The Leader is Mute

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This was an essay for something or other, not required for a grade, but I did it anyway on my leadership.

Leadership- one who actively leads a group, organization, or activity within the school, neighborhood, or community; one who possesses leadership qualities such as integrity, reliability, responsibility, and courage of conviction

Submitted: June 07, 2013

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Submitted: June 07, 2013



I am known as the quiet student in class because I believe the value of knowledge is absorbed by listening and seeing others around you work in order to gain an even greater education, not proving to others that you know what the lesson means by answering the teacher or provoking thoughts and questions in your peers. Questions... They are never hood thing when directed at my own self, especially if i am the one asking. When it is time to work in groups I would much rather sit at my own desk and finish my work, content with the lack of social interaction, but if I am (forced) in a group I am most always the leader, and no one will tell me otherwise. It is only natural this way. I have never missed a day of school this -or last- year, and I have never missed an assignment either. When speaking to my peers in something I have researched to great lengths I do not waver from my stance and all those who oppose my will soon  be swallowed by my logic and subcome to my side, unless they prove themselves valid. I will not be influenced by others when I know what I am fighting for is proven to be the better choice. I will always do what is expected by my teachers and get the job done well without too many errors or assistance of teachers and... I really don’t know where I am going with this...

For one to say I am argumentative or defiant is outrageous. Those words are rendered meaningless when met with my brutality. In a debate, I will listen and wait as you ramble on about your dilettante little speech, until I find that one contradiction, or even one word that offsets the point and twists it into my domain. I will then aim and fire until I blow you out of the water. I pounce and tear that puny dialogue, thus proclaiming my victory with something unrivaled.

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