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A detective story task written in English class last year, about a girl named Sharon and a boy named Jack. (There is a script version of it as well, since we also had to perform it as a drama.)

Submitted: October 18, 2015

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Submitted: October 18, 2015





A cubic room. Grey walls. Area approximately 25 metres squared. A mirror, and a shelf with two bottles of mineral water.

Sharon Vessalius. Age 16. That is me, what you call a protagonist in stories. As I wake up, I see two things, which struck my mind. A camera at one corner of the ceiling, and a speaker at another. I look around the room a little bit more. The area smells of rose perfume, a very strong one selling in Sephora. The shelf with the bottle of water, is not built strong. If you put slightly more weight to it, the shelf would probably fall, resulting to crack some parts of the grey wall. As I tap on the walls, I can feel the emptiness and the fragileness of the block. I am certain that one punch of mine would be enough to create a hole in the grey surface, but I decide not to, because you never know what’s beyond it. It might seem weird to be this calm when I am trapped in a room and I see no exit ways. But I’ve been trained by my gone father to keep calm wherever I am, no matter what the situation is. His words repeat in my head. ‘Keep calm. Concentrate. Don’t panic. Focus. Think.’


I can hear glitches coming from the speaker. Slowly, a voice comes out.

“Aaa.. Aaa.. Test.. Test.. 1,2,3..” The voice is changed with a voice changing machine. The voice is not pleasant to hear. The pitch is high, rather than low, but it’s not so clear. It sounds like a teenage boy with a breaking voice. I face towards the camera. The unpleasant voice continues to talk.

“Sharon Vessalius. 16 years old. Rainsworth International School, grade 11. Currently got dumped by her ex boyfriend, Xi Yang, after being said, ‘I prefer Asians better. I’m sorry.’ Good grades, rather pretty, good at sports, especially talented at piano, but has no friends. She has no friends, from she doesn’t smile. Emotionless. Blank face, boring, creepy, psychopath.” I stare at the camera not moving an inch. I wonder where on earth this creepy voice dude gets all this information from, but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t care what others say or think about myself. I’m always alone, and I’ll always be.

“I appreciate you, Mr. Weird-Voice for introducing me. Now will you tell me about yourself?” I ask. There is a moment of silence, then Mr. Weird-Voice dude starts laughing. At first it’s a quiet giggle, but then gradually turns into a boisterous laughter.

“Me? Are you asking about me?” says Mr. Weird-Voice. I nod towards the camera. “Do you really think a kidnapper would introduce itself so easily?” I stay silent without blinking at all. “Very well. I don’t quite, cherish the name you call me by. Call me Raven. Raven Nightray.”

Raven Nightray, I repeat to myself. I remember the name from somewhere in my memory, but I can’t quite get the memory out. I try to think back exactly when, where and how I was brought in this room. I close my eyes and rewind my brain.


March 18 Sunday, 10:49 a.m. I am standing by a statue. Checking  my watch very frequently, I look around like I am waiting for somebody. I receive a message on my phone. I take out my iPhone from my handbag I got for my 16th birthday present. The message is from Xi. I open the message app and read Xi’s text. ‘Can we break up? I realized I liked Asians better. And btw, u can go home now. Ure probably still waiting for me right? Give up. I don’t like you anymore. U freak me out, like waiting for me for 50 mins? That’s just creepy. Bye! Have fun going home!’ I turn off my smartphone and put it back in my bag. I start heading back to my house.

11:13 a.m. As I walk down the street, I start seeing less and less people. Suddenly, a handkerchief appears in front of my face and blocks my nose and mouth. A person from behind holds both my arms from behind. I bring my head up and try to see the person’s face. It’s a guy. I see a streak of pure blond hair and eyes, one red, and one blue. I kick him in the shin as hard as I can but the man doesn’t let me go. The handkerchief smells like bromides. I start to lose focus, and get dizzy. I slowly kneel to the ground, and fall.


