Hard place to be

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I get the inspiration for this from something someone commented to me. That I must have been through a lot to write a certain poem. You, yes you inspired me to write this. You know who you are, which is helpful as I can't even remember my own name right now.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Catherine woke up and rubbed her eyes. She glanced at her phone, checking the time. Four in the morning. Great, she thought. She could hear the lambs from the field outside her house. They never shut up. Everyone thought that they were sooooo cute. Those people didn't have to live with the constant baaa-ing. She got up and went downstairs, to check on her mum. Ever since the car crash five months prier to that morning,her mother had to be on constant surveillance. Catherine's mother hed been paralysed from the waist down. The living room had been turned into an I. C. U ward, and Catherine had never gotten a moment to herself since there would always be someone over, checking up or collecting gossip. Catherine was only sixteen, but she had gotten used to looking out for herself. Her dad was dead, killed in the car crash that had claimed her mother's mobility. Catherine looked at her ever-peaceful mother and shed a tear for those with no parents. She cried for her father, cried for her mother and immediately felt stupidly selfish. Surely, people were worse off? Surely those people wouldn't feel any distaste towards her for being so selfish and silly? She stopped crying as the first rays of sunlight broke into the sky. She got up from where she had slumped, and wiped her eyes. She began to prepare for the long day ahead. As she went about her daily business, she thought about those worse off. She compared her situation to that of many others, and felt grateful for what she had.

That is what I think of when I'm feeling low. How even the most unlucky of people can find some joy in their life.

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