Love is not what it seems

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Allie is normal, her parents treat her as she's the most important girl in the world. Everyone would normally think that's great, wouldn't they? But there's got to be a reason. As Allie approaches her 16th birthday she'll have to face many changes. And a little bit of love along the way. But it's not all a happy ever after, there's a sharp twist along the way...

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



Chapter one- Allie

I stepped out of the gleaming, white limo and onto the suddenly blank pavement. In case you are thinking, no this isn't normal for me, my mum just had to make a fuss of my 16th birthday. More like embarrass me in front of the whole school, typical. I tried to jump quickly out with out getting noticed- but with my luck, i got spotted by Bella, my best friend but she is the maddest person i no- as well.
''Hi Allie, happy birthday!''
'' Bella, shhh everyone is beginning to stare!'' i shouted.
'' Oh come on its your 16th birthday, you no what that means!?''
''Right now Bella I'm not thinking about sex, i haven't even got a boyfriend for crying out loud!''
''No problem you are going to ask Daniel out and today!''
'' Right, whatever, if you will leave me alone- anyway its not like I'm going to have it with him straight away anyway!''
''I- the bell went just before she had a chance to say anything.Daniel is the boy i have had my eye on since primary, i no its silly, i should really give up. But who says i don't have a chance? I mean its not like I'm so ugly you can't look at me and my friends like me. Its just the nerves. When ever i look at him i go weak at the knees!
''Alexandra Cartwright, stand up'' yelled the teacher. I hadn't noticed I'd been day dreaming all that time- oh no not a detention on my birthday! And he said my full name!
' I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!' That was so unexpected! I thought for a minute I'd be in detention.

''Go on you can do it Allie.'' Bella shouted from the other side of the playground as i was just about to approach Daniel. ''Um..err Daniel i was wondering- ''Oh happy birthday Allie, have you had a good day so far?' said Daniel. Wow i can't believe he remembered my name! And he actually talked to me! I hadn't realised I'd been standing there for a while. ''Um... yea great thanks, i actually really wanted to talk to you.''
''Okay.'' he mumbled
''Well, this is really hard for me and don't blame me if i mess this up, the thing is.. well.. i have liked you for nearly 5 years and i was wondering if maybe.....- sometime you wanna go out with me?'' Wow I'd done it! I just had to get the answer now, maybe i said that too fast- oh shut up brain!
''Sure.. okay- wow i thought you were never going to ask me, what about we go and see a movie? Tonight, your treat. As its your birthday.''
''Yea, I'd love to, thanks- well i gotta go- see you tonight.''
'' I'll pick you up at 5 okay?''
''Okay, bye.''
He waved at me until i reached Bella, i can't believe he said yes and the mad thing was he said that he thought i was never going to ask him!
''Well, how did it go?'' said Bella, full of excitement.
''He said yes and that he thought i was never going to ask him! We are going to see a movie tonight!''
''Wow, I'm so happy for you Allie!''
The rest of the day passed in a blur and before i knew it i was catching the bus home. The bus stopped at my house and i hopped of and waved to Bella, i could see she was mouthing good luck and had her fingers sticking up in the sign of a phone. Of course she wanted me to call her as soon after the date was finished. I rushed in side the door and of course mum was waiting for me- waiting to quiz me on the day, as usual.
''So, how was your day honey?''
''Um.. okay and oh yea i am going out with Allie tonight and yea  i will be back by midnight.'' I decided i didn't want to tell her about Daniel- not tonight.
''Okay, have a good time won't you- and be careful.''
''Yes mum.'' I mumbled.