I open my eyes. I am in the same grey room. I can clearly picture the place I was kidnapped.

“You know how you kicked me in the shin? That hurt so much. Now I have a bruise on my beautiful leg. You’ll pay me for this you know, Sharon.” giggles Raven. Raven Nightray. Blonde hair. One eye, blue as the ocean, and one, red as blood.

“Raven Nightray. What do you intend to do? What is your purpose? What do you want from me?” I ask to the camera. Nightray giggles again.

“Nothing much, dear Ms. Sharon. I just want you and him to solve a mystery. Of course, you will get a reward of some kind. If only you do as I say.” I can imagine the nasty kidnapper with a huge grin, behind the speaker, observing my emotionless self, and standing in the room like a mannequin.

“Raven Nightray. Who do you call ‘him’. Who is ‘him’. What do I have to do with ‘him’?” I ask. There is another moment of silence until the kidnapper starts talking again.

“Will you please stop saying my full name each time you talk to me? Just call me Raven.” I nod. “Very well, glad you understood.” says the kidnapper in an annoyed tone. “‘Him’ is a boy you know very well Sharon. Same age, same school, same class. Each other’s mothers were friends so you know each other since you were born. I see that you guys were pretty close to each other.” One side of the wall starts to vibrate. The wall starts to fall down slowly, showing a layer of glass with several holes in it. As the grey wall drops down completely, Raven starts talking once again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. I have invited you to be my detectives to solve a specific mystery. Sharon Vessalius, Jack Rainsworth. Please work together and be my knights. Your time limit is 12 hours. Or I might as well have you both dead in a pool of blood. Adios! I wish you all good luck!” The speaker glitches and Raven’s voice is now gone.


I turn around to the glass wall. I hear a boy screaming out my name.

“Sharon! Sharon!” I see Jack pushing against the glass, trying to reach me. He puts his arm through one of the hole and spreads his fingers wide. “Sharon! I’m glad you’re safe. If anything had happened to you…” Fa-thud. Jack falls on  the floor with his eyes closed. I sit leaning on the glass surface waiting for Jack to open his eyes again.

Jack Rainsworth. The son of the headmistress of Rainsworth International School. He lives in a gigantic mansion. I went there couple of times when I was little. Pure Blond like Raven. Green eyes like emeralds. They suck you into him. He is 6 months and 2 days older than me. When we were little, we would play at his mansion almost every single day, and our mothers would chat while having a cup of tea. Unlike me, Jack has a wide range of emotions, and his thoughts and feelings always appear to his face. He would always act as my older brother, promising me that he would always protect me. I look at Jack’s face, and pat him in the head. Although he acts like an older brother, when he sleeps, he only looks like a baby.


Jack sits up and opens his eyes.

“Good morning Jack.” I say, as I try my best to smile. Jack suddenly bursts out into a laughter and I can see tears in his eyes. “How can you laugh and cry at the same time?” I ask.

“Probably because you’re here. You’re here with me and I’m going to protect you.” I blush to Jack’s words.

Suddenly the ground starts to shake like an earthquake. Both Jack and I hold the glass wall from the holes to stand still. The grey wall of my cubic room, starts tearing apart and one by one, water starts spilling out from the holes made in the walls. The water level is already by our ankle. ‘Think, think, think, think, think!’ I repeat to myself.

“Sharon. We can get out from here!” Shouts Jack pointing at a vent hole. We start to see hope, but the glass wall does not seem to disappear. The water is already by our knees. I look for something, which can maybe break the glass. I see a metal bat in Jack’s side of the room, but Jack is busy trying to open the vent hole.

“Jack!” I shout. “Hand me the bat!” It is unusual for me to shout, so I start to blush. Jack passes me the bat through one of the holes in the wall without a word. Instead he looks at me and smiles. I start hitting the glass as hard as I can. Slowly, cracks form in the glass walls. I bat the wall even harder. The water level rises up to my neck. On my last swing, the wall shatters to pieces and start to sink slowly in the water. By now, I am floating and if I reach down to the floor, my whole head would be under the water. I drop the bat, and swim towards Jack, who had been waiting for me. I whisper softly to Jack.

