Nature Connection

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Nature Connection is a song sung by a character of mine known simply as Fraizer or Epic. He has forgotten his past, but now he wants to know the truth, and have his princess too!

How come, there is a sparrow in my window?

How is it that they sing to me?


I've always wanted to know,

But nobody dares to tell!

I am stuck on this beautiful world alone!


Oh! But there is still one person...

She seems to truly understand me!

Oh! How I wish I could be closer!

How that would truly make me smile!


How come, the animals they love me?

How come they protect me?


It's quite a thing with my hidden past!

But how long will that last?

I may never knoooooow!


Oh! There's the princess!

She's such a pretty sight...

Oh! How I long to know her more!

More than just to look at her!


How come, how come my mind is like this?

How come I cannot make up my mind?!


Two things that I really wish I had!

The truth and my princess!

But I know that will never happen!


Oh! The flowers they grow for me...

With just the watering from my pail...

Oh! How the princess smiles...

So much so like a radiant light in the dark!


 Oh how, oh how I wish I knew her!

Oh how I wish I knew my past!

What a beauty she is!

And what a mystery it is!

But I shall never knooooooooooooow!

Submitted: February 27, 2019

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