Carolyn Brennan: The Case of the Missing Sister

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is more like 'Nancy Drew'. Yes! This is a book series. Sorry if this first one is short. I promise the next one is gonna be longer =)

Carolyn Brennan: The Case of the Missing Sister


[30 Minutes Earlier]

Sara: Hey Anne, My parents are on a business trip and I’m going to be super bored when I get home. Let’s go to my house, eat chips, and talk about boys.

Anne: Sorry but I have to pick up my sister from school. And my mom will be working late tonight and my sis will be all alone in the house so I’ll just text you okay?

Sara: Okay but at least just drive me home? My car broke down.

Anne: But your house is just a block away.

Sara: The race made my feet worn out, all right?

Anne: Ok fine whatever. Jump in!

[10 minutes later]

Sara: Thanks for the ride. I’ll text you!

Anne: Great, bye.

[At school, there were kids playing and teachers teaching]

Sara: Hey Mrs. Hiromi

Mrs. Hiromi: Hi. What are you doing here?

Sara: Because of my little sister?

Mrs. Hiromi: But a guy with a motorcycle took little Jayne. He said he was your cousin.

Sara: What? But all of my cousins are out of town.

Mrs. Hiromi: Oh god. Then who was that guy?

Sara: [calls her mom] MOM! Jayne’s been kidnapped!


[Present Time]

Sara: Look that’s all I did, okay.

Carolyn Brennan: Mrs. Hiromi did you recognized this man?

Mrs. Hiromi: He was wearing a helmet but he took it off for about a while.

Carolyn Brennan: And what did he look like?

Mrs. Hiromi: I’m not sure; Jayne’s hair blocked his face. They were talking and I was supposed to meet the other teachers for a meeting. So I thought he’s a good man.

Carolyn Brennan: You said you’re not sure?

Mrs. Hiromi: Well he was a bit taller than Sara, a teenager; He had this red spiked hair.

Carolyn Brennan: Do you have any video cameras around here?

Mrs. Hiromi: Yes we do.

Carolyn Brennan: That’s great, I want a copy of the footage between the time little Jayne was kidnapped.

Mrs. Hiromi: All right.

[2 Hours after the kidnapping]

Carolyn Brennan: Mrs. Granger, I’m glad you’ve arrived.

Mrs. Granger: Well I’m not, I got a missing daughter and I am very busy right now coz of my work.

Carolyn Brennan: I am sorry to disturb you but do you know this man on the footage? [She pointed the kidnapper]

Sara: Wait a minute.

Carolyn Brennan: [paused the video] you know this guy?

Sara: Familiar though.

Mrs. Granger: Yes I believe it as well, I think he goes to Sara’s school.

Sara: No, I think he’s the janitor in your work. He’s a stalker, mom!

Carolyn Brennan: You have a stalker, Mrs. Granger?

Mrs. Granger: He started following me about a couple weeks ago. He said he had a “thing” for me.

Carolyn Brennan: But did you guys..?

Sara: WHAT?!

Mrs. Granger: Ms. Carolyn, I am a faithful wife to my husband. I will never do such a thing!

Carolyn Brennan: Okay, well thank you for your time!

Mrs. Granger: You do you know that your just 18, Ms. Carolyn?

Carolyn Brennan: Yes, but I love solving mysteries and crimes, Mrs. Granger.

Mrs. Granger: And what do you get when you solved these things?

Carolyn Brennan: Well, nothing actually. I just love helping.

Mrs. Granger: That is amazing. Sara, you could work with her.

Carolyn Brennan: Yes, I would love that.

Sara: Okay fine. I’ll work with you but only this case because this is my little sister kidnapped.

Carolyn Brennan: thank you so much!

Sara: So just meet tomorrow at my house and I’ll give you a tour of my college school. There are a lot of spiked-hair guys in school. The janitor has straight hair so I might be mistaken. And all the guys in my school are hot!

Carolyn Brennan: They’ve been burned?

Sara: What? Hot as in handsome hot.

Carolyn Brennan: Right. I knew that!

[Next Day]

Sara: I want to meet you my boyfriend

Carolyn Brennan: All right.

Sara: Hey George!

George: I can’t talk right now.

Carolyn Brennan: I’m Carolyn; I’m helping Sara solve a case about her sister.

George: You mean you’re a detective?

Carolyn Brennan: Yeah.

George: [runs]

Carolyn Brennan: [runs after George]

Sara: [goes to a shortcut and then blocked George’s way; cries]

Carolyn Brennan: Why were you running?

Sara: Did you kidnap my sister?

Carolyn Brennan: He couldn’t have. He doesn’t have spiked-hair.

Sara: Before he does, why’d you change it?

George: I got used to it, okay? And I heard it was a red-headed guy. I have black!

Sara: What?

Carolyn Brennan: Who is he?

George: Harrison

Carolyn Brennan: Ford?

George: What? No.

Sara: How’d you know that?

George: I can’t tell

Sara: [slapped George] Tell me!

George: He saw me eavesdropping and that if I tell this to anyone, he’d bully me for the rest of the year.

Sara: I.. Hate..You

Carolyn Brennan: That's him! That's the bully!

Sara: Yeah i'll go with you.

Carolyn Brennan: Hey you! Where's Jayne?

Harrison: I dont know what your talking about.

Carolyn Brennan: Sara's little sister.

Harrison: [tries to punch Carolyn]

Carolyn Brennan: [kicked him in the stomach; and grabbed him] Where is she?

Harrison: Okay okay. I sold her to a guy named Tony or something. Now put me down! Im innocent, I swear!

Carolyn Brennan: Cops, arrest this man. Sara, do you know a guy named Tony?

Sara: I sure do.

Anne: Hey Sara!

Sara: Where's your brother?

Anne: Tony! Is there something wrong?

Tony: [hand-cuffed] I just did it for Anne! I swear!

Sara: What?!

Anne: You were always picking up and hanging out with that little sister of yours. I needed you and i to be together again!

Sara: Where is she?

Anne: In our little hideout, remember? The attic.

Carolyn Brennan: arrest this girl!

Anne: [crying] I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Sara: [runs to the attic and saw her sister tied into a rope] Jayne! I'm so glad your okay! [unties]

Jayne: Your my hero, Sara!


Sara: Thanks for solving this case.

Carolyn: You were good too.

Sara: I was thinking if we could work together. I mean, one case isnt enough for me.

Carolyn: Sure, why not? [hugged her]

Sara: I just cant believe my OWN friend kidnapped my sister.

Submitted: August 12, 2009

© Copyright 2021 VioletHan2. All rights reserved.

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