The Essence Within

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A poem of self reflection

Submitted: April 12, 2011

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Submitted: April 12, 2011



Past all things,

past all useless thougths

and drunken meanderings,

beyond the pages of self-loving pity

and false righteousness,

lies the core of the matter.

Perhaps words are only used

to cloak and obscure

the soul of the writer from

the prying eyes of the many.

Or the few.

But beyond the moments,

typing furiously on a borrowed computer,

lavishing the screen with simple rhymes

and even simpler concepts on borrowed time,

there lies the girl,

or the woman,

who sits inside the fool

sitting in the chair.

She is beyond all things frivolous

and fanciful.

Who is she?

Deep down,

in the depths of the mind,

out of the reach of despair,

Who is the thing that resides there?


when all is still

and there are no superfulous thoughts

to muddy the moment,

she speaks.

And her voice is rare.

She is wise beyond words,

beyond time and light.

Who lies at the core of the person?

What makes the soul yearn for

those things undefined?

By all accounts,

we all function and move of our own free will,

no guidance needed.

And yet, things speak to us,

whisper in the light of a sunset on the ocean,

scream in the black of night.

How do I reach her?

She is buried underneath

so much banality and so much self-doubt.

And although I cannot see her,

I can sense her

and her essence is life itself,

wild and untamed,

yet disarmingly intelligent

and calculating.

She is everything,

the reincarnated past,

the foretold future.

What is it that lies within us all

that causes us to fly from our bodies

on occasion to places unknown

and undescribable even in our dreams?

I seek her out,

despite the improbable nature of such a search.

Perhaps we are not meant

to come face to face with our crux.

Perhaps it is to act as a strange current

that moves us in ways we cannot comprehend

or as a stain that colors our thoughts in certain places.

But I seek her out.

She is within me, looking out.

I would like to be her, seeing with her eyes,

thinking with her mind

and knowing all that she knows.

I don't fancy I'll find her.

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