Deja vu and Dreams

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This is an entry for Silver84's contest. It is a real dream and the ending was real, but don't ask about how or where this dream came from.

Submitted: August 14, 2013

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Submitted: August 14, 2013



The shopping cart rattled alone the barren aisles. Not only are the people gone, but the inventory is also lost. All I saw was the dusty plastic shelves, no longer the bright beige they once were. My mother kept eyeing the shelves, me, my sister, and the list written in blue ink across a little white paper. My sister had walked ahead, seemingly intent to find something, anything. I ran my hand along the shelves, humming a broken tune. "Hey, mom! Over here!" My sister's voice floated back to us on the vacant air. "Chickee, where are you?" Mom heading off with the rattling cart. "She's This way, mom," I jerked my head to what had once been the pet care section, grabbing the steel bars crisscrossing and intertwining engineered to carry items without fail. My feet walked on their own, ghosting after my sister. "I don't see her, are you sure you saw her and don't just want to look at the fish?" 

"No, see, Lisa's right there." I retorted back to my mom. 
Lisa was standing in a doorway, leaning into what the sign declared "employees only." My mom pursed her lips, and her eyes darted around the empty store. I just rolled my eyes and walked in. My sister flocked the lights on behind me and I heard the steady clack clack clack of the shopping cart, telling my mom had fallowed us in. I twirled around, looking at the storehouse. Huge racks were stacked on metal poles, remaining me of our old bunk beds. As we walked down the storage aisles, looking for anything on our list, I ghosted my hand across the metal racks, my fleeting touch last gliding down one of the supporting poles. I looked up from the tile floor, just in time to meet the eyes of a couple, both pushing the cart. After a quick stare off, the lady glanced away at the top of a rack on the other side of the storeroom. The couple then walked calmly off toward the red and white package stranded atop a far off rack.Upon closer inspection, and squinting, I saw it to be a package of cookies. They had cream filling and the cookie part was half chocolate and half vanilla. I ran. The couple ramming their cart into the one Lisa was driving. She fought back as my mother followed me. The woman had left her husband to the cart war while she raced me to the shelf holding the cookies. Without hesitation, I jumped onto the lowest shelf, my arms already working to pull my body to the above shelf. By the time I reached the third shelf, I heard the jangling of bracelets hitting the metal rack. I twisted to look over my shoulder, only to see the woman reaching up to grab my dangling leg. I flinched away, grabbing onto the support pole and lifted myself up to the final rack. I small smile ghosted across my lips, my hand reaching out to grab the red and white package--
Brightness. All I could think of was the whiteness obscuring my sight. I blinked, letting my eyes recover and studied my surroundings. I was in bed, in my room. "My God!" I breathed out, barley able to hear my own voice. I couldn't help it; I laughed. Who wouldn't when one had a dream such as I? Running into the kitchen, I breathlessly explained my dream to my mother. My eyes darted to the table, stealing my breath. I saw it- that same exact red and white packaging. The cookies I had looked for, ran and climbed to reach, only to have them ripped away at the last moment. Déjà vu. I must be psychic. 

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