Class elections are based on superficial things.

High school elections are popularity contests. Whoever's the "coolest" usually wins.

The people who don't vote based on the "coolness" factor usually aren't too much better. They vote based on who gave them the most candy,  who's campaign video has the best song, who's posters have the most creative graphics. They all vote based on something superficial.

I decided today who I was voting for for athletics manager. It was a choice between Gio and Zack, both a year older than I, and I honestly didn't care who won. I'm not really involved in athletics and I don't have anything against either of them. Then today after lunch, right as the bell had rung and I started to my next class, I heard someone call my name. Turning around, it was Zack. He called me by my name and told me to vote for him. So I am.

Maybe that still counts as superficial. But I haven't talked to Zack since I was in the seventh grade. He was in my math class and I used to help him out with his homework. We rode the bus together, but once he moved on to the high school, we stopped talking. We had nothing against each other, but our paths had diverged.

And yet he had remembered my name. Some random girl who sat next to him in a class three years ago. I thought that was pretty awesome.

Gio walked around saying things like, "Hey, I like your shirt. Vote for me!" Honestly, he'll probably win. Zack's cool enough, he's the star of our school's football team, but people like superficial things like fake compliments on their shirts and their jewelry. I don't think things like that'll change too soon.

I'm running for junior class vice president, and my video was about unity. My goal is to make our class more unified if I win. Most people tell me that my dream is bullshit. There's no way something like that could ever happen in a high school.

Me, I'll keep dreaming. I probably won't win. But it's worth a shot.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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