The Decisions I Made

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

boyfriend problems..popularity...lonely...sadness..

The Decisions I MadeI broke up with my boyfriend with tears. Friends and family trying to cheer me up but it didnt work. My Family accepted him and what did he do? He cheated on me. I saw him kissing with another girl and it hurted me.. Soo.. Much! He tried to apologized me that nightand said that the girl kissed him. Not the other way around, I forgived him. The next day, It was sunny and i waited for him to pick me up to school. I waited for him for about 15 minutes, and it looks like he ditched me. The luck began as the School Bus stopped for me and i thanked the driver for picking me up.The next 8 minutes past and im in my locker and trying to find Josh my boyfriend. He was in the small park sitting on the grass with the same girl i caught with him. They were laughing and shaking hands and i thought "They must be just friends". I walked to them and stopped. Why did i stopped? I saw Josh kissing that girl. Not the other way around. Did he lie to me last night? I gave him my forgiveness and did it again. When their "Kiss" ended, Josh saw me looking at them. He walked up and talked to me saying "I'm sorry. Please! Let's start all over again". I was with tears and trying to talk "I gave you forgiveness and now your with her again!" I was still crying. The girl stood up and said to Josh "I--" I slapped her because she knew i was Josh's boyfriend and kissed him. Wait a minute.. She was Josh's ex-girlfriend! Her name was Ellie. The popular and prettiest girl in the whole school! Every girl was jealous and Every boy there wants her! When i slapped her, i saw her CURRENT boyfriend. The hottest guy in the whole school!CHRIS!! He was shocked on seeing Ellie kissing Josh. Josh wasnt just an average guy. He was a quarterback like Chris. His Best friend. His pal. Now, he's just Chris'. Ex-pal. Traitor to him. An ex-jock. Chris cut him at football. Now Josh is just a normal average guy until the Football captain cut of Chris and returned Josh as a jock. I felt sorry for the guy, he just got cheated and now he's an EX-JOCK. His locker was near to mine and im trying to talk to him. The word 'Hi!' spilled in my mouth and he said Hi back. "Im sorry about the---" "Please dont talk about that anymore." I guess i made him more angrier. "Look.. Uhmm. Wanna go out?" he said with a shock "What?" Uh-oh. I think he meant my "Wanna Go Out" as in "Wanna Have A Date". My head was sweaty andi meant my "Wanna Go Out" as in like "Wanna walk together?" We're neighbors which i guess is great news. He answered "Sure". I was relieved and about a year later, He asked me out. which it is a "BOYFRIEND-GIRLFRIEND DATE" and i said "No".. I know it was a year ago when i got cheated off but people said that If i date Chris, It'll make me popular. Since Chris is a jock now. But popularity wasnt one of my priorities. When HighSchool ended, Chris got another girlfriend and i should've said YES. I loved him and his personality was sweet. The decisions i made were wrong. Now im in College, i feel like a loner. All my classmates in College were taken except me.

Submitted: August 11, 2009

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that is so sad and i pity her or you if it is true!
but i would like to tell you something..i don't mean to tease you i just wanna hep..
do you notice that your grammar is a little...wrong?
and details are not that proper! i couldn't understand the story until i reached the part HE ASKED ME OUT.
sorry..with all that said..i found it intresting and sad but keep up the good work and consider me your first fan! :):):):)

Tue, August 11th, 2009 10:39am


sounds personal

Tue, August 11th, 2009 4:52pm


very interesting .')

Fri, August 14th, 2009 8:16pm

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