Brandon & Tasha; Lips Of An Angel

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For 'TheSkyAboveMe' Song contest. Enjoy. The Song was Hinder - Lips Of An Angel.
Brandon Johnson’s your typical guy, rich and dynamically hot with luck on his side. Brandon has been going steady with Vanessa Randall for three months, thinking that all is true. Summer begins he thinks that his life is stuffed without Vanessa, until he hears the sweetest voice sing, Tasha Robinson, she sometimes ran with the crowd, was gorgeous and she had brains, but she never took interest in any guy at school. As Brandon and Tasha become close they realize that they have chemistry and maybe that even they may love each other. When summer ends will Brandon and Tasha still have that spark or will Tasha think that she was just his substitute for Vanessa?

Submitted: June 24, 2010

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Submitted: June 24, 2010




She pressed her fingers against my cheeks.
“You can’t disappoint me,” she comforted. I sighed and looked into her amber eyes.
“If I tried, you’d hate me,” I said. She laughed abruptly as she messed up my hair. I pushed her arm away from me and smiled.
“I wouldn’t hate you,” she said before tiptoeing to my ear.
“I’d kill you,” she said kissing below my ear. I rolled my eyes as the bell rang. She looked at me and sighed. Today was the summer holidays, I wasn’t going to see her for two hole weeks. It didn’t bother that much, but looking at her, it bothered her.
“But I meant what I said, because I love you,” she said looking away. If there was a freeze button like that dude of Just Jordan I’d say this.
“Freeze!” before going into my own parallel world.
“Now I know what you’re all thinking, you’re thinking. Man this girl is delusional, she is way to good for that guy, but let me tell you this, she asked me out. That’s right, I didn’t go asking for her, she wanted me, that must mean I’m worthy of her love…right?” and then I would jump into my body.
“I know,” I whispered as I pressed my lips against hers. As I pulled away and smiled she hugged me.
“Summers gonna be really long, I’ll miss you,” she sulked.
“I will too,” I said, as I walked her to her car. She was going to go to Australia for the summer and leave me alone here. She looked at me before getting into her car, staring at me as if waiting for something.
“You okay?” I asked. She nodded once more before looking at me. I closed my eyes and thought of that Just Jordan kid, going into my own parallel world.
“Okay, now girls tell me what I have to do. What does she want me to say?” I asked, not knowing that I’d said it aloud.
“She’s waiting for you to tell her you love her,” Vanessa said. I looked at her blankly. You didn’t say Freeze you douche! that’s what that kid does. I pulled her close to me and kissed the tip of her head.
“You already know I do,” I said. She shook her head as she looked up at me.
“I don’t,”
“You make me happy. I love you babe,” I said.
“Do you mean it?” she asked. Did I? I nodded, wondering if I did.
“I told you, you couldn’t disappoint me,” she said winking before getting into her car.
“I’ll call you,” I said, she nodded as she started the car and drove away from me.
I rang her that night we talked and talked and most of the times we just kept quiet listening to the sound of each others breathing.
“Goodnight,” she said.
“Goodnight beautiful,” I replied. The line went dead after I spoke. I walked around the house feeling drowsy, I didn’t know I would feel this lousy, the thought had finally sunk in. I wasn’t going to see Vanessa for a long time, time that should be spent between a couple, not time where we were apart and alone. I picked up the phone to ring her again, but dropped it feeling stupid. I put the phone down and went for a shower. I can’t say that I’m enjoying this. The guys are gone, they all decided to go with Matthew on his caravan trip. I would’ve went but I didn’t know Vanessa would’ve gone on holiday and when I found it, the guys were already packed, shotgun actually. I got up and walked over to the counter grabbing the keys and driving down to where ever my car would go.

