Every Moment Counts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lilah Evans is a sixteen year old girl who lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She is dating and madly in love with sixteen year old school hottie Josh Samuels. Josh's family are some of the richest people in the area and his dad is a major program designer.

When Mr. Samuels designs a new program that will help the FBI solve cases, Josh's family starts getting threatening messages and are attacked.

(This does have a few cuss words and the mention of sex but nothing visual, just the word. And the program about FBI cases is just something I made up for the novel. I don't know if something like it really exists or not.)

Table of Contents

Call 911!!!

Lilah is a sixteen year old girl who lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She is dating and madly in love with sixteen year old school hottie Josh Samuels. Josh's family are some of the richest people in the area and his dad is a major program designer.

She arrives at Josh's house to find out that something is terribly wrong. Read Chapter


Josh Chapter 2: Blackness I try to tell Lilly (Lilah) not to bother sitting down in the blood. I catch my breath the minute I tr... Read Chapter

Santa Claus and His Elf Visits

Josh Chapter 3: Santa Claus and His Elf Visits I'm sitting in my living room. I just got released from the hospital yesterday. Th... Read Chapter

Stupid Mud

This is in Lilly's point of view. She is still at Josh's house and they are hanging out since the cops just left. Enjoy! :D Read Chapter

FYI (for your information)

This is in Josh's point of view. Josh and Lilly get a good scare and Josh also shares some sad news with Lilly. Read Chapter


Lilah Chapter Six: Abandonment Josh is rummaging through his drawers trying to find a pair of shorts and t-shirt that I can wear ... Read Chapter


This chapter is in Lilah's POV. She is really depressed about Josh leaving so has started up some not so good habits. She is cutting her wrists and throwing up after meals. Read Chapter


This chapter is in Josh's POV. He complains about being isolated from the rest of the world and staying the house all of the time. He doesn't get to see anyone besides his family and everyone is starting to get on each others' nerves. Josh really misses Lily and just wants to go home Read Chapter

Break In

This chapter is in Lilly's POV. Two men break into her house and they beat her up and she ends up going to the hospital. But Josh comes back!!! Lilly's dad isn't at the hospital with her but she doesn't mind too much since her mom and Josh are. And Josh gets his cast off while they are at the hospital. Read Chapter

Catching Up

This chapter is in Josh's point of view. He finds out about Lilly's new hobbies and doesn't take the news very well. Read Chapter


This chapter is in Lilah's point of view. Josh comes back to school and Lilly reconnects with her friends. She gets in a car accident with her best friend, Emily, and Josh freaks out when he gets a call saying that she is on the way to the hospital. Read Chapter

A Porsche Silly

This chapter is in Josh's point of view. He surprises Lilly by giving her a brand new Porsche. Then, they go to the park to have some alone time but Santa Claus the cop shows up and has a short, weird conversation with them. As he drives them back to his house he gets a bad feeling that he can't explain... Read Chapter

Fire Trucks, Ambulances, And Police Cars

This chapter is in Lilah's point of view. Josh is driving quickly back to his house because he has a weird feeling. When he and Lily get there, Josh's worries are confirmed. There are ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars sitting in front of his house. Read Chapter

Tough Questions

This chapter is in Josh's POV. He and Lily go into his house and find his little sister, Ali, bleeding and possibly dying. Paramedics are putting her on a stretcher and rushing to get her to the hospital. Josh and Lily are left at his house with Ali's twin and Josh's other little sister, Stephanie. Josh's dad tells him to wait until he calls to do anything. The police stay behind and start looking around Josh's house after they get permission from his dad before they leave. Stephanie asks Josh some pretty difficult questions about her sister dying and Josh lies to her and says that she will be okay for sure. Lily just tries to make him feel better.

At the end Josh's phone rings and it is his dad but we don't find out anything else. Read Chapter


This chapter is in Lilah's POV. Josh's dad is on the phone and says that Josh can't come to the hospital because someone needs to stay with Stephanie but the doctors don't know if Alison is going to survive. Lily offers to stay the night with Alison even though it is a school night. Josh and his dad agree. Josh thanks Lily and tells her that he will be back in the morning to take her and Stephanie to school. Read Chapter

Life On The Line

This chapter is in Josh's POV. He drives to the hospital and once he gets there Josh has trouble convincing the secretary to let him see Alison. Eventually he convinces her after bribing her with a hundred dollars. He sees Alison in the bed looking very weak and close to death. His father tells him that Alison is probably going to die and Josh yells at him for giving up so easily and Josh believes that his sister will come out of the coma and be fine. He calls Lily and she comes to the hospital for a few minutes when her mom offers to stay with Stephanie for a little while. Lily arrives expecting Josh to talk to her but instead all he wants is to make out. She gives in to him and then after kissing for several minutes, Josh takes her into the hospital to see Ali. Read Chapter

Questions and Answers

This chapter is in Lilah's POV.

Josh tells her about Alison's condition and how no one seems to believe that she is going to live. Lily leaves Josh at the hospital and goes back to his house to watch Stephanie. Stephanie greets her with some difficult questions about her dad's program and why he won't stop it and if he still loves her. Lily does her best to answer them and then asks Josh about them on the phone after Stephanie goes to sleep. Josh explains that the FBI won't stop the program and that everyone knows about it since it wasn't a confidential project. At the end, Lily asks Josh for a update on Alison's condition but we don't get to find out his answer in this chapter. Read Chapter

Now What???

This chapter is in Joshua's POV. In this chapter Josh tells Lily that Ali's condition is even worse and they doctor's are almost positive that she isn't going to live and Josh is starting to believe them but Lily wants him to stay hopeful. Josh and Lily drop Stephanie off at school and then go back to the hospital where it is crazy and doctors and nurses are running around and calling out to Josh. Josh gets overwhelms and almost faints but Lily brings him back to the present by slapping him. The doctor tells Josh to hurry and come to Ali's room because it is an emergency. The chapter ends with Josh pulling Lily to the room with him. This chapter was a filler and a cliffhanger. Read Chapter

This Is Reality

This chapter is in Lilah's POV. In this chapter Lily and Josh find out that Alison is dead. Lily doesn't really know what to say to make Josh feel better but she just keeps reassuring him that things will be okay.

The last line sums up how Lily is feeling right now. The last line is "I’ll never see that friendly princess dance and sing again. I look over Josh’s shoulder at the pale little girl. It’s like looking at a picture in storybook. The image before me doesn’t seem real and I should be able to close the book and make it go away forever and come back to reality. The only difference is that this is the reality and there’s no escaping it." Read Chapter

Little Kids Are So Clueless

This chapter is in Josh's POV. He clings to Lily for support in dealing with the fact that his little sister, Alison, is dead and he's afraid of losing anyone else close to him. He tries making out with her to distract himself but Lily talks sense into him and tells him that he needs to be thinking about his family. His dad calls him and has a short temper and orders Josh to go pick up Stephanie from school but not to tell her anything. Josh and Lily take Stephanie out to ice cream before going to the hospital. The chapter ends with Josh's mom telling Stephanie that they need to talk to her. Read Chapter