Something that Doesn't Exist

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I often fantasise about things that don't exist. Especially that one thing called True Love.

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012



Can I ever catch a break?! Our exams may have finished but the problem of finding out your results are upon us. In all honesty, I hate getting exam results back for subjects that I either hate or am absolutely terrible at. Oh look at me. I'm at it again. Thinking about school and work.

I look around me and I suddenly realise the amount of students in the different year groups who are dating or crushing on someone. That second one I can kind of figure out just by looking at them. People don't realise just how obvious they are sometimes.

I can't say that I've been in a proper relationship before. I mean, I'm only young and I've got so many more years ahead of me to meet guys. But I've frequently fantasised about what it must be like to be with someone.Sometimes I see people holding hands, hugging each other, kissing each others' brains out or just even leaning their heads on their shoulders. It reminds me of that crush I had on that one guy. Well, the crush that I STILL have on that guy. Even to this day, I wonder about what it would be like to hold hands with him. To walk side by side at school or perhaps even have my first kiss with him.

I'm always questioning myself: What is True Love?

Is it that look in your eyes when you first meet each others' gaze? Is it the electricity shooting to your heart whenever you touch? Is it that vision of the future that flashes across your mind? Is that it? Or is it the soaring you feel when you kiss? I've always wondered how someone knows that they've met The One. For the most part, the response is: "It just feels right" or "I just know". But how can you distinguish between hormones, sexual attraction or actual Love? Movies can never properly or realistically show what True Love is. I mean, True Love can't be spending a few days together and then suddenly feeling something. Right? Or experiencing a life changing event together? Y'know in those movies (or books. Whichever you prefer) where the guy drives or catches a plane all the way to the other side of the country (or even planet) just so that they could tell someone that they love them or that they miss them and want them back in their lives.

Even if the whole idea is too good to be completely true, I still dream about catching that one person who will go to the other side of the world for me. That person who will shield me from explosions or dance with me in the moonlight. That ONE person, who can look at other girls with his eyes but keep me in his heart. I like to pretend that every guy I pass by, whether it be the shops or at school, is thinking about how beautiful I am, or how nice my smile is or how smart or how friendly I am. It sounds a bit desperate and maybe a little conceited but it's true. I know for a fact that guys don't think of me in that way but that doesn't stop me from imagining it. I know that I'll never properly know what True Love really is at my age. My hormones are way too crazy and the media really doesn't help with sorting everything out.

But, even though it is completely absurd and a little crazy, I still believe True Love could exist.

Maybe True Love is just that strong attraction towards someone you know really well. Or the person who saved you from a burning building or a robbery. Perhaps, it is the leftover piece of real magic left in our world. Like fairies or elves, True Love is the only thing left to connect us to magic.

Or maybe, like many other things, it just doesn't exist....

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