“Thank you.” Jack grins and shouts,

“Here we go!” Then we take a deep breath and dive into the water to the vent hole.


As we exit from the vent hole, we see a wide grey wall made out of cement, with a big red writing.


I can hear a phone ring, coming from Jack’s pocket. Jack reaches into his back pocket of his jeans and take out his smartphone. I peek over Jack’s shoulder and see an unfamiliar phone number. He accepts the call and sets it to speaker.

“Well, well, well.” The voice of Raven Nightray. “How nice to see both of my knights living after the flooding. Now all my stuff are wet down there you know.” Raven laughs. “Here is your first clue, my detectives…” The phone call ends. Jack and I both look at each other.

“So this is our first step to solving the mystery.” murmurs Jack.

“It looks like an address.” I  say.

“Avenue Rainsworth.” whispers Jack. “Avenue Rainsworth, 18th building, 14th district.”

“Our family used to own a jewellry store. Although that was several decades ago.” says Jack. “Let’s first go there, and then we’ll talk.” I nod.


We walk in silence. Jack is at least 10 metres away from me, and keeps on going forward. I walk behind him watching his back. Suddenly, Jack stops in front of an old rotten building. The shutter is down, and I can see spider webs attached to it.

“Here we are.” Jack says. I follow after Jack as he enters the antique architectured mansion. Near the room, there is a crooked board, written ‘Rainsworth Jewelry’.

“26 years ago, so 10 years before we were born, there was a robbery attack. The shop ended up closing that year’s winter. 10 workers were shot, and 2 of them were my grandmother and my grandfather.” Jack looks down as he talks. His fists tighten, and all I can do is stand there and watch him. Suddenly, Jack looks up with a big smile and talks to me.

“Well, that’s all I’ve heard. I don’t know what’s in here and what this has to do with any of the mystery Nightray is making us solve. Let’s just head back, should we?” Jack exits, but I stay there standing still. He pulls my arm so that I will go out, but I don’t move.

“Can you hear that?” I say.

“What? What do you hear?”

“ A ticking sound. Like a bomb about to explode.” I say.

“A bomb?! We have to run. We’re going now!” Jack shouts. This time he pulls me harder than before. As soon as we exit, I can feel warmth behind my back. Before I can look back, a gigantic explosion pushes my back, and Jack and I fly off to the other side of the street with flames chasing us. The glass windows shatter and falls like rain. The old walls break into pieces and I can hear loud thumps of the thick cement hitting the ground. The flames does not reach us by now, but I still feel the warmth of fire. The people walking casually on the street, starts to panic and scream. I sit up and see the result of the explosion. My eyes widen reflecting the red flare. I turn to Jack who slowly releases my arm. I lose my voice of shockness. Jack is lying down, with blood flowing down his forehead with his eyes shut. I check if he still has his breath. A phone rings. The sound comes from Jack’s pocket. I take the phone call.

“Hello?” I ask.

“Oh hello. I see, is Jack currently unavailable?” It’s Raven Nightray’s voice. “Very well then, hello Sharon. How was the beautiful explosion of the jewelry store? I’m pretty disappointed that you couldn’t find the second clue in that burnt mansion. However, I am an incredibly generous person, so I shall tell you the hint through this phone. ‘5 men bring...’”

“Wait!” I interrupt. “Just wait.” I take out my notebook and pen, which I carry every day, everywhere I go. “Continue.”

“Fine.” says Raven. “‘5 men bring out a sack of light never found in a time of 26 years.’ Should I repeat it? You’re recording this on your favourite notebook aren’t you? How cute.” I gulp. “I will tell you this once, and never again. If you even try to go to the police, then your life would end bloodily. Thank you.” There are no more creepy voices coming out of the device. I can hear an ambulance and a fire truck coming this way. The mansion is burning with flames dancing. I pick up Jack who is injured and walk to a safer place. Small pieces of bricks are still falling from the sky. The paramedics come towards us and carry Jack to a bed. I follow them into the ambulance.