Chapter 2- Daniel

I stepped out of the hot shower and into my bedroom. This had to be the best day of my life, I mean Allie, Allie actually asked me out. I wished she knew how i felt about her. There's something about her that makes her so beautiful from the rest of the girls... I decided to put on a crisp white shirt and after shaving and spraying on deodorant i was ready; but damn i was nervous. I walked round to her house- she was only a few houses away.
I rung the door bell and the door quickly snapped open and the most beautiful girl in the world was standing in front of me. Damn she was hot. She was wearing a blue, v neck clingy top with her beautiful, wavy hair hanging round her face. Her silver earrings cached the light as she moved.
''Hey you don't no how amazing you look.''
''Thanks, so we are going on the bus right?'
''Yes, we better get going, the bus will be here soon.''
She rushed out to grab a jacket and was back with me in a flash. We walked along to the bus stop casually talking about the normal stuff, school, homework.
The bus turned up and we both grabbed a two seater at the back.
''So... what movie would you like to see tonight birthday girl?'' I could see the corners of her mouth move up and she forced an amazing smile that sent lightning through my body.
''Erm.. i would like to see that movie ... er..New Moon, is it?''
''Okay cool, vampire girl.''
We both laughed at my dodgy joke just as the bus pulled up outside Cineworld.
I took her hand in mine as we walked into the entrance.  I gave her some money to get me a coke and what ever she wanted- while i got the tickets. This is going to be a bit difficult- was it me or was this film like Twilight and romantic? Never mind she seems pretty keen- in a good way. I returned to see her with two huge bags of pop corn and two cokes.
''Wow you hungry?''she just laughed and gave me the most amazing smile i had ever seen. By the time we got there, the movie had started so we hurried up to the back of the room.

Chapter 3- Allie

This is the most amazing night of my life! I am sitting in he cinema watching New Moon! With the guy i have liked since- forever! And he has his arm lightly wound around my waist. I've got to be dreaming... I had started to cry when the bit came when Edward leaves Bella- so Daniel lightly touches my cheek and wipes the tears away with his perfect hand, and pulled me onto his lap into a tight hug.
''Its okay.'' His perfectly velvet voice murmured into my ear.  Wow that was so unexpected! It felt so right, like we had been meant for each other, all this time. There was so much to tell him and yet i couldn't force my mouth open to say it.

Chapter 4- Daniel

I was wondering if i should take her to eat somewhere when suddenly the credits feel onto the screen.
''Did you enjoy that as much as i did?''
''You have no idea how much that meant to me, its like a dream, you know?'' the words were so perfect and her voice was like pure gold.
''Yea, I no  it felt right, like we are meant for each other and all this time i haven't even thought abut it.''
There was silence for a minute and we both knew what was coming, in her eyes i could see she was just as eager as me. We both tilted our heads towards each other and leaned in. Her lips were so soft, so luxuriant as they brushed against mine. It was light, but she gradually moved her arms up and round my neck and i knew this was something more. I pulled my arms lightly round her waist and i felt her tounge dart around in my mouth-  I did the same and pulled away and murmured in her ear, 'I love you Allie, that was the most amazing moment of my life.''
''I love you too, Daniel, so much.'' she said, perfectly. 
''Maybe we better get out of here though, do you want to go to my house,''
''Yea and  your right i completely forgot we were standing here in the middle of the cinema.''
''Okay then baby.'' I simply said as i took her hand in mine and we walked casually out of the cinema.

We let our selves into my house and i took her upstairs to my room.  I could see the anxiety in her eyes, and new what she was thinking.
''Don't worry, my parents are out on an Anniversary thing.'' i mumbled.''
''It's like you read my mind.'' she said simply. We both sat on my bed and began to talk. ''You no what Daniel, this birthday has been the best ever!''''I no exactly how you feel, in the cinema, that felt completely amazing and i will never forget it, you are the best thing that's happened to me Allie- I love you like the world.''
''Did you no, I've liked you since primary and never had the guts to tell you how i feel, right now it feels the most natural thing in the world.'' She was lying on my bed, on her back and her boobs were sticking up in the air. My body was throbbing and i just wanted to touch them, one day i thought to myself. She caught me starring and she looked up with a questioning look on her face. ''What Daniel?''
''I'm just admiring your beautiful body.'' She grinned and lent over to me and we kissed, which sent my body on fire. This moment is so perfect, so right. Gradually she got fiercer, she kissed me like it was the end of the world. I gently pulled away and begun to kiss her lightly down her jaw. She moaned quietly, that was unexpected. Little jolts of pleasure flashed trough my body. Allie giggled and i stopped to look up at her. ''What?'' I asked questioningly.
She was staring at my erection. ''Doesn't that show you how much i like you?'' That was all i could think of to say, what  were you meant to say to something like that?''Sure, but i knew that already.''