I’m not shy, I swear I’m not, I’m just quiet. I speak when spoken to, do a gig when asked to and do as I’m told. It’s not that hard, hand me a mike and I’ll blast my heart out singing. I don’t like dating because honestly most guys at this point of life only want one thing and that one thing is something everybody knows about. Gotta admit maybe about 0.01% of guys are actually decent, try throwing me a decent guy who doesn’t want one thing.
I’m in a band called S.H.A.T.O.S, they’re acronyms for ‘Sanity Helps Aid To Our Stupidity’ Levi came up with it. He’s the drummer of our band, then there’s Freddie our guitarist and S.J (Samuel-Jackson, hates it when people call him that) the bass guitarist, he’s my best friend and he’s also gay, he isn’t feminine gay if that’s what you’re thinking, he’s a dude, who well likes dudes. I’m on vocals and I play the guitar to, it’s pretty awesome, they’re the closest thing I have, that I consider family. They’re my boys.
“Hey, Roger wants to know what song we’re singing. He has to approve first so what are we going to sing?” I asked.
“And no Levi, Roger said no Oasis or Kings of Leon,” I said. He grumbled.
“One Republic,”
“Linkin’ Park,”
We all said at once. They all grinned and nodded. “Oh yeah,” we said again. We laughed at this.
“We’ll tell Roger to choose outta those and if he decides which song he likes, we’ll sing that the song. Youse in?” I said, they nodded. I called out to Roger who came in.
“Which song do you like the best?” I asked.
“One Republic - Good Life,” Levi said.
“Linkin’ Park - Shadow Of The Day,” Freddie retorted.
“Paramore - Brick by boring Brick,” S.J chorused. Roger rolled his eyes.
“Hinder - Lips of an angel?” I said. He grinned after I spoke. I nodded at that as he walked out. I grabbed the mike and helped the guys set up outside with their gear, we walked up onto the stage, the room wasn’t full at all, a couple of people were their, say seven or a few more. As we finished preparing I grabbed a seat and sat down at the mike.
“Hey ya’ll we’re the Shatos’s and we’ll be singing Hinder, lips of an angel. Hope you enjoy,” I said. Before I began someone walked in, Brandon Johnson, he was walking lop-sided. He wasn’t that bad, he had a girlfriend, but he was cocky. Self-absorbed actually. I looked away as he stared at me and smiled. I cleared my throat. Freddie began playing the guitar.
“Honey, why you calling me, so late. It’s kinda hard to talk right now and honey why you crying is everything okay, I gotta whisper ‘cos I can’t be to loud…” I finished the song before Brandon began clapping.
“Bravo,” he said looking at me blankly.
“I didn’t know youse were in a ba-”
“C’mon guys pack it up, Hamish and his band are up next,” I interrupted, picking up the mike. We finished packing up when Brandon was at the back of the stage.
“How’d you get here?” I asked. He shrugged.
“What’s your name again?” he asked, his voice unstable.
“Who you talking to Tasha?” Freddie asked.
“It’s no-one,” I said.
“Tell Roger we said thanks for the gig. Practice at my house tomorrow,” I said saying my goodbyes to the guys.
“I’m not trying to get in your pants, I just need a friend. You‘re really good,” he said. I rolled my eyes.
“Where’s your girlfriend, go hang out with her,” I said.
“She’s in Australia,” he said coming closer.
“Fine, go look for someone else,” I said annoyed.
“Please?” he pleaded, he reeked of alcohol as he came closer.
“Dude, you’re drunk,” I said.
“No, I’m fine,” he said, passing out in front of me. Freddie and S.J came and helped me pick up the idiot to place him in the back of my car.
“I’m not taking him home,” I complained.
“I aint,” S.J and Levi said. I grumbled. Fine I thought. I got into the car and slapped his face.
“Oi, where do you live?” I asked. He looked at me dazed.
“In the sky?” he said before closing his eyes. I grumbled. I turned the ignition on and drove home leaving him in the car. I got Dustin to help me bring the douche in, I couldn’t leave him in the car and I couldn’t leave him on the streets either. I plopped on the chair.
“How did you end up with this drunk?” my dad said coming from upstairs.
“He ended up with me, not me with him,” I grumbled.
“How was the gig?” Dad asked. “Same old,” I reassured. He nodded as I ran upstairs, into the shower and into bed.

