Halloween Stroll

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Just a short story I had to right for my English class and I had to use anaphora. So, just a quick Halloween story about a boy trick-or-treating and the stories of Halloween.

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



Halloween Stroll


The young boy strolled down the dark street.  It was the night of Halloween.  He knew all the stories about zombies and ghosts and witches and hauntings and black cats.  He knew that Halloween was scary.  He knew bad things could happen.  He knew the spookiness of Halloween.

It was his first year out trick-or-treating without Mommy and Daddy.  Finally, he was old enough to go out on his own and meet up with friends for the candy filled night.

Strolling down Fifth Street he went, dressed in a homemade cowboy costume that included everything from the hat to the bolo tie to the chaps and the boots.  Ecstatic he was, as he thought about going to little Timmy’s house and then going out to ring as many doorbells as possible before the night was over.  He walked peacefully, thinking random thoughts.  Then he heard the quiet but startling meow.  The young boy looked down to see an all black cat with beady yellow eyes cross in front of him.  The cat moved gracefully and without noise.  The cat crept through the shadows almost invisibly.  The cat sent shivers down the young boy’s back.

“Just keep walking,” he thought to himself.  “Don’t stop.”  His pace quickened as thoughts of the unlucky cat ran through his head.  He started to tremble as horrid images of something attacking him snuck into his mind.  Finally, little Timmy’s house came into sight.  He ran toward it as fast as he could, holding onto his hat so it wouldn’t blow off in the wind.  He rushed into the house to find all of his friends sitting there waiting for him.  They greeted him with mischievous looks on their faces.  His shoulders sunk in and he sighed heavily, knowing that they had some punishment for him as he was the last person to arrive and he was also five minutes late from what they had planned as their meeting time.  He received the ultimate Halloween punishment, to go into the creepy mansion at the entrance to the woods alone, and come back and tell them what he saw.  He begged them to let him off the hook, explaining that he was already cursed with bad luck because of the black cat.  However, he was out of luck.

He shuffled out of little Timmy’s house, shoulders hunched and worried eyes scanning every passing shadow.  He heard his friends’ laughter fading in the distance as they disappeared behind him and he headed down the side street to the entrance of the forest.  The wind started to shriek and he could hear wolves nearby, howling at the full moon.  The perfect scary movie scene was laid out around him.  He tried to comfort himself and tell himself that those are all just stories, that nothing is real.  Reassuring himself, hat this is just going to make him look brave in front of his friends.

He approached the cracked wooden door of the slanted old mansion.  The lights were all off except for a single bedroom light upstairs.  The smell of dust and what might have been death lingered in the air.  The sound of the wind and the wolves seemed distant now as the boards of the deck creaked beneath his weight. Everything was dark around him, but the brass door knocker gleamed in the moonlight as if urging him to dare touching it.  Slowly, with trembling fingers, he reached out and grasped it quickly and then quickly dropped it back against the door.  Before he even had time to return his hand to his side, the door swung open with a long, droning creak.  Unsure what to do, he hesitantly stepped forward.  Once inside, the door slammed shut behind him and he heard the twist of a lock.  His heart skipped a beat and he spun around and ran to try and jiggle it open.  No luck.  The door wouldn’t budge and he was trapped.  He heard footsteps behind him and he turned slowly with wide eyes, frightened of what he would see.  A shadow, looming and dark came toward him.  A scream escaped from his mouth.  A howl outside covered his scream.  A young boy disappeared…

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