The Sacrificed Heart

The Sacrificed Heart

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



You will soon know when you read this..
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You will soon know when you read this..

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Sacrificed Heart

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You will soon know when you read this..

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 13, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 13, 2009



“What a beautiful sight!” I said. As I take pictures around Paris.

It was a lovely day and now, I’m in the Eiffel tower. Its lights were amazing at night. I kept taking pictures. Taking pictures was my job; I put them up in my site and the more views I have, the more money I get. But it’s not about the money I want, it’s the experience I am having. “9:35 PM” I said. It was late and I needed to get to my apartment. I bumped to this handsome hot guy and apologized for my corky walking.

“I see you’re a photographer too” He said.

“Yes. Do you live here in Paris?” I asked.

“No. I’m a tourist. Taking pictures is my thing.” He answered

I was shocked to meet a guy just like me. He puts his own pictures to his site like I told you.

I introduced myself “I’m Patricia”

He smiled and it was the amazing smile I’ve ever seen “I’m Josh!”

When it was about a month, we took pictures together. And call ourselves partners and friends. But I felt it was more than that. We were in this expensive restaurant. It wasn’t a hang-out. It was actually a date. Could this be it?

I learned so much from him on this past month. It’s like I’ve known him for years now. We lived together now and share our own compositions together. We didn’t just take landscape photos but us together. Some of his pictures were me and the beautiful scene. We were definitely in-love. One night, we sat together and watched TV.

It was a scary movie. I hugged him and closed my eyes like I was frightened. Do you know what he did? He hugged me back. He turned off the DVD and replaced it into a love-story movie. I knew that he didn’t like those kinds of genres but he knew that I loved them.

“Why did you do that for me?” I questioned.

“It’s because I’m madly in-love with you.” He answered.

A tear fell in my eye. I was heart-felt.

“Is there something wrong? Why are you crying?” He was confused.

“I’m crying because I’m happy.” “Tears of Joy, right?” he answered directly.

“Yes.” I smiled. We toast our red-wine glasses. It was the best night of my life, so far.

One year later. He proposed to me while we were in a boat. It was so romantic that I was going to cry again. Of course, I said yes! We kissed and he put the ring in to my finger. We celebrated by having a picnic in the garden. Tomorrow, we will be heading to New York to do the wedding. I was going to Miss Paris, so I bought a photo album and asked my fiancé Josh to print the pictures so that we can let them show to our parents. But at that night, Josh asked me to hand over the scissors. It was on a room where we kept our junk. And the scissors was on the highest shelve. I cannot reach it so I found a little chair. I stepped on it and I still wasn’t able to reach it. But when I realized, the shelves weren’t strong enough. It moved and the small bucket filled with poisonous liquid spilled into my body and on my eye. Next thing I know, I was unconscious. All I heard was Josh running towards me. I didn’t see it. I heard it. I heard him crying and calling the ambulance. Next day, the doctor said to my parents who were visiting Paris for me. “Your daughter is blind.”

Josh was crying for the first time. “This is my entire fault.”

“All we can do is pray. But will she be all right?”

“Yes. She is still unconscious and to get her eyesight back is by someone donating his own eyes.” The doctor said.

“I’ll do it.” Josh said.

“But then you’ll be blind sir.” The doctor reminded him.

“I don’t care. Patricia has been so kind to me. She loved me and I loved her too.” Josh said from the bottom of his heart.

My parents said “What you’ve done is a good thing, young man.”

An hour later,

The surgery has begun. And how I know this why? My parent said this to me.

A week later,

I got my eyesight back and was happily to see my parents again but I was missing something. No wait, it was some-thing. It was some-one. Someone that I love,

“Where’s Josh, mom?” I asked.

“He’s gone back to his apartment. He doesn’t want to marry you anymore.”

I was crying “But why?”

“He said, you will never love him anymore because he’s a blind man.” My mom cried.

“You mean. He sacrificed his eyes for me?” I cried harder.

My parents nodded.

I saw Josh feeding the birds with his black shades and that wood—

I cannot say it. I touched him “Josh.”

“Patricia!” he tried to hug me. “You don’t love me, right?”

“Whatever happens to you, as long as you’re safe? I will always love you.” I cried again.

So our plane to New York happened and got married the next week after that.

We all lived happily ever after!

Just like a fairytale.


Note: I copied this idea from a music video called “Because I’m A Woman” from the band called “Kiss”. It is a Korean Music Video. All Credits Goes To Them.” I just made a little twist to the story.

© Copyright 2017 VioletHan2. All rights reserved.


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