I woke up in the strangest lounge, a chandelier hung from the roof. It was a nice house but wasn’t as big as mine. Rubbing my eyes, dazed from my location.
“Hello?” I said. A girl walked over to me, the girl from last night.
“You okay?” she asked. I nodded, she was Tasha Robinson, she was what all guys wanted, curvy, brunette, green eyes and had brains.
“I’m fine, what happened?” I asked.
“You were drunk, you were at my gig and then I didn’t know where you lived so I brought you here,” she said.
“My car,” I said.
“We’ll go fetch it,” she said fidgeting.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“Yeah yeah,” she said.
“I mean it,” and I did. I barely knew her and she took me in. all I remembered of her, was her sweet beautiful voice.
“Really?” she said. I nodded.
“Sweet, so then you’ll buy me petrol?” she asked. I laughed and nodded. “Sure,” I said. We got into her car before we drove to the store.
“I need to get some stuff, c’mon,” she said.
“I’ll stay in the car,” I said.
“No you’re not. You have to come, you might jumpstart my car, hurry up,” she demanded. I got out of the car as we walked into the rock shop, grabbing some picks and sticks.
“How’d youse get together?” I asked.
“S.J and I, put something in the paper and well that’s when Freddie and Levi came up, they auditioned and they were in,” she said. We got back into the car and my stomach grumbled.
“You hungry?” she asked. I shook my head.
“Naw, it always does that,” I lied. She nodded and we drove over to Roger’s bar. My car was still their, except with a ticket.
“C’mon I’ll get us something to eat, my shout,” I said, she looked at me.
“Thanks, that’ll be really nice,” she said, we walked in to see Andrew, Rogers son at the counter. We ordered food and got down to eating our meal.
“Now that we’re here, let’s get to know each other,” I said. She nodded.
“I know who you are, I just don’t know what you’re like,” I said.
“Hah! Touché,” she said.
“I’m in a band, love noodles, hate spices, love music…obviously,” she said laughing.
“You’ve got a nice smile,” I said.
“Anyways, your turn,” she said.
“I’m a movie-holic, my parents are super rich, I’m self-absorbed andwant to many things I know I can’t have,” I said.
“Ha-ha, I always thought you were self-absorbed, I can be at time, sometimes I like to think that I’m a pop star in the mirror, it’s embarrassing if you see me but I can rock the look,” she said.
“A lot of people think a lot of things about me, but they don’t know me,” I said.
“I don’t think you let them in, in order for them to know you,” she said.
“People think they know me. Sometimes I go with it, because sometimes no one listens, I’ll speak up at times, but all they hear is what they want to hear,”
“My parents don’t even know me, they don‘t hear me at all,” he said. She sighed and looked at me, keeping eye contact.
“I know right, people may be looking, but they aren‘t really seeing,” she said. This made me smile. Exactly I wanted to say.
“Can I ask you something?” I asked. She nodded eating her French fries.
“Why don’t you date?” I asked. She dropped her French fry.
“Because guys only want one thing, they screw ya then leave ya,” she said.
“Past experience?” I asked she choked on her drink.
“Don’t dig to deep,” she said. I nodded. “I’m sorry,”
“Don’t be, sorry it’s a sensitive subject,” she said.
“You didn’t have to answer it,” I said. She shrugged. “Well like you said you needed a friend and so did I, unloading it was good,” she whispered.
“Your band?”
“They never asked,” she said. We finished up and I paid, I handed her $40.
“For petrol,” I said. She looked down at it and smiled.
“Thank you, oh hey, we’re having band practice at 2:00 tomorrow at my house, wanna come over?” she asked. I nodded before we departed into our cars. I couldn’t stop thinking about her when I got into the car, it felt as if I‘d known her for a year instead of a day. Was it wrong? Was I cheating thinking about someone else. I got home to see mum and dad getting into there car, not noticing I was gone at all.
“Bye son,” the said as they drove away.
“Sure, later,” I said. I walked inside to see Danni sitting at the T.V. she looked at me and grumbled.
“Where were you last night?” she said angrily, jumping out of the chair. Her small frame, acting like she was taller and bigger then me. She was older, and had more authorities. She was someone I could trust and for that I respected her.
“My absence never mattered,” I said walking past her, that was meant for my parents.
“It always did to me, I busted my as* trying to look for you last night,” she growled. I looked at her and smiled.
“And that’s why sometimes sis, I wished I could call you mum,” I said walking upstairs and into the shower.

The Next Day
Band practice was up in five minutes, still full from the feed I had with Brandon, I grabbed my guitar and ran out to the garage to see the guys setting up.
“I didn’t bring my sticks,” Levi cussed.
“I bought some this morning so you’re lucky,” I winked running back inside to fetch it along with the pick. I ran outside to see Brandon’s car, he was still sitting in it. I was surprised to see that he’d decided to come.
“Who’s that?” Freddie asked.
“That’s Brandon,” I said walking over to his car. “Whose that?” he asked.
“A friend,” I said.
“C’mon,” I said with a holler. He got out of the car and I introduced him to the guys.
“’Sup,” they said to him, he smiled and stood at the garage door.
“Go sit man, we aint gonna bite you or kill ya,”
“S.J might,” Levi joked. We all laughed, Brandon didn’t get the joke.
“Inside joke,” I said. He nodded and walked over to the couch. We practiced for an hour, Brandon stared at us. He clapped at the end of every song, with comments. Freddie liked him, gave him heads up. I wondered if he played any instruments.
“You play guitar?” I asked. His eyes glistened.
“Hell yeah,” he said jumping up and grabbing the guitar of me. We exchanged smiles as he touched the tips of my finger. Their was something different about Brandon that intrigued me, part of me thought it was because up close he was hot but their was something more, we had so much in common and most of all he understood me. He blushed and I looked away.
“Okay, from the beginning guys. We’ll start with Liquid Confidence,” I said. Levi gave a three second countdown tapping his sticks together before we began. We sang four other songs, practicing and playing till my lungs were squeezing for me to stop.
“I need a break. Not bad man,” I said to Brandon. The guys repeated after me. I walked inside to grab five sodas for me and the other guys. Band practiced ended after two more hours. I was out like a light bulb, drowsy and tired. Sweating from so much jumping and singing. The guys left after practice and Brandon asked if he could stay behind.

