A steadying beat

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The first part is a song. The next part offers up a secluded room used by a 'crazy' or other straitjacket wearing person. It tell on how they try to get out, but only end up repeatedly singing the song, thinking that they have escaped. The character knows though that the holding cell can never be escaped from, and they will still be there when they open their eyes again and the hallucination clears.

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



up, down, all Around; Can’t get out~

Up, down, all around; Find a way, away ~


up, Down, all around; Who’s to say~?

up, down, All around ~


~ That I’ll die today...






The walls slide forward, greedily pressing their faces to my skin. I can’t escape from it, the blackness that is my heart. Hopeless as it is, I run. I run to be free. I run to to get out. I run to see how much it covers. I run until it all stops, but it never leaves. It has a home- that darkness- inside my heart.... nothing will ever close it, it has a home, where it will stay.  My happiness is overrun, knowing it shall last so little, so small a time. That happiness will stay, I will run with it in hopes of leaving it all behind.

I carry it in my heart, hoping to forget

knowing it will never..





Yet always remembering...

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