Strangers Again

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We'll just be like everyone else. We'll see each other on the street, and not even remember each other's names.
I think they have a word for that.

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Submitted: October 31, 2012



Another average day at school. I got up this morning and thought about what I had to do today. I had two exams coming up and I didn't particularly study for either of them. I should've been feeling worried or scared but I wasn't. My mind kept drifting to him...

I don't have a clue as to how, out of all the guys in this school that I have met, this one sticks to me the most! I met him almost 2 years ago at this competition for selected students. To put it simply, it was a competition for smart people. We were put into teams and he was with me and a bunch of other students. He just seemed like another guy from school. Another guy that I'd see around but never know the name of. I didn't even know he existed at this school until then! We did the competition and I had to admit, he was pretty decent. It really wasn't saying much considering the amount of people I had actually met from his year group (or lack thereof).

Anywho, we laughed and talked during the whole thing. With our other team mates and with each other. I remember talking to him at the end of the day. We were getting awards and the teacher who called me up pronounced my name wrong. I remember him teasing me a little about it. That little nickname stuck between us for a while.

Several days after, I was lining up for music class. Just minding my own business, I was bored out of my wits.  Everyone was chatting with their friends and I didn't have any in that class so I was making my own entertainment. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turn around. It was him, smiling and waving at me. I remember smiling and waving back as he walked away. I remember feeling the happiness and warmth inside me when he smiled. I was completely oblivious to it then. I wasn't thinking about guys at that time. But now that I think back to it; I don't think he's ever done that to me since then. There were more moments afterwards but I never took notice until early the following year.

I walked out of the library and just as I do, he and a friend walk in. I was surprised that he remembered me from the previous year so I was speechless for a second. He turns and smiles to me as I walk through the door, playfully greeting me with our "nickname". Stopping at the door, I turn back to him and say, jokingly of course, "That's not my name". He laughs and corrects himself and I remember saying "Much better" and walking out the doorway. Although it was small, it was probably the one moment that got me seeing him in a different light. Minutes later, I see them walk down from the library. He smiles a greeting. His friend looked back as they left and gave me a playful wave. I could tell he was messing with me so I jokingly waved back. I think back to it and realise that his friend may have thought there was something there. Between us. The months go by and I begin to think that he might feel the same way about me.

But that was over a year ago and things between us have changed. We are more awkward and we barely ever say hi to each other. It's only just a smile and a wave. I don't even remember the last conversation we had. To make me feel even worse, he likes another girl. I've seen them walking around the school with each other. Just the both of them. Seeing them killed me inside and I felt my heart break a little.

I knew that I was too late. My feelings don't mean anything to him anymore. He told everyone that he was leaving school at the end of this year. I heard it and my insides cried. This year was my last chance to be around him. I promised myself that I would make the most of it, that I would give him something to remember.

But I'm just going to end up like one of those people. We'll just be two people who used to know each other.

I'll be just another girl from a school you used to go to. You'll be a guy I see around but never remember the name of.

We won't even know each other exists.......

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