“You did good,” I said. He grinned.
“Anyone ever tell you. You have the most amazing voice ever?” he said. I thought for second, no-one had ever said it was amazing, they said ‘Nice voice’ and ‘She’s good’ but never amazing.
“No,” I said. “It doesn’t bother me, Thank you for that. I never thought you’d consider coming,”
“I had nothing better to do,” he said.
“Oh so we’re just better then nothing, is that it?” I said.
“Oh I---’m-, I didn’t mean it li-” he stuttered.
“Relax, I’m just pulling your gun,” I said chuckling. He laughed. “You’re really well grounded, you know how to have fun without trying, I like that,” he said.
“Not really, I’m just comfortable around you. You make me comfortable,” I blurred out. Wanting to pick my words back up and swallow it, I turned away from him. Dustin came into the kitchen. He eyed Brandon out then grabbed a beer and walked back out. Dustin wasn’t keen in butting in my business, he was a good big brother, never breathed down my neck about anything. He trusted me and for that, I respected him. Brandon and I walked out of the kitchen and onto the balcony. He looked at me and whispered something under his breath. It was quiet for a minute or so. He broke the silence.
“Have you ever been in love?” he asked. I looked at him and sighed, nodding slowly.

Her nod surprised me, I was expecting a shake of the head or a simple ‘no’.
“What’s the feeling like?” I asked. She thought for a bit.
“You can’t breathe most of the times, because honestly they take your breath away. They make you weak in any form. They make you feel comfortable, the world could be against you but with them by your side you knew that everything would eventually be okay, you know you can count on them, that they‘ll hurt you or even try to. When you find love. They become your definition of perfect,” she said.
“And now?”
“It’s gone, when love is gone. Everything is gone. People are gone, he’s gone,” she said on the verge of tears.
“Love’s fiction,” she whispered. I pulled her into my arms and hugged her. She began sobbing silently on my chest. Her tears soaking though my shirt. I held onto her, my arms fit perfectly around her. She fit perfectly under me. She made me feel whole. In my own thoughts, I knew that if we held hands her fingers would fit perfectly between mine and her lips would fit perfectly onto mine.
I drove home late, Tasha made me feel happy. We talked about so many things why she never dated. Someone she’d loved, died. It’d been the first time she’d opened up to anyone, to her surprise. A stranger. What scared me was that the whole time I was with her, Vanessa never crossed my mind and what scared me the most was that, it didn’t matter. She looked up at me.

I spent all of my time with her and her band, but most of the times with her. Tasha was different to other girls, she didn’t care what she ate, never cared about what she wore, never cared about what people thought and she didn’t once care about who I was. I walked her home on the night of Freddie’s party. It was Saturday. School was going to start in two days.
“I can take care of myself y’know,” she said.
“I know you can, that’s why if we get mugged. I’ll be jumping behind you,” I joked, she chuckled and lightly pushed me.
“Thanks,” she said as we got to her house.
“Don’t mention it,”
“Lucky, no one tried to mug us huh?” she said jokingly. I nodded and stood at the foot of her house, she looked at me.
“Brandon?” she said as we she opened the door. I hesitated before looking at her.
“What are we doing?” she asked.
“We’re being friends,” I lied. She was right, what were we doing. She nodded and walked over to me kissing my cheek.
“Friends, don’t fall for each other,” she whispered. I looked at her blankly. She was right, they didn’t, but we did. I pulled her in for a hug. I was kicking myself inside at what I was about to say.
“That‘s half wrong, Tasha I haven‘t,” I said, I was lying out of my teeth, I loved Vanessa, did I? I didn‘t know, but I was with Vanessa anyway. I knew what was right and what was wrong, this was wrong. She escaped from my grip and looked at me as a tear escaped from the corner of her eye. I caught it before it could fall of her face. She smiled a fake smile, a broken smile. I touched her cheeks, looking at her beautiful eyes.
“You don’t love me?” she asked. I shook my head.
“We just met,” I said swallowing my stupidity. She nodded.
“I think you should go,” she said turning away, her voice breaking. I nodded, I turned from her, not wanting to see her cry.

