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A poem written through the eyes of an existing fictional character regarding a love eternal....EDITED

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



This is an attempt at fanfic poetry - my first attempt. This is based upon characters within the Harry Potter series which means that the original character and situation which lends itself to this poem is not mine, but the sole property of JK Rowling and her vivid imagination. I only claim rights to the actual poem itself which was born from my emotional response to this particular story thread. It is also totally cool if you are not into this - I know it isn't for everybody.

For those of you who are very familiar with this series, this is based off of perhaps the most suprisingly tragic character in the whole series, Severus Snape, in his last, most heartbreaking moments.

As the seconds pass,

the world turns

and leaves me behind,

a victim of mistakes and prejudice

and indifference,

the most evil of all evils.

I am fading, I see nothing but haze

I feel nothing but pain

and I close my eyes to escape.

I awaken from a moment of sleep,

the echoes of a dream

still reverberating in my mind.

Those brilliant green eyes,

dark red hair, almost copper

where the sunlight touched it.

I see you as clearly as

if it were yesterday

and we were innocent and new.

Just when the familiar warmth

spreads over my heart,

I remember where I am

and what has transpired since.

You died long ago and

I had merely passed out.

There was not enough ice in the world

to numb the burning whole

where my heart used to be.

I could not block out the black

that has consumed me

every waking moment.

The world remained forever grey,

all colors erased

by your absence.

I was rigid because

I could not ever bend.

I was harsh and cold

because I could not feel anything else

Not while the world

was devoid of your light,

Not while your ghost

was nested in my soul.

Even tonight,

as I lay dying,

You move within me still,

weaving your smiles of gold.

I still remember

how your presence

lit every room,

how your spirit

lifted every heart.

I am breathless at the thought

of you.

We were children together once

and I was foolishly naive to think

that my love would outshine any star.

But I was never meant to know

what the other side of Heaven looked like.

I was never meant to fill the

empty spaces in your heart.

We chose paths, and chose away

from the bonds of friendship

that once held us dear.

And I watched you walk away,

heart bleeding in my hand.

You chose a lesser man,

a man whose vanity broke loose

and ran rampant at the expense

of all around him.

And yet, you saw none of that.

You always saw the best

In everyone,

even me.

I tried to stop what I now know

was only inevitable.

That night, I lost the right to smile.

Boarded my soul away,

barred myself from the light.

You were lifeless in my arms,

what use did I have for joy

if you were no longer its cause?

Blood promises I made

and I was ever devoted,

with a most ardent heart

against even my own nature

just to hold your memory close

to keep you alive in him.

I bore that promise, like a cross

in spite of all that warred within,

your presence marking me forever

as a faithful fool,

as everlasting love.


Now that I have given everything,

I only want to look in your eyes,

and hear you forgive me for

my insufferable stupidities.

I only want to smell your hair and

see the dazzling smile that

made all other light pale by comparison.

Now that it is over,

I would give anything to love you,

even after I gave everything up

to love you,

even in the agony of death,

to see you through his eyes,

to love your eyes once more...


© Copyright 2018 Violet Vane. All rights reserved.

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