Scrapbook; Fluffy- Scene One, The Rising Of Fluffy

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I just thought it might be equally terrifying and hilarious, well, funny and scary...drat, I'm bad at this..

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Scrapbook; Fluffy

Scene #1-The Rising of Fluffy

The attic is still. Darkness seems to encroach on every object and swallow it whole as the night creeps slowly in. The moon tugs itself higher up in the sky, fully round and shining bright. Through the tiny attic window, it highlights one object. It is the tattered, motionless body of a child’s teddy bear. Many children have played with this particular bear. Many have found it and lost it, but only few have found out its secret. These are the children of nightmares. These are the children that have fallen victim to the devil itself. It has turned these children and inhibited them until nothing matters to them but the urge to smite the world of humans.

There is movement in the once motionless attic. The figure of the teddy bear sits upright slowly, as if it is made of metal hinges that have become rusty.

Its shadow lengthens as it manages to stand upright, the moonlight glinting off its eyes, which are buttons. It turns and walks slowly towards the window, each step seeming to be a stretch of the legs. Once it has reached the window, it turns.

Here is the teddy bear of every child’s worst nightmare. Here is the teddy that has changed hands a hundred times, but whose name has never once changed. Here is the one that they all call Fluffy.

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