I watched as he turned his back on me and leave. I didn’t want him to leave, but I was the one he suggested he should. He listened. I closed the door behind me as I ran upstairs into my room, breaking down.
Second Week Of School

It’s the second week of school, Brandon and I just exchanged smiles. Mine always hurt, because I wanted to just cry in front of him. Vanessa was back, she always gave me a weird look. It still hurt seeing him.

I watched her look at me everyday, I said hello and tried sparking conversation. She never tried sparking it. I could see she wanted to, but she couldn’t. One I just sat back and gritted my teeth because I knew that I wanted more then anything for her to be in my arms.
“Who is she?” Vanessa asked. I shrugged.
“A friend,”
“She doesn’t act like one,”
“She does,” I said remembering back to when we first met. Vanessa didn’t say anything after that. It was good to have her back, but she didn’t make me feel the way, Tasha did. All seniors had to go to the hall for something. Vanessa went ahead of me with her girlfriends. I got to the hall to see Tasha and her band on the school stage. She looked away from me. When everybody had settled down she went to the mike.
“Hey ya’ll this a representation of my band. Thanks to Principal Foster for allowing us to do this piece. It’s gonna be a short piece, okay here we go,” she said.
“Oh and by the way, this is for someone. You know who you are,” she exhaled and closed her eyes. The beat and rhythm was ‘Liquid Confidence’
“If one drink, could make tonight, slip your mind then you. Should drink up, so you can convince
yourself that I am cute. We are an example of, why not to fall in love. It takes a turn and then it hurts more than you could dream of…”
“You've got nothing to prove, oh no wait yes you do. You wear it so well that we think it's true.
You can't stay I want you gone, for pulling the carpet I was standing on. Here's the exit, exit, exit…”
She finished with the last line.
We are an example of.. why not to fall in love,” Everyone roared and cheered loudly at the band. Screams of ‘The drummers hot,’ and ‘Tasha!’ Tasha! Tasha!’ I stared at her as she looked at me and turned away form the crowd.
“Who was that for?” Vanessa asked.
“I don’t know,” I retorted.
“Babe?” she said looking at me. I looked at her and sighed closing my eyes.
“What’s the matter?” she asked. I looked at her and took her by the hand we walked to the courtyard and I told her everything about how I hurt her, how she and I were maybe falling for each other. Vanessa slapped me.
“And I thought you couldn’t disappoint me,” she said. I sighed.
“Do you love her?” she asked. I looked at her and she stood up walking away from me.

We had a gig at Rogers, me and the guys were getting our stuff ready. There was a new guy who was singing tonight. It still hurt not being with him, but there was a thin line between us a thread that I knew was broken. I was only his substitute I thought.
“You okay?” the guys all said. I nodded.
“’Course,” I said. I smiled and inhaled and exhaled.
“Let’s watch the new guy,” Freddie mocked. I smiled, watching the newbie’s sing was awesome, if they sucked it was funny if they didn’t they’d be our friends. I sat in the front. Brandon walked out with his guitar. He smiled at me.
“This is for you Tasha. Knew you’d be here, I’m sorry I was an as*. This is for you, forgive me?” he said. He began playing the tune to ‘Nicklebacks - Far away’.
“This time, This place. misused, mistakes, too long, too late, who was I to make you wait.
Just one chance, just one breath, just in case there's just one left…”
“I love you, I have loved you all along and I miss you. Been far away for far too long, I keep dreaming you’ll be with me and you’ll never go…”
“I wanted, I wanted you to stay. 'Cause I needed, I need to hear you say. That I love you
I have loved you all along and I forgive you For being away for far too long So keep breathing Cause I'm not leaving you anymore Believe it Hold on to me and, never let me go…” as he finished I was in tears. I walked onto stage and grinned, he smiled at me wiping the tears. We both did an acoustic of Hinders - Lips of an angel. The whole time through the song I was smiling. He was mine.


When we’d finished Hinder we walked out onto the back of the stage.
“I love you,” she whispered.
“I love you too,” and I meant it, before she could speak I leaned down to press my lips against the lips of an angel.
The End

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