Chapter 5- Allie

I couldn't help my self, i tried to bite my cheeks to stop myself from laughing- but it didn't work!  It was 10.09pm. ''I better go home, my family probably want to see me.''
''Awww, i was enjoying myself there.'' he moaned.
''Its Saturday tomorrow, isn't it?'' i asked hopefully.
''Sure is, hey how about i take you out to dinner in the evening...?''
''And I have you over my house in the morning?''
''Seems about right to me.'' chuckled Daniel. ''Can i have a good night kiss, before you go.'' There was no need to answer i launched myself onto him and completely threw myself into the kiss. That took him by surprise and i could tell he liked it as well. I swear i heard him chuckle to himself, just a little. I nibbled his lip just as he slid his tounge into my mouth. It felt so damn good and i didn't want to stop- i had to otherwise i would be unconscious and lying in front of Daniel on the floor. I pulled away and inhaled a deep breath of air.
''Daniel, i have to go.'' I whispered.
''Okay.'' He got up and grabbed his jacket.
''What are you doing?''
''Walking you home.''
''Daniel i live just a few houses away from you.''
''I'm still walking you home.''

A few minutes past and we arrived at my house. I turned round to give him a peck on the cheek but he changed it into a kiss. which took me by surprise. ''Bye, see you tomorrow.''
''Bye sweetie..''
He blew kisses at me until i could no longer see him., and he walked away. I so wasn't prepared to talk to Mum, i mean who would when you had just been out on a date like that? With my mind full of Daniel i didn't realise mum was talking to me.
''Sorry mum, what was that?''
''Did you have a good time honey, what did you do?''
''Oh yea me and Bella went to the Cinema and saw that movie i have been wanting to see for ages, you no that one called New Moon.''
''Oh yes that mad film about vampires.'' she said. I decided i had to tell her about Daniel because he was coming over in the morning.
''Oh yea mum i forgot to ask, is it al right if i have someone over tomorrow?''
''Of course, who is it.''
''Um well he's a boy, called Daniel i met him today..''
''Wow Allie you have finally taken an interest in boys.'' she has no idea i thought to myself.
''Is that a yes, then?''
''Yes, but just be careful, just because your 16-
''Mum would you stop! I've already had that from Allie, and i certainly don't need a sex talk on my birthday!'' I marched out of the room and practically ran up the stairs.

Chapter 6- Daniel

I really can't believe i have such a beautiful girlfriend. She is seriously the one. The problem is i wish i had more money! I don't get in my friend Sam has bucket loads! I can't wait  until tomorrow, i will have to quickly get her some flowers or something before i go.
I nipped out into the cold morning air and down to the market, i couldn't help but over hear two men. ''So you going down the field tonight?''
''What to deliver the parcels?'' I couldn't hear anything more because the men had wandered off. ''Hi can i have one, large bunch of red roses please?''I had done my homework, roses where the most romantic flowers- but not cheap! I handed over £10 and said to keep the change, i couldn't be bothered with money at the moment.

Chapter 7- Allie

I quickly jumped out of the bath and shoved on a red lacy blouse and jeans. I hope i looked okay. Bella was so excited when i phoned her last night- honestly she's such a gossip. She would win a prise for the biggest mouth! The door bell ding- donged and made me shudder. Oh no mum is probably going to answer it oh i hope she doesn't fuss. I raced down the stairs to see the most gorgeous boy standing in front of me with an immense bunch of flowers, ruby red.''Hi, um do you want to come up stairs?'' That was all i could think of to say, i would of kissed him but mum was in the kitchen having a coffee.

When we both were in my bedroom and sitting on my bed, i was the one to start the conversation. ''Sorry about that i would of kissed you if my mum wasn't there.''
''That's okay, that's what now is for.'' he murmerd. He leaned in casually and his lips met mine. It was gentle, but nice. As our lips moved together i only just realised he was still holding the roses. I stopped suddenly and his head snapped up. ''Um.. Daniel why have you got an enormous bunch of roses?''
''For you, the most beautiful girl in the world.'' I felt the heat come to my face and was speechless. ''Those cheeks of yours give it all away, don't they?''
''Yes, that's the bad thing!'' I took the roses and kissed him lightly on the lips, that said everything- better than words. I carried the roses across the room and put them in a vase, and filled them with water.