I have a cut on my cheek but I don’t have a big injury. Not like Jack. I wait in the waiting room, as the doctors take Jack away to the surgery room. I hold Jack’s phone tightly. The phone vibrates. It’s another call from Raven Nightray. The call is shorter than usual.

“Hide. The police are coming to get you. Be quick if you want your life.”

As the phone hangs up, I quickly exit the waiting room and hide behind a chair. The police officers walk past me and they leave. I go back to the waiting room and the light of the surgery room turns off. The nurses roll the bed, and enters the corridors. A doctor exits the surgery room and takes his mask off. I walk up to him and say,

“Is Jack okay? Is he fine? Is he alive?” The doctor puts his hands on my shoulder and say:

“Don’t worry miss, your boyfriend is safe now. He is just asleep for now. He will wake up in a couple of hours.” Then the doctor leaves to the corridors, where the nurses brought Jack to. I crouch down in relief, but then blush to the word ‘boyfriend’.


4 hours past since I was in the cubic room. I decide to go home and take my laptop. I buy some flowers on the way back to the hospital. I enter Jack’s room. Jack is fast asleep with a large bandage on his forehead. I sit by him, bringing a stool next to the bed. I open up the laptop and search, ‘26 years ago, robbery, Rainsworth Jewellry store.’ Couple of results popped up. I open up a news article listing everyone who were involved in the incident. Next to their names, there are their images. As I scroll down, I see the list of robbers. I stop at one. One of the robbers look exactly like the man who kidnapped me, Raven Nightray. I see four more robbers. One of them is a women. I open up a new tab and search each of them by their names. In the four others, 2 of them are dead. They died in a car accident 5 years ago.

“Sha...ron....” Jack whispers. I look at him. He is still sleeping. Then suddenly he opens his eyes. He screams.

“SHARON!” I hold his hands and I say to him.

“I’m here Jack. I’m here.” Jack slowly releases my hand slowly. He gets out of the bed and pulls me to the door.

“We have to go to the police. This is too dangerous.” he says. I stop him and say,

“No we can’t. We can’t go to the police. We are going to solve this explosion.” Jack freezes. He goes back to his bed and sits down.

“What did he tell you?” he says. I look down at the phone and talks.

“Raven said that if we tell the police then he would kill us both.” There is a moment of silence, then Jack starts talking again.

“What did you find?” He looks at my laptop.

“There were 5 robbers involved in the robbery 26 years ago. 2 of them died in a car accident 5 years ago. The three living one are Johan Stein, Caroline Evelyne, and Thomas Crowley, also known as Raven Nightray.” I say.

“Great, so that kidnapper is involved in this. Well this makes sense now. Why he wanted us to solve the mystery.” The phone rings. Jack makes a hand gesture saying ‘Hand me the phone’.

“Hello Raven Nightray.” He says. He turns on speaker mode.

“Hello my dear Jack. Are you talking through the phone in Heaven? Or maybe hell?” Raven giggles. “It’s just a joke kiddo. Don’t take it seriously. Anyways, I’m glad you’re safe. I can’t have my detective dead you know. By the way, here is the next hint. ‘Where the blood lies by of the greedy pilot, the ornament shatters and the culprit scatters.’” The phone call ends with another giggle of Raven.

“What does this mean?”  Jack asks. “Does this mean that somebody killed a pilot?”

I cover my mouth with my hands and think. Pilot, pilot, pilot. I open up my laptop and see the information that the robbery group were all half french.

“What’s pilot in french?” I ask Jack.

“‘Voleur’. But why?”

“What’s another meaning for it?” I ask again.

“Theif. Theif. It’s theif. Wait, are you saying that one of the robbers got killed?” I nod.


