"Second Chances"

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a poem about wanting a second chance at the dream

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



There is a long tragic story

of a girl, young and unknowing,

who once owned the keys

to every dream her mind ever wrought,

and to every wish her heart constructed.


This girl, blessed with talents,

blessed with humility and dignity,

so free from the weight of the past.

She didn't know of what trials

and struggles lay before her;

she knew not of what cruel designs

were ingrained in the heart of the world.


She set out, to conquer all with her spirit,

to enchant the people with her voice.

And she was met with brick walls,

brick and mortar laced with doubt and envy.

She was brought to her knees

by the force of disdain raining down.

She crawled until she fell.


And she fell through a hole in the Earth

to another place where all was dust

and nothing shined with promise anymore.

She gave in to apathy

until it was the only thing she felt.

Complacency, the silent evil,

the lets dreams die.

This story becomes dim as

the lights behind her eyes

fade to veiled shadows

and eternal lonely nights.


She had loved her dream

like a person held dear

Forlorn hearts forget

that passion once fueled

their happily chaotic fantasies.

Sadness sinks into even

the most violent love

and fervent devotions.

What once moved her to frenzy,

quickened her pulse with glee,

now only served to remind her

of her first love lost.

The memory tormented her,

searing agony in her chest,

silent tears falling in the dark.


She sees it all now,

the stalwart love led astray,

the weakness of youth and insecurity,

the cursed hindsight of age,

the burden of regret -

so terrible and radiant -

the ghost of a dream long since

gone and buried,

that cannot leave her side.

Understanding grows to despair -

She must believe

that in this world,

there is still space and time

for second chances.


She knows that life

is not like feel-good movies,

where the heroine magically

pulls one out of the hat.

She does not expect miracles,

having grown too wise

to dream with such abandon.

But can there be just enough magic

left in this dark and hopeless world

to illuminate this dreamer

to find the way to find

her second chance?




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