Chapter 8- Daniel

The kiss said everything, better than any amount of words. It was so passionate and lovely. I am glad that i got the roses- she seems to love them. She looked so good, my body was in pain but i knew that it had to wait, we have only been going out for a couple of days.
''I have never met anyone as beautiful as you, you no?''
''No i don't no.'' she said
''But you do now, i hope.''
She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into another kiss. It was much fiercer and eager. As she wound her arms around her i was pulling her close to my body. She was eager. But that, was a good thing. I finally pulled away, abashed and out of breath.
''Your in a very... kissy mood today.'' i murmured.
''I've missed you, i can stop if you'd rather?''
''No!'' I said a little too fiercely. She laughed and through her head back with her dark, brown hair flying in the air- this was agony. Changing the subject i said, ''So where do you fancy going to dinner tonight then.?''
''Urm i don't no actually, where would you like to go?''
''Well...we could treat ourselves and go to that totally, romantic new American dinner in town, what do you say?''
''That would be great, wow you like pizza?'' It was such a random question i had to laugh. ''Yea, i do.'' ''I got to get back home, i have got some homework to do, I'll see you tonight, okay?''
''Aww, okay.'' she said pitifully. I went over to kiss her and she responded in a new way and slid her hands up my shirt, which sent an electric shock through my body. She paused, ''Wow, you have abs?''
''I was trying to keep that one a secret!'' I said.  She laughed and continued kissing me intently. I nibbled her lower lip and eventually i pulled away, out of breath, Again.''Well I'm going now, I'll see you tonight okay- around 5?''
''Okay, sure?'' She gave me a quick peck and i walked out of the house and went home.

Chapter 9-Allie

Wow, this had been an amazing two days, better than I'd ever imagined. I only just remembered my job at the local store. I had completely forgot! I raced downstairs to find Mum was out. I quickly scribbled a quick note to explain where i had gone.

Mum, I've gone out to work, i completely forgot!
I must have been distracted by Daniel! I hope
you didn't say anything stupid. I won't be back
for dinner, going out with Daniel.
Allie x x x

I quickly grabbed a jacket and my mobile, i would have to ring Daniel and tell him to pick me up from work. I raced out of the door and down the high street and eventually arrived outside Tiffany's. My shift ended at 5 and i hadn't bought any lunch- i would have to skip it and have loads for dinner!
''Hello Mr. Barnes, sorry if I'm late!'' I shouted.
''Hello Allie, don't worry, your not late your bibs under the counter honey!'' I grabbed the horrible yellow colour bib and shoved it over my head. I went and stood behind the counter and waited for a customer.
At my lunch break i decided to call Daniel. The phone was answered on the first ring. ''Hello?'' Daniel said.
''Hey its me, can you pick my up at Tiffany's- it's just that i forgot my work shift.''
''Sure, every minute is hell right now, without you.'' He said.
''I know, it's the same for me, well i better get of the phone,.'' I said.''Okay, bye sweetie.''

The next few hours passed very slowly, but eventually Mr.Barnes told me to put away my bib and gave me my wages. I walked outside and waited for Daniel. Before i had time to think he was at my side in seconds. he greeted me with a kiss which seemed to last an age. His lips were soft and i could feel a light stubble. Are lips moved in rhythm but i had to break away when i was out of breath. ''Hello, very eager today aren't we?''
''Yes we are, after all you can't have too much kissing in one day can you?'' He chuckled and took  my hand in his as we strolled along the High street.
I kept meeting his gaze every now and again and he would always smile, he didn't ever stop smiling!

