Things left unspoken

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What would happen if we acknowledged the elephant in the room?

Submitted: April 13, 2011

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Submitted: April 13, 2011



What words have been birthed in our minds

only to be suppressed by better judgement or tact?

Last night, I said things in my heart,

many things that I could not bring myself

to let loose on your unsuspecting ears.

To avoid confrontation

or rejection,

I buried them deep into

the silent parts of my soul.

They lie there, dormant,

waiting for the chance to explode forth from my lips and

strike out at your proud face and

watch you go through the motions

of changing emotions.

I spoke to you from my mind

and prayed that you would hear me and

intuitively understand.

But no such luxuries are to be expected

from even the most doting of husbands.

They are not gifted with the power of telepathy.

But I spoke, and I talked about

how I needed to remember our love

as it was before it was tarnished by struggles and hardships-

we both know that we've seen too much along the way-

and how I wanted to erase the stains of time from its well-worn countenance.

But you merely snored, unwittingly missing quite a conversation.

Where can I recover those moments of madness, of lust, of pure feeling without words?

But you had no answer, only steady breathing.

And now I wonder, when would it be a good time

to unburden my heart of all things left unsaid?

It will be a precarious moment,

when there is no steady ground and

when you may turn your back to me,

not wanting to hear the discourse I have only danced around in the past.

I've always merely skirted and you've always dragged me away from those words,

unwilling to even give them a moment to come to life,

to breath our air.

Because I think that you may already instinctively know that

they are words that have a life all their own.

They will break loose from my lips,

like kinetic energy and bounce off any walls,

hurl into any soft object,

like your heart.

© Copyright 2019 Violet Vane. All rights reserved.

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