mouth and Erica lights it up ,”and it’s dangerous to amateurs.” He continued after a puff.

The man outside is Luciano, Tony’s partner in Crime.

Take all evidences from here that can lead us to our friend Frankie.

Smoke was coming out of the detritus Mansion now. Everything was burned as if Demons came there straight from hell.


The mask is fighting with evil scientist on top of train. His head goes of the body due to heavy blow from the mask, but body is still fighting.

“ooohhh it’s a science miracle.” says the mask.

Then come the evil scientist again,”Give me that uranium or else…”

“Could you please explain the else part?” says the mask.

Knock knock!!!

Tony is watching famous cartoon serial THE MASK on TV in his room in his mansion/headquarter and there is knocking at the door

“Hey Tony! Open the door I have got something interesting for ya man” shouts Luciano.

“Bloody hell!! Couldn’t he find some better timing other than this”, Tony says to himself as he goes to open the door.

“Don’t you guys have respect for a man who is watching his favorite cartoon on TV”, says Tony

“Don’t worry!! Whatever I brought is worth it.” says Luciano.

“The evidences from mansion showed that Frankie’s men own a bar in city.” He continues, “The bar has legal certification from US government but it is HUB of every illegal activity that on can think of. Every Sunday night a man from Frankie’s gang comes to collect the money that bar has made throughout the week.”

“Hmmm!! May be that man can tell us where is my dear friend Frankie is hiding”, says Tony.

“I am going to put some boots to asses tonight.” Tony continues.

“Alright let’s get ready for tonight then.” Erica said as she enters the room

“What?? do you guys want to ruin my reputation, it’s a small job, I’ll do it myself.” Tony disapproves Erica and Luciano’s help.

“but there will be armed men at the bar and we don’t know how many?” says Erica showing some concern in Tony’s decision.

“Not more than what me and my shotgun can handle. You stay at home and get ready for party, I’ll take care of fireworks at the bar.” Said Tony.

Tony reaches the MAFIA BAR and takes a table where he can observe everything.

He managed to enter through a door where he observed least but VIP movement in bar.

This was what they were hiding behind the legal certification from government, drugs bar girls every non ethical activity was going on there.

Tony managed to track down the man who was going to collect money from bar and take it to Frankie.

He was sitting on a table alone. Tony went to him and sat down next to him.

“Listen!! Man take you ass outa here and sit somewhere else.” said man sitting there.

“oops!! I guess you got angry. Am I right? Alright I am going!!” Tony walks couple of steps away and comes back.

“could you tell me where can I find my friend? He lost one of his hands coz of me last time we met. I just wanted to say sorry!!”

Frankie’s man didn’t took long to understand everything, he threw table on Tony and ran out through the back door.

Tony stood up nodding his head and shoulders down and said to himself, “they won’t learn!!”

Frankie’s man jumped over the fence in backyard and ran away in his car. As he reaches highway a bullet shot is fired and his car turns upside down after hitting railings.

He comes out of the car door bleeding only to find Tony standing and pointing his gun on him.

Tony Grabs his coller ,“I thought I didn’t have to work hard, but you guys just don’t seem to solve issues by talks. Now you have made me angry and bad things happen when I get angry, tell me where is Frankie or I am gonna slap that nose out of your face and I fear my gun wants to talk too” Tony asks as he was now very angry coz he was made to chase the man down.

“I don’t know where Frankie is, but all what I know is he and El Capone are going to make a deal next week at ELITE HOTEL.” He told Tony,” now please let me go.”

“See!! How easy it was, we could have solved this on table and enjoying some drinks right now if you would have co-operated.”

Tony left the place and as he went some distance in his car he could see the overturned car explodes.

“I love this one!” he tells himself with a kinky smile on his face.


LUCIANO went to an abundant under construction building next to ELITE HOTEL from where he can keep an eye on the meeting of FRANKIE and EL Capone, as per the information it was to be held on one of top three floors which are reserved for VIP’s only. Tony observed heavy security on all of them.

“They are meeting at 2nd Floor from top, and both floors above and below it are heavily secured. Going without any plan will mean death certification.” LUCIANO warns TONY.