Chapter 10- Daniel

I have always imagined this, strolling along with Allie's hand in mine- seems like a dream.. We arrived outside the restaurant and we were lucky and it didn't seem like there were too many people in. ''Come on lets get a table at the back.'' I whispered. We went along to the corner of the restaurant and picked a table next to a fireplace. I pulled the chair out for Allie and she just giggled. ''Such a gentlemen!'' she said. I took her coat and hung it up with mine.' 'Nice and cosy isn't it?'' I asked.
''Yes, we are finally alone, no parents!'' she giggled.
''Without your mum fussing around!''
''Oh she didn't, did she?''
''Your face, no she was not that bad!'' I teased.
''Anyway, i was thinking we should by a large special and we should share, don't you think that would be soooo romantic?'' Anyone could notice the sarcasm in my voice.
''Okay what ever you say, your paying after all!''
''Since when?''
''Not really, your face! Sweet revenge!'' It was so typically childish i had to laugh. ''Waiter, waiter!'' I shouted. Allie looked stunned and the waiter looked very unimpressed.''Could we have the large special and two cokes please?''''Yes, we will get that as soon as possible!'' Me and Allie had to bite our cheeks from laughing. There was something about him, that made everyone laugh at him- i hadn't worked out what though! I leaned over to kiss Allie but one of the staff said,''Excuse me you are not allowed contact in this restaurant!''
''I'm sorry about that Allie, how ridiculous is that?''
''I know, it was hard enough this afternoon, without you- we will just have to make up for it when we go home!''  I raised my eye brows and surpresed a grin.
''Honestly can you get any funnier?'' Said Allie. ''Probably not!'' I replied.

We had to wait at least an hour for the food to arrive but that was no problem for me and Allie, we had plenty to talk about.  ''One giant pizza special for two!'' Called the waiter. ''Thank you!'' I said cheekily trying to piss the guy of. Allie clearly noticed and had to try not to burst out laughing.
''You really shouldn't do that- you might get us chucked out!''
''As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter where i am!''
''I would kiss you... but as we are not allowed, i can't!''
''Just eat the damn pizza!'' I said. We both laughed at my attempt at being angry- it obviously didn't work. Half an hour passed and Allie's jaw fell open at how much i could eat. ''What, I'm a growing boy!''
''Growing is the right word!''
''Well, you can't eat it you gave up after 5 slices!''
''This kissing thing is really getting to me, i just want to kiss you!''
''Save that for latter my friend!''

We had finished eating and were walking back to my house. My hand was in hers and i was swinging it up and down. She stopped abruptly and she leaned up on her tip toes and kissed me so passionately it was just amazing. I kissed her back and pulled her close, she got fiercer and she was eagerly chewing away my jaw- well that's what it felt like. We had figured out how to kiss each other for longer, we would occasionally 'open mouth kiss' as Allie calls it and catch our breath. We did just that then and Allies hands were in my hair and it was the most brilliant feeling ever. I stopped and kissed her lightly down her jaw and stopped at her ear and whispered, ''Nice boobs!'' I knew that would perk her up. ''You are the most amusing boy ever, but that's a good thing- trust me, I still haven't got the thing about boys and boobs, what's so fascinating about them? There just big and get in the way and they wobble when you run?'' I found that highly amusing and couldn't help but laugh.
''Yes but, we don't have to worry about that, because we can just feel them and... touch them- by the way Allie, did you notice we are in the middle of the street talking about boobs- how mad is that?''
''Very, come on lets get to your house.'' She said.

Chapter 11- Allie

I was lying on Daniels bed, Daniel was looking up at me- a twinkle in his bronze eyes. ''Want something?'' I mumbled.
''You know, this is very hard for me!''
''What?'' I asked.
''Just standing here staring at them!''
''What do you want to do with them, then?''
''Should i really tell you that?'' He replied.
''It can't be that bad.'' I said.
''Can i... well feel them?'' Daniel asked.
''Honestly i don't no why your so curious, but yes if you have to.''
I said.''I don't want to make you unhappy Allie.'' he mumbled.
''You won't be, if your happy, I'm happy.'' I said. He shot me a heart stopping smile that made my heart stop, standing in front of me was my own, personal, miracle. I fumbled with the straps of my bra, after all it would be easier with the thing off- Daniel found this highly amusing. After i finally got it off and shoved it under the bed he looked at me and said, ''Are you ready?''
''Yes.'' I replied. Who knows? This might feel... quite nice and relaxing?
  I closed my eyes and Daniel slowly pulled his arm up my shirt.

