Alice Took to Rhyming

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a poem about the aftermath of Wonderland - PS, this was written a good 10 years before Tim Burton's movie -

Submitted: April 13, 2011

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Submitted: April 13, 2011



Alice took to rhyming

and answering children's riddles

in her spare time.

Are you a clock?

She asks the paper.

Darkened rooms,

innocence lost,

she's straddling the crevice

between Earth and Limbo,

unable to decide

which has better landscaping.

Having followed the white rabbit

and finding nothing

but disillusionment

has left Alice

twiddling her thumbs,

bidingthe time

she knows she no longer has.

How can drab, lonely reality

compare to bright illusion?

Reality is grounded on the Earth,

solid, sorrowful.

The illusion, no matter how

deadly and glittering,

always towers high above,

teetering on a tall, thin column

of madness without substance.

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