Sweet Memories No More

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Just another quick thing I've written while sitting up late. Just a random little peice that is difficult to explain. But I hope that you guys like it and I'd greatly appreciate positive or negative feedback. Thanks

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Sweet Memories


It all started on a sweet fall day early in the morning as the sun was rising.  Strolling down the street to the bus, when I saw you.  A warm smile spread across my face as you met me outside.  I was embraced by your strong arms in a warm hug before we spent several minutes talking casually.  Finally, it was time for me to leave and go on the bus so I turned my back to you.  You reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me back, asking me to wait just a second.  And then I heard the best question ever, you asked me to be your girlfriend.  I gave you a sweet smile, threw my arms around your neck and whispered yes before hurrying to the idling yellow bus.  And that sweet October day started the most amazing year of my life.


Throughout the course of a year, I shared so many sweet memories with you.  Laughs of joy as we enjoyed each other’s company.  Tears and sweet whispers as we struggled through the tough times together.  Understanding that I could never experience with anyone other than you.  Trust developed that I’ve never experienced with anyone before.  An attachment and bond formed that I swore would last forever.  And plans started to be made that I knew would give me the most amazing life ever.


But things got complicated… Seeing each other became a problem and we went weeks without being together and talking in person.  Fights started to occur more and more and problems started.  And it was all stupid things… Nothing worth losing you…  Nothing worth ruining what we had… nothing worth causing where we are now…


I feel lost and confused without you…  Yeah, we are trying but it’s not the same… I miss hearing the simple words like babe and sweetheart…  I miss hearing you whisper I love you…  I miss speaking those words myself and letting your sweet name roll off the tip of my tongue…


My future had revolved around you…  Every plan I made, I made with you…  I can’t let go of those and just attempt to move on, in case things work as hoped and we make amends.  I can’t count on them either, as some of the promises of loving me forever have already disappeared…  So much that is unknown, so many questions, and never the promises I used to hear…


I miss you my sweet love.  You were my greatest joy and my most treasured memories, are those that are spent with you.  I long for the opportunity to experience more of life with you and maybe some day soon, my wish of having you will be true.  For now, I wait as I sit and hope for the second when I can once again call you mine.

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