Chapter 12- Daniel

This was obviously, highly comforting to Allie- every now and again she would groan which sent tiny bolts of lightning through my body. They felt luxurious, so soft and warm under my cupped  hand. I didn't want to stop touching them- but i knew i had to, in the end. I slipped my arm out from underneath her shirt and let her relax a little.  ''Happy now?'' she asked.
''Very.'' I replied. She sighed gently.
''This actually feels so amazing, i would never of thought I'd be lying on your bed with you feeling my boobs!'' she laughed, very thrilling.
''Neither did i, but it does feel right though, I am busy tomorrow so.. i won't be able to see you until school- I'm sure going to miss you, even if it's just for one day!'' I chuckled.
''Yea, well we have nearly spent to whole days together and Bella will want to no everything!''
''Are you going to tell her then?'' I asked.
''Mabey not this part, she might be a bit jealous- she's jealous of my because I'm 16 before her as well.''
''Hmmm.'' I mumbled, i didn't want to get on to that subject- not today.  ''How about i walk you home?''
''Sounds perfect to me.'' She said.
I gave her a quick goodbye peck on the cheek and she kissed me back.

Chapter 13- Allie

I had just got back from Daniels house and Mum was waiting to quiz me again! ''Hello darling did you have a good time?'' She has no idea...
''Oh Bella called while you were out and asked if you could ring her back when you got in.''
I sighed. ''Okay, thanks for telling me- I'll go and do it now.''
I ran up the stairs and dialled the number of Bella's home phone.
''Hello?'' Few it was Bella who answered.
''Hey Bella, Its me- apparently you rung?''
''Oh hey Allie yeah i did, I guess you were with Daniel?'' She asked.
''Yea you guessed right!'' I said.
''Honestly what do you two do, don't you run out of things to talk about?''
''No, today he took me out for dinner and we mainly just talk and kiss and stuff.'' I said.
''Wow i only just realised it's November 27th,  it isn't long until Christmas!''
''Oh yea, i wonder what i should get Daniel?''
''Just give him your body- I'm sure he would love that!''
''Oh shut up Bella- your just jealous!'' I teased.
''Okay okay but I am not jealous, look i got to go and do that History homework so i guess I'll see you tomorrow then?''
''Umm.. okay yea- I'll see you tomorrow- bye!''
''Bye Allie.'' Said Bella. I put the phone back down and went to the bathroom.