“Not until it’s signed by me! Did you prepared dinner for this party?” asks Tony


“Time to deliver it then, I am going in.”

Lift stops at the meeting floor and grabs everyone’s attraction as if it was expected by them who is coming. All guards aim their guns on front of lift.

And it was attacked by guards before even door could open, until their guns needed reload.

Lift door opens, it was red in blood spots and the dead body falls down. Some of guards move forward to inspect the body.

“Boss its Alfred.” One of them says.

(Alfred was the man TONY captured from bar, he didn’t killed him, but took with himself before the car exploded and Capone was unaware of it)

“What?”, El Capone was surprised

And BOOM there was an explosion in LIFT killing most of the guards.

TONY comes in firing from window jumping from the TOP of the building, with an apron.

Everyone except El Capone was dead.

“TONY!! You?”

“I love to give surprises.”

“You came here for FRANKIE? Hahaha he was never coming here, it was a trap for you. These guards were nothing, there are more on floor above and below this, they must be coming up TONY and your game is over hahahahhaha” EL Capone laughs out hard.

some guards falls down from top floor and could be seen from window. TONY looks back at them above his shoulder and laughs.

“You were talking about them mate?” He said.

“I knew FRANKIE wouldn’t be here and it was a trap, why else do you think Alfred is dead? Now will you please tell me where in the blue hell is Frankie hiding?”

“I will never tell ya rattin’ ass. You will never find him but he will and kill you”,

Tony shoots him on both his legs and asks again but El Capone refused to tell until TONY shoots him on shoulder right above his heart.

“He has gone to Itally, he is meeting with your enemies there and is making his crew again to finish you”

One more fire shot on his head and he was dead.

“Why did you kill him?” asks Erica who just came in.

“He was of no use to us now, plus he was last AMERCAN MAFIA alive other than FRANKIE, now AMERCAN MAFIAWORLD is finished.”

After the death of last living ruler in AMERICAN MAFIAWORLD small gangs started fighting each other for rule, there were riots all over the city. If one small gang was going strong other was getting finished every day, but still none was so big enough to rule.

At TONY’s mansion/headquarter……

“Your purpose of finishing AMERICAN MAFIAWORLD is over why do you want to kill FRANKIE now?” asks Luciano.

“It’s not over until FRANKIE is dead, if he comes he will easily reunite these small gangs and that I do not want to happen” TONY

“So what will you do now” asks Erica.

“We will go to ITALY and finish FRANKIE before stands up his crew there and comes back. I too have some unfinished business there”

“And what about here?”

“It is of no use for us for a time, let them fight and finish each other until we come back. They will be weaker and we will be stronger. We will take over here then. You don’t want to burn yourself in this burning city do you?” says Tony as he looks outside from his window.


Tony came back to Italy with his crew. Went to his private location of which only few were aware.

“So I am finally here, where all started and seems I am gonna finish it all here itself” Says Tony.

“How will we find Frankie here?"

“He came here to join hands with my enemies, but he forgot it’s my den. I know where he would go. You and Erica meet me at beach café in evening.

Tony went to town church, came out after some time and went to a location on outskirts of town. He went on top of a cliff and observed a big mansion. Security of the mansion was more than one can imagine.

“It’s very hot here. I need some plan.” He said to himself and left.

In evening Erica and Luciano reached beach café. Tony was not there yet. so, they went to a table in corner. Tony came there after half an hour.

“What took you so long? People here started staring us.” Erica asks in low pitch.

“Erica! you get worried very quickly. They are staring you coz you are so beautiful my darlin’. “ Laughs Tony,” I went to see Frankie’s hideout. It was heavily guarded. More than you can expect. So I was busy collecting anything that could help us. From one of my source here I got to manage this map of his mansion. We will broke into his hideout using this.”

“When?” asks Luciano curiously.

“Tonight! We will attack him before he comes to know that we are here.” Tony answered, “So, let’s get back to hideout and prepare for Fireworks. Let’s go Party Tonight.”

Tony and his crew reached the hideout at midnight. They went to the top of cliff to observe and wait for situation,

“Alright guys! I am repeating the plan. The soldiers tents there are least secured as most of them are on guarding posts. We will go there and get some dresses to mix up with them. Frankie’s room is on first floor. We will go to first floor killing as much as possible but making sure we are not getting noticed. So outside we will kill only those who are on immovable posts and are in least of the attraction.

