Carolyn Brennan: The Missing Locket (#02)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
About a little girl, lost her locket from her big sister. The crime scene is all in the house! Do you think they'd find it?

Submitted: August 12, 2009

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Submitted: August 12, 2009



#02 Carolyn Brennan: The Missing Locket

[2 Hours Ago]
Hayley: Happy Birthday Hilary!
Hilary: Thank you so much. [She opens her gift]
Hayley: You said you wanted that, remember?
Hilary: [hugs Hayley] I love it! This locket must have cost a fortune.
Miles: Wow. I love it as well; I’m going to steal that!
Hilary: Very funny, Miles.
Miles: It’s a wonderful locket, Hil.
Georgia: It’s so sparkly!
Elizabeth: It’s amazing! Nice gift.
Hayley: Happy 9th Birthday Hilary!
Hilary: Thanks sis! I’m going to put this locket on my room for safe keeping!
[2 hours later]
Hilary: Hayley! The locket! It’s gone!
Hayley: We better call a detective.
[Present Time]
Carolyn: I’m Carolyn and this is my sidekick, Sara.
Sara: Sidekick?
Carolyn: Okay, partner.
Hayley: Look, the locket I gave to my little sis was gone. It was about a hundred dollars.
Carolyn: That you spent on?
Hayley: Of course. My parents are too busy working and flying around the planet.
Carolyn: Can you tell me the possible suspects?
Hayley: Well, we just invited Hilary’s friends. It’s a small party I know. I couldn’t afford a bigger one.
Hilary: You’ve got to find my locket, please.
Carolyn: We will, sweetheart.
Sara: We promise. I believe one of your friends stole it.
Hilary: What? They would never do that. We are BFFL.
Carolyn: and it means?
Sara: BFFL means Best Friends Forever Life.
Carolyn: Wow. Me and Sara will have to talk to your friends about you locket, is it ok?
Hilary: Yes, it’s fine.
Hayley: Hilary, Go to your room and open you’re other gifts.
Hilary: Okay.
Hayley: Your friends will be there when they are done talking to Carolyn and Sara.
Carolyn: Umm, You. Sit down please!
Miles: My name is not you. I’m Miles!
Sara: Sorry. Hilary said that you wanted to steal the locket.
Miles: That was just a joke. We play jokes every time.
Carolyn: And did you go to Hilary’s room where the locket was kept?
Miles: Yes I did. And because I wanted to use the bathroom, I opened the little box for another peek. Just that, I did not steal that locket!
Sara: Thank you. You can go to Hilary’s room now.
Carolyn: Your next, sweetheart.
Georgia: Please don’t call me sweetheart.
Sara: I see. You’re a tomboy!
Georgia: No. I just don’t want anyone to call me that.
Carolyn: Did you go to Hilary’s room when the locket was still there?
Georgia: Honestly, Yes. But I did that because I needed a towel.
Sara: and why?
Georgia: Because my soda stained my dress.
Carolyn: Was the locket still there?
Georgia: Well, I just took a picture of it so that my parents would buy me one.
Sara: May we see the picture?
Georgia: Sure. [Hands the camera to Sara]
Carolyn: 3:45 PM.
Sara: The party started around 3PM.
Carolyn: And reported 2 hours later.
Sara: May we borrow your camera for a while? I need to look for clues.
Georgia: Sure. Just return it back when you’re done.
Sara: Thank you.
Elizabeth: I’m just a 9 year old, okay? I would never do such a thing like that!
Carolyn: We just want to ask a few questions.
Sara: Did you go to the room?
Elizabeth: Hilary’s room? Yeah. They were playing ‘Pin the Donkey’s Tail’ and everybody was blind-folded. I took out mine and get another look on the locket but I did not steal it. I was just admiring its beauty.
Carolyn: right.
Elizabeth: Why? You don’t believe me? Check my bag, then!
Sara: [checks] there’s nothing but make-up and clothes.
Elizabeth: Exactly!
Carolyn: Thank you for your time.
Sara: So, what do we do now? We interviewed all of them.
Carolyn: What if? Hayley did it?
Sara: No way. That gift was from her.
Carolyn: You’re right. Why don’t you look around the house finding the locket while I take a look on the pictures for more clues and find out who stole it?
Sara: Yeah, sure.
Carolyn: Lunch was served at 3PM, Cake Time was 3:23, and Gift-opening around 3:30.
Sara: [talking to Carolyn while looking] And Georgia said she took a picture on the locket at the time of 3:45.
Carolyn: Hayley took a picture of the girls playing ‘Pin the Donkey’s Tail’.
Sara: What time?
Carolyn: 3:53, and Elizabeth walking up the stairs. How come Hayley didn’t see Elizabeth going to Hilary’s room? It’s right here in the picture.
Sara: What about Miles?
Carolyn: There’s no picture here. She must have been in the bedroom before Elizabeth and Georgia did.
Sara: Then let’s scratch Miles as a suspect then.
Carolyn: And Georgia.
Sara: Yeah.
Carolyn: Sara, I’ll be right back.
Sara: Where are you going?
Carolyn: Going to the store where Hayley bought the locket.
Sara: Guess I’ll be here looking for that thing.
Carolyn: So, What did Hayley say when she bought the locket?
Girl #1: She said ‘She finally bought that necklace; she’s been wanting it for years’
Carolyn: But the necklace was for the little sister. May I see the box you gave to Hayley?
Girl #: Well, here’s one: [gives her the box]
Carolyn: Red box with a yellow ribbon. [Gives back the box] Thank you!
[Back at the house]
Carolyn: Sara, the woman said Hayley wanted that locket for years.
Sara: So you mean, the gift was swapped?
Carolyn: I think so. Let’s go visit Hilary’s room.
Sara: Hey Hilary. Do you still have unopened gifts left?
Hilary: Just this box. Hey! It looks exactly like the box from the locket.
Carolyn: Excuse me sweetie, may we open it for you?
Hilary: NO! I want to open it.
Sara: Let her do it, Carol.
Hilary: [opens the gift]
Sara: A notebook.
Carolyn: That’s it!
Sara: What’s it?
Carolyn: Let’s talk private.
Sara: So?
Carolyn: Hayley must’ve bought that locket for herself but when the boxes look identical. Hayley must’ve thought that the notebook must be inside but it wasn’t. It was the locket inside! And now, she told Elizabeth to get it for her. But I don’t know why Elizabeth wanted that job.
Sara: Wow. You’re a genius!
Carolyn: We should talk to Hayley, then.
Sara: We know you did it, Hayley.
Hayley: What? I spent hundreds of dollars on that gold locket for my sister.
Carolyn: No. You thought that the gift you gave to her was the notebook but since the boxes looked same. It was the locket and you were shocked that it wasn’t the one.
Sara: See, this picture? Your eyes looked wide.
Hayley: You guys are pretty good at this.
Sara: But why did Elizabeth agree to do that?
Hayley: I just gave her a bag of make-up supply.
Carolyn: So this is just accidental, huh?
Hayley: Yeah. I’m sorry I got you guys into this mess.
Sara: [gives a couple of hundred dollars to Hayley]
Hayley: Oh my god. Thank you so much! [Hugs them]
Carolyn: You guys can live happily ever after now. But where is the locket?
Hayley: I’ll give it to her any minute. Thanks guys.
Carolyn: Sara, our work here is done!
Sara: Want yoghurts?
Carolyn: Oh yeah!

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