Envy (Stages of Life)

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This is a poem for those of us who hate that we're so young and so many terrible things have already happened to us. People say things will get better, but we don't know when. We envy those older than us who have found their stability and, with it, their happiness.

Submitted: January 28, 2009

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Submitted: January 28, 2009



It is so very unreasonable,

That whilst adults envy us our youth,

That I envy adults their experience?

Our lives have four stages only.

The first being innocence,

When we live ignorant of all blemishes,

That anything and anybody has.

The second stage is the discovery,

When we are shaken to our core,

At the horrors of the world,

And we fight to live,

As we discover ourselves.

And so I must say I am envious,

Truly so, of third- and fourth-stage people,

Because they have passed the danger,

And passed the stage we live in.

The third stage comes with discovery,

The discovery, fully, of oneself,

And therefore there comes organization.

The fourth stage is the one before death,

When the body does not grow,

But slowly fades,

Like imprints in the sand that wind blows,

Until nothing is left,

But the sweet memory of a good life lost . . .

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