Inside we will kill and hide the bodies. We will split once we enter the mansion and reunite in Frankie’s room.” Tony made sure everyone remembers the plan.

They managed to sneak to tents but unfortunately found some guards inside. Some knife shots and some gun shots from silenced pistol, that’s all they needed to kill them. Then they managed to enter the mansion killing some guards on the way without getting noticed and finally to Frankie’s room leaving behind the destruction.

“Welcome all! I was waiting for you. Tony it’s so late, I once started thinking you either got killed by my guards or ran away afraid. But you did a good job as you managed to enter here.” Frankie was waiting for them inside, “Tony! You forgot I too have got my sources here.”

“So you knew we will be coming.” says Luciano.

“wow! You got it so quickly.” A beautiful lady enters the room with gurads, “Now put your weapons down and hands up.”

“My Fiancé Alessandra! She is so lucky for me, I got all my under one roof so that I can kill you all together today and then I have no enemies coz you have killed all of them in America. Now I will rule ITALLIAN and AMERICAN MAFIAWORLD.”

“It’s good to dream Frankie!” Tony smiles on Frankie’s statement of killing them.

“You are standing next to your death and still thinking still you think you will survive?”

“I am not thinking, I know you won’t kill me if I say I can help in catching the big fish you are planning for since long time.”

“what big fish?” Tony’s statement caught Frankie’s attraction.

“Come on Frankie! Don’t bombard questions. I know you are behind Diamonds from underworld. Let’s just get to the point. You need someone who can help you, not only with power but with brain, I’ll help you in what you want, we do 50-50 and go our ways, you rule America and Italy, I am happy with diamonds.”

“What made you think that I will agree with your terms and conditions?”

“coz if you were able to get it, you would’ve got it by now. But you are short of a smart plan and execution. Which you know I can help you with”

“why should ….?”,

“Oh please!! Nonono you just shoot me, I hate questions. You dumb ass is not getting just this thing I am talking about your profit.”

“Okay!! Deal, but any moment I get the feeling you are cheating me your life ends therel.” Frankie warns Tony.

Tony goes in front of Alessandra, stares her body, smiles and asks, “You look intelligent, do I look like I will cheat? Let’s put our differences aside and reunite.”

“Ya’ the brother from another mother man.” Luciano moves forward as all joins hands together.


Tony, Frankie, Erica, Alessandra and Luciano all are sitting around a table with maps and markers on it.

Tony, “We all know about the diamond smuggling in underworld. American/Italian and Indian underworld smuggles their guns and explosives from African rebels for diamonds. Once the diamonds are in underworld they are smuggled all around the world. Some in white market some in black. Black marketing is all of smaller ones, the bigger ones come from Africa, but they are never traded to black markets. These are traded with white market because they are valued more there. International Diamond Trading Corporation, London, is the place where all this trading is done. Frankie is behind these diamonds, once stolen their demand will rise both in underworld and market and we can sell them at our price. Since last two months Frankie is making plan to rob this building,, which by the way we are not going to do.”

“What?? What are you helping with then if you are not robbing it? That’s the only thing I am after and you are saying we won’t do that?” Frankie gets annoyed.

“Alessandra!! How do you tolerate this man?” Tony makes fun of Frankie’s questioning habit and nodes his head, “My dear friend I am saying we will not rob that building. But I didn’t say we won’t rob diamonds. Shhhh!! No questions pay attention in class.” Tony stops Frankie from saying anything.

“It’s not that we can’t rob the building. But this is hot zone and it will grab more attention from police and they will have everything available to stop us, men, arms and more important backup. Diamonds are not kept in the building throughout the year. They need polishing and cleaning. For that they are shipped to Germany. We will target that ship. It will be easy to impose as workers at that Cargo ship. There are not more than 20-30 people on board, plus a security that is not more than we can handle and no immediate back-up and until it arrives we will be gone. Whoosh…. just like that.”

