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This is just what I felt one day, what I literally saw in the people around me, and in a way I can say, yes, everything in this poem is true.

Submitted: January 19, 2009

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Submitted: January 19, 2009



All around me is a gray cloud,

The people are tinged with different hues of blue,

Ranging from baby to midnight,

Growing darker at the center of their bodies,

Right at their heart.

Smoke, twirling and twining like a snake,

Curls from the mouths of the Blue,

Polluting the air with the poison,

Of loss, desperation and pain.

Even the sky won’t light up,

Stars won’t shine and clouds never leave,

The sun hurts your eyes and burns your skin,

Everything leaving a bitter taste,

In your mouth like a sickness.

Around myself there is a haze,

Warm and salmon-pink,

The Light not hurting like the sun’s reality,

But also a brilliant indigo color,

Pulses through my veins,

Creating an almost eerie, inner calm.

I’m ashamed that the world is such a bitter mess,

Choking us all with its bare hands,

But I’m thanking God we were made to be strong,

As the Blue around me, everywhere,

Erupts into pure Gold Light.

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