Secrets of (My) Smile

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This is an old poem that I literally just found before I started typing it. Comment all you like, it feels like it needs a little more somewhere :/

Submitted: December 09, 2008

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Submitted: December 09, 2008



People tell me to smile and to laugh,

And say that I'm too young to feel like this,

Too beautifully-designed to hurt so much,

Too "happy" to be able to show much else.

Each day I quench my anger with nothing,

Each day I try to learn the secrets of a smile,

So that my mouth learns to look happy,

No matter what I now feel.

Every day my anger boils to rage,

And every single aspect of reality fades,

Until I am nothing but an empty shell,

And grief and rage are the only emotions on display.

The secrets of a smile are one too many,

But I must learn them all and strive to live,

In a world that is way past friendly.

So I smile my crinkle-eyed smile,

Even though I want to cry forever,

Because I am so far gone and shattered,

That tears no longer come to my eyes,

To spill gently down my face,

And cleanse my tainted, grieved soul.

So I am forced to try to gather my strength,

Even if I have no strength left at all,

And try to sow the pieces of my heart back together,

And learn the secrets of a smile.

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