“Brilliant!! Wow! I never thought of this. I made no mistake keeping you alive. I will be the richest Mafia, money, power everything will be mine. I am starting to imagine all diamonds in front of me.’ Frankie was very excited about Tony’s plan and overjoyed.

“Not all! 50-50 remember??” Tony reminds him of deal.

“Yes! Yes! I do. Let’s for the great plan. Doesn’t it calls for party?”

“Yes it does!!” Tony agrees and opens bottle of Champaign.

Post party Tony goes to his room open and locks door from inside and lights turned on as soon as he locked the door.

“Hands up and turn around.” a female voice.

“Erica!! What are you doing in my room?”

“Shut up Tony!! Where are you coming from? That bitch’s room? Huh! what did you see in her, which is not in me? I am observing you are flirting with her from time you saw her.”

“hahahahha!!” laughs Tony, “ jealous haha! Darlin’ I was just making she trusts us. If you want some, you need to sacrifice some. Trust me you’ll get first chance to kill her. Happy now?”

“You are thinking of cheating them?”

“Shhhh!! Even walls have ears my dear.” Tony comes near Erica says in low pitch as he tries to flirts and seduces her, “You will be always my queen and I will be the KING of underworld.” and the lights went off.


Tony, Frankie, Erica, Alessandra and Luciano lands in London a week before in order to prepare for the mission. A night before the mission….

“These are the five members who will not be boarding ship.” Tony threw files of five crew members on table around which everyone was sitting. ”They are least known to other members of ship and it will be easy if we replace them. Luciano and Erica you will take care they don’t board the ship tomorrow. We will wait for 48 hours after ship leaves the English port, before getting active coz by then ship will be out of coastline border of any country. We will steal the diamonds and Frankie’s men will come in boats and we get off with Diamonds. That’s it.” Tony finishes the plan.

The ship left the English port next day as expected. Tony, Frankie, Erica, Alessandra and Luciano all got mixed up with crew but still avoided attention and waited for ship to cross all coastline boarders of any country. In the meantime team observed the security for the diamonds. On the third day after departure from English port it was plan for execution. All members of team met in engine room.

Everyone covers their face and leaves for mission. Tony and Frankie went to deck clears it of guards and hided their body’s. Luciano, Alessandra and Erica took care of guards at ster. All of them met at the entrance of superstructure.

“It was easy till here, job is tough ahead in steep walkways and more guards. Let me and Frankie take command you guys follow.

Alessandra take these briefcases and explosives and go to vault room. We will be clearing your way from distance with silence guns and snipers. Still you may need this so keep this gun also. Go blast vault collect diamonds and come to stern, we will be waiting there.”

Alessandra proceeds to vault room and team kept cleaning her way from different directions.

“Tony I am almost there. I’ll take care ahead, you guys move to stern.” Alessandra informed team on wireless.

“Take this gun, she might need help.” Tony handed his gun to Erica on the way and gave a kinky smile, “Alright boys lets go.”

Tony, Frankie and Luciano reached stern of the ship and Frankie’s men also arrived with boats. The blast on vault door was loud and audible in silence of night. The captain of ship alerted on wireless for back-up soon and the ships alarms went off.

“Why are they taking time?” Frankie was looking curious and tensed as ladies didn’t yet arrived.

After some time Erica comes out with briefcases but she was shot on leg and shoulder.

“Erica.” shouts Luciano and runs to help her reach the boats quickly.

“What happened and where is Alessandra?’ Frankie asked.

“Th… the vault explosion was power full than expected, she died in that. I took the briefcases but found some crew members with guns and got injured in firing.” She explained as she was trying to recollect her breath.

“You rattin’ asses! Liers you killed my Alessandra. I’ll kill you.” Frankie takes out his gun.

“If we wanted to cheat she wouldn’t have come here with diamonds and now stop this shit and shift to other boat. Me, Erica and one briefcase of Diamond will go on one boat and you, Luciano and remaining will go on one and we will now meet in Italy. You have Luciano as my Guarantee and I have Diamonds.” Tony gets angry and puts a safe way as differences started rising in team and they left the Cargo Ship.


Tony and Erica reach Italy after a week and all meets at Frankie’s mansion…

“Welcome Tony! Welcome my friend! I am sorry I doubted you.” Frankie hugs Tony,

“Where is Lucaino?” Tony asks Frankie.

