Go on, son....

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A poem written for an intervention...

Submitted: October 08, 2011

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Submitted: October 08, 2011



Go on, son,

Drown your frustration

your desperation

in a tall cold one.

Make the voices in your heart silent

with the froth of another beer

Dull the ache in your soul

with the numbing potion

that is alcohol.

Go on, son,

forget who you are

and why you came here.

Go on, son,

lose yourself in the brew.


When you have found the point

where reality meets delirium,

you can laugh at all the jokes,

even the one whose punchline has become you.

And no words can hurt you,

no one can touch you behind the wall

of amber gold.

Too much pain under sunlight

evaporates underneath the bar's flourescent lights

All that self hatred makes

for a funny beer story.


Go on, son,

intoxicate the demons in your mind,

until they too become passive,

become numb.

Go on, son,

destroy your little piece of universe,

dismantle it brick by drunken brick.

When you awaken in a strange city

with no answers

and no friends,

the booze will quiet your fears.


Go on, son,

and pretend that

you don't breathe to drink,

that you still control

the ragged mess that is your life.

Go on, son,

tell yourself all the same old

hollow reassurances

that no one loves you

like the ale loves you.

Go on, son,

keep convincing yourself

that it will all stop one day

as if by magic,

at the mere breath of your command.

Go on, son,

plausible deniability,

if you are not there to see her leave you.

If you are not there to see her cry.

Go on, son,

no one waits up for you.

Only the grave awaits you now.


Go on, son,

the road you walk is a short one,

cold and dark and sad,

disappointment and dismay,

a life wasted,

a son buried.

Go on, son,

maybe you'll hear my voice

through the fog that

shadows your mind,

darkens your eyes.

Go on, son,

I'll continue praying until then.


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