-She moves-

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that which is unreachable turns into a lifelong torment -

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011



She moves around me, beside me, ahead of me

taunting, always smiling with the smile of all ages.

She is in everything, in everyone, in every moment of life.

Her voice is in the birds, her voice is in my dreams

and she sings with a thousand voices, unbridled and careful all at once,

no one voice is hers, no one voice is not hers.

She knows no name that truly describes, no boundaries to ever contain her.

And I am filled with a love that was coded in my DNA, at the beginning of time -

A love so deep that has intertwined its roots within my veins,

So vast that my lungs haven’t sufficient room for breath –

Muse or demon, gift or curse, I know not

My mistress, my possessor, my obsession

She carries me in my dreams, dark and warm,

Her embrace blocking out all light, blocking out all fear.

In my dreams I am fearless.

But in waking hours, it is blatant shame and agony

That meets me in the sunlight and the sea of faces,

To trudge through the mundane and gracelessness of every day

Enchantress, how you torment me!

In your gaze, I am held in love and death,

Sorrow and Joy, the sensual and the divine.

God is in your voice –

It is a love that I cannot bear to live with

And I cannot bear to live without –

It burns within me always, a fire within the soul,

Unquenched and unrequited,

The pain of something that could have been and will never be

Of having come so close to all your dreams

And watch them slip away through your fingertips.

I die in slow motion, I die in small pieces and

She haunts me still, unrelenting, ever present,

Silent witness to my sorrow and my thousand deaths

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