Jack and I go out of the hospital after 4 hours in the hospital searching the address of where Johan Stein lives. We walk down the street, going around corners. I have a map in my hands, walking 5 to 10 meters ahead of Jack. I stop and look back at Jack. Jack is walking with his backs bent looking at the floor. I walk towards him. I do a hand chop on his head, which hurts my hands. He grabs my hands and shouts:

“What on Earth are you doing?”

I make him let go of my hands and continue walking. He catches up to me and walks next to me. He gradually grabs my hand, and we hold hands. I slightly blush, but it doesn’t show much.

We walk for a long time, as I check the map every second. Jack doesn’t let go of my hand. Instead, he keeps on holding it tighter and tighter.

“Jack, are you okay?” I ask. He quietly nods. “Well, here we are. Johan Stein’s residence.” I stop by a house with the address, 108 Groinders street 54003. Jack seems tired. His head is swaying back and forth like a see-saw. I hold his hand tighter than before. I ring the doorbell. The house is silent and I can’t hear any voices or sounds. I slowly open the door. The door isn’t locked and as I open it, red liquid flows down the floor. I open the door fully and see a man lying on the floor with a knife stabbed in his back. I freeze and cannot move. Jack lets go of my hand and enters the blood smelt room. He places his fingers on the man’s neck to check his pulse.

“Is he dead?” I ask. Jack nods. The eyes of the victim are open. The black hair and blue eyes tell that he is Johan Stein, one of the robbers of the robbery 26 years ago. Jack continues into the house. I follow after him, jumping over the corpse so I don’t change the crime scene.


We go all the way to the living room, up the stairs to Stein’s bedroom. I feel that it is rude to enter somebody’s house without permission, but Jack keeps on going. The rail of the stairs has bloody handprints all over it. I hear a bird from the bedroom. A steel cage is swinging back and forth and inside the cage, a black bird with red and blue eyes is crying.

“Raven…” I mutter. Jack looks at me with a confused look. “The bird is a raven.” I walk towards the swinging cage but I step on something on the floor. The sound goes ‘crack’, and it sounds like when a plastic breaks into pieces. I look down and I see a broken keyboard with a bunch of keys peeled off the keyboard.

“O,W, L, E, Y, C, R.” Jack says. “What is this supposed to mean?” Some keys are covered in bloody fingerprints. I reorder them and make different words.

“‘OWCLERY’, ‘LYCROWE’, ‘COWLERY’” I order them. “‘CROWLEY’” Jack and I both look at each other with a puzzled look. Then I realise something and take out my notebook.

“Thomas Crowley. Real name of Raven Nightray.” I say.

“So Raven killed him?” says Jack pointing towards the entrance where Stein is lying dead. I nod.

“At least that’s what this keyboard is telling. Stein’s dying message.” I say.

“Why would Raven want to kill his robbery friend?” Jack asks. I don’t reply. I think for a while then say:

“How many years does it take to be off charge from its sin for a robbery and murder?” Jack looks puzzled.

“Why? What do you mean?” He asks.

“When you commit a crime, if you don’t get caught for a long while, meaning couple of years, then your sin becomes discharged. So how many years does it take for robbery and killing?” I explain.

“I can get contact with my dad’s friend. He’s a police officer.” Jack says. I nod. As Jack is calling his police officer friend, I walk back down the stairs, and go and see the corpse of the robber. One of Stein’s hands are under his stomach, so I pull it out gently and not move the position of the dead body. The hand is tight in a fist. I slowly open up the hand. In side the hand, there was an earing. A diamond and emerald one. There are spots of blood on it. I close the hand and place it back under the dead body’s stomach. I go up the stairs to where Jack is and suggest to go back home now. On the way out, I touch the corpse’s hands and neck, to check the temperature of the body, and realise that there is a mark on the head, and blood in a specific part of his hair. As Jack exits the house, I follow after him and close the door.


3 hours left until the time limit. We don’t talk while walking, and the city seems silent. There are not many people out. It seems like the city has been invaded by some aliens and all humans got killed, and we are the only ones living.