Chapter 14- Daniel

I don't believe how much me and Allie seem attracted to each other, we just somehow click together! My parents and sister are out so i decide to crash out and have an early night, tomorrow i was going to see my best mate Lucas- that would be fun!
I woke up to the town covered in a thick, white blanket.  I love snow and i wish we could get it more often. I raced downstairs and put two pop tarts in the toaster. I was waiting on the side when my sister Samantha (sam) came in, she was 18 and two years older than me. She had a different boyfriend every week nearly! ''Come to annoy me, have you?'' I asked.
''No, by the way about your new girlfriend, have you shagged her yet?'' She asked.
''Shut up bitch, you would do that kind of thing anyway, the amount of guys you snatch up every week.''
''Better than none, what this is your maybe, 3rd girlfriend?''
''At least i manage to keep them longer than you!'' I snapped. Neither of us could reply because the sound of the toaster popping made us both jump.''Want one?'' I asked changing the subject. Before she could answer she snapped one out of the toaster and ran off upstairs. After I had eaten my breakfast i quickly showered, i sighed at the sight of my armpits- hair seems to be growing so fast! I got changed,  grabbed a coat and trudged downstairs. I walked down to the old football pitch. Trudging through the snow. Lucas was already there, wearing his posh- notch clothes, I have no idea how he affords it after all he only helps deliver parcels! ''Hey Lucas!'' I shouted.
''Hey man, I haven't seen you in ages after you got that new girlfriend of yours- how it going huh?''
''Brilliant, yea.'' I said, and i actually meant it.
''I always liked Allie, but i suppose you'd probably hit me if i even got near her!'' We both laughed at what he said and smiled.
'' Yea i would beat the crap out of you!'' I said.
''She is really fit though- have you seen the size of those boobs?'' I laughed and i so wanted to tell him what i did.
''Yea i know, in fact-''
''What have you done it?'' Lucas interupted.
''Well, no not exactly.'' I replied.
''What's that supposed to mean?''
''Promise you won't tell any other of your stupid mates?'' I asked.
''Yea of course- mate.''
'Well, the other night i touched them, her boobs i mean.'' I had to think long and hard about telling Lucas, but i felt i could trust him- hopefully he wouldn't blab.''Wow really, what did they feel like?''
''They felt so soft and warm, I had a real big erection after that though!'' I laughed.
''I bet she liked that!'' Said Lucas.
''Nah, she's not like that.''
''You've been doing all right then, by the size of that watch, it must of cost you a fortune- where did you get that kind of money?''
''I work, I get payed- simple!'' Said Lucas.
''But you must work like, everyday to get that kinda money!''
''No, only when my boss needs me i get payed about £60 a day.''
''Your so lucky mate.'' I said.
''Yea, you should get a job.''
''I'll think about it, yea but i won't be able to leave Allie alone, for long anyway so i would go for a couple of days a week probably.''
''Okay well it was good talking to you mate, i gotta go.'' Lucas said and clipped me around shoulder and ran off in the direction of his house. I thought i would take a walk round town and see if any jobs were going.
After about half an hour, i stopped outside 'Jb's' a local diner that i sometimes went to. The advertisment read:

Waiter's wanted, Saturdays.
Over 16. See for more information at the front
desk of the restaurant.

Perfect,  i thought to myself. The place was not dodgy and I've been here before anyway. I walked into the restaurant and up to the front desk. ''Hello, i saw the advertisement in the front on the window and wondered if i could apply for it?''
''Yes certainly, are you 16 or over?'' Asked the waitress.
''Yes, i am.'' I replied.
''Okay start here next week and we will sort you out. Can i please take your name please?''
''Urmm yes I'm Daniel, Daniel Cartwright.'' I said.
''Well okay, we will hopefully see you next week then?'' Said the Waitress.
''Yes okay then, bye.'' I said.
I walked out of the restaurant feeling very pleased. Finally I've got a job, hopefully it will bring me in a bit more money. So i can buy Allie a great present for Christmas.

Chapter 15- Allie

After i had eaten dinner, which was not a great success because Dad was quizzing me on Daniel. You know what Dads are like- they want to make sure your boyfriend is not a murderer, rapist. Stupid really, oh well it's done now. I washed and put my night clothes on. It was time to get some sleep, i wonder what Daniel is thinking now.
The alarm bell for school shrieked through my room. I woke up with a start and threw on my school blazer and skirt. My uniform was horrible, but at least all the girls wore the same. I shoved a slice of toast down me and threw my bag over my shoulder. ''Bye.'' I shouted and it echoed all around the house. I slammed the door and to my surprise Daniels arms wound round me.''Oh my god, don't do that you scared the hell out of me then!''
''Nice to see you too.'' Said Daniel.
 I turned to kiss him and he kissed me back, it was so nice just to kiss him again, i knew it was ridiculous it was only a few days ago since I'd seen him. I broke away and said, ''Come on i don't want to be late for school.''
''Okay sweetie, can i at least hold your hand?'' he asked.
''Of course you can.'' I replied.
''So how was your weekend.'' Daniel asked.
''Not so good, only the times when you weren't with me.''
''It was the same for me, oh I've got to tell you, I have got a job as as waiter at 'Jb's in town, we won't be able to spend Saturdays but we can spend all Sunday together!'' 
 I giggled and replied, ''You, as a waiter, i can just imagine you in a little tucksedo with your hair in a comb- over!''
He chuckled as well and replied, ''I know, but its the money really, anyway you could come into 'Jb's and see me!''
''Yea that's a good point actually, but i won't be able to be in there all day- I'll visit you in your breaks!''
''You better!'' Said Daniel.

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