“There, all well and healthy. Where are my diamonds?”

“Here! Aan aan!” Tony stops before he can handover the briefcase, “Bring yours briefcase we will take our parts and go our ways.”

“Why are you in so hurry? Give that briefcase to me, guards make sure he doesn’t have any weapons and you please put your hands up Tony.” Luciano points his gun on him, Erica ran and hugged Luciano.

“Put handcuffs on him, he is very clever; I don’t want to give him any chance.”

Tony gives a smile, “So Frankie bought you?”

“They were with me when I told them about the diamonds and I came to know about diamond market when I came here in Italy. I offered them to join me and planned to use you. I cleaned AMERICA brought you here and now I have diamonds all thanks to you.” Frankie told Tony how he fooled him.

“So why you let Erica kill Alessandra on ship, Erica must have told you about my intention to kill her?”

“We really didn’t knew you will ask Erica to kill her there, but the night you exposed your intentions to kill her to Erica, she told me and I told her to kill Alessandra whenever you want because now, she was of no use to me”

“And I told the lie about the explosion as you told me to do Tony, but only thing went wrong was those armed crew members. Sons of bitch shot at me” Erica expressed herself on instant.

“Believe me Frankie you made mistake, she was better in bed than Erica.” Tony makes fun of Erica and Frankie.

“I like you sense of humor Tony, but unfortunately I can’t keep you alive just for that. I would have killed you on that night we stole diamonds but by mistake you made a move that kept you alive. You took injured Erica and Diamonds with you. But now, I can kill you. Tell me if you have any last wish.”

Tony laughs and says, “ooohh! I want to see THE MASK, pleaseeeee.”

“hahahaha!1 death is waiting for you and you are cracking jokes Tony.” Luciano laughs loud.

“Do you guys remember once I said that death is not certified until I sign it? But if I decide to end someone’s service to human race he doesn’t live long?” Tony asks Luciano and Erica

“What do you mean? Do you still think you will survive from here?” Frankie raises his gun to Tony.

“I don’t think so.” He laughs, “I know that.”

A long beep and that floor explode as Tony jumps out of the glass window into the Swimming pool outside. He swims to corner and sits there. Moves his handcuffed hands, to wipe out the water, over his face and looks on diamonds falling around him. He collects some which were near him, stared at them, smiles and then looks up at the fire and smoke coming out of decimated mansion.


An SUV comes and stops on a port. Tony steps out wearing his sunglasses and black suit with long coat. A yacht came and stopped by the port.

“Welcome to new life Alessandra!!”, Tony hugs and kisses her as she came out.


Tony went to town church, goes to first floor. A woman wearing a long hat is waiting for him. Tony approaches her and hugs from behind, “Did you miss me my darling!”

Lady turns around, “Alessandra is always incomplete without Tony.” And they kissed.

“So, you finally came back to Italy?”

“I had to when you told me that Frankie is in Italy. You did a good job by putting him in bottle and making him trust you. Otherwise I would’ve never come to know about his plan for diamonds and using me by bringing Erica and Lucia to his side.”

“And he thinks he brought you here. Hahahaha” both laughs.

“Here is the route map for his mansion and be careful his men are guarding it and security is very tight.”

“Don’t worry I’ll go check it before I take next step.” Tony assures her.

Alessandra looks around kisses him again and says,” Now I shall leave before anyone sees me, bye!”

“Bye!” and they went their ways.


“I was afraid that day, what if you would have forgotten to give Erica your gun with fake bullets.”

“How could I let you die, you are my life. Now show me the real diamonds darling for which we did this all.

”here they are.” Alessandra handed him real diamonds.

Tony took them out in to his briefcase and threw the bag.

“We don’t need this bag anymore. Now we rule the MAFIA WORLD my Queen.”

“What if I would have ran with these diamonds?” Alessandra asks Tony.

Tony takes out his cell and dials a number and gave it to Alessandra, “what did you heard?”

“Target Finished!” was heard from phone and the bag Tony threw blasts and there was a Kinky smile on Tony’s face.

© Copyright 2017 Vinod Kumar. All rights reserved.

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