Love ages so ungracefully

Status: Finished

Love ages so ungracefully

Status: Finished

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Love ages so ungracefully Love ages so ungracefully

Poem by: Violet Vane


Genre: Poetry



a poem describing the rise and fall of love


a poem describing the rise and fall of love


Submitted: April 15, 2011

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Submitted: April 15, 2011



Love ages like a Hollywood starlet,

desperately clinging to her former youth...

when love is young, the mere novelty

makes her strong and passionate.

She glows, she beams, she is breathtaking.

Lovers are fervent when discovering

each other for the first time.

They delight to note that the other laughs

in all the right places and

how they feel most alive when together.

Love is consuming and her fire burns bright.

And without any warning or ado, time passes by.

Suddenly passion and desire are replaced

by complacency, the illness of love.

The eyes of the starlet that once captivated

 lose their light.

The lovers' embrace that used to thrill

holds only emptiness.

The starlet is tired, overexposed, and a public annoyance.

Yet still lovers hold together,

always trying to make their hearts remember.

The starlet searches for means to remain

the eternal ingenue.

Love leaves her shadow, a stain on their hearts,

and graps at their souls, flailing, falling, desperate.

They can remember how it was when

love held their lives and souls together.

But lovers change, as all people do and

sometimes they change away.

And love struggles to rekindle,

long after the flame has died out.

Time brings maturity and with maturity comes

sadness, mortality and remorse.

Love grows frail and weak within these shackles

and cries over what has been lost.

And when love loses her strength,

her blessing leaves their lives,

leaving nothing but the memory of love.

© Copyright 2016 Violet Vane. All rights reserved.

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