“So how many years?” I ask. At first Jack doesn’t know what I’m talking about, but after a while he replies.

“Around 25 years.” I check my phone and open safari. I search up, ‘Car Accident 5 years ago Zach Alter and Benjamin Inavic.’ There are multiple results but none of them describe the incident in detail. There are rumours that say that the two robbers were murdered and it wasn’t an accident. The news article writes that, when the two robbers were driving on a highway, the car that they were in suddenly changed speed and direction and fell right off the road. The car then exploded and when the fire went off, the two were found burnt dead.

“Why do you think Johan Stein was killed?” Jack asks. I ignore him and I start thinking.

‘Why did Raven kill Stein?’ I ask myself. ‘Why?’ Then I think about how the only robbers living right now are Raven and the other woman. ‘If Raven’s aim is to kill all the robbers and take all the jewellry himself then the next victim would be Caroline Evelyne.’ I think. I check the image of her on the internet and something hits my mind. Something bothering me.

“Can we go back to Stein’s house? I left something in there.” I say. Jack agrees and we head back to the robber’s house.

I walk in full speed. Jack follows me in full speed.

“Why are you going so fast? Why do you need to rush Sharon?” Jack asks, but I just ignore and continue walking. I suddenly stop. We arrive to Stein’s house, and I decide to return. A bunch of police cars and police officers are there, and just listening to the sound of the red alarm, it reminds me of what Raven told me, that he would kill us both. I turn back and decide to leave, but when I look around for Jack, I see him talking to a police officer. I quickly pull his arm and tell him we have to leave, but Jack won’t listen to me.

“I thought you had to get something from here so I was just asking my dad’s friend if we can enter the house.” he says. I see the police officer standing in front of Jack, and I pull Jack even harder.

“We’re going. We’re going now.” I say and pull Jack’s arm with all my strength, but Jack doesn’t move. Then the police officer taps on Jack’s shoulder and tells him.

“You should listen to your girlfriend Jack.” Jack nods and once again I blush to the word ‘girlfriend’.

“Let’s go Sharon.” Jack says. Then he turns back to the police officer and say, “By the way sir, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s just a friend.” I frown to Jack’s words, and we leave from the house.


‘Less than 10 minutes since we were last there and already the police arrived? It doesn’t make sense.’ I think.  ‘Jack didn’t, I didn’t, then who called them? Who called the police?’ As I think, the speed of my walking gets faster and there is a bigger gap between Jack and I. Suddenly, I hear a slight scream, of Jack. I turn around to see what was happening, and I see Jack on the floor, and a woman wearing all black with long blond hair. She is holding a stun gun in her hands. As I observe the scene, I get shot by a  stun gun from my back, and I slowly lose conscious.


When I wake up, I am in the same cubic room as I was in when I first got kidnapped. Next to me lies Jack still asleep. Then Raven’s voice comes out from the speaker.

“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome back.” says Raven. “I’m glad I didn’t end up killing you both.” I gulp.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well, you’ve visited the police twice. Once with the phone and the second time face to face. I could’ve just killed you there, but that’s no fun, so I brought you here. Besides, you were no detective. I solved my problem myself, and now, I don’t need you.” Raven giggles. “Let’s see if you even found what my problem was about?” The voice is starting to get on my nerves.

“Raven Nightray, also known as Thomas Crowley is one of the robbers in the robbery 26 years ago.” I say.

“Bravo! Now you can call me with two different names. Anything else you’ve found out?”

“26 years ago, a group of 5 robbed a jewellry store killing 10 workers. This would result in several years in prison; but your sin would be canceled in 25 years. So your group of friends decided to share the jewellry among themselves once their sins are no longer judgeable. Am I correct?” I say.

“Absolutely.” Raven chuckles. “Incredible deduction. You sound like a real detective. No wonder why  you’re the daughter of the ‘immortal detective’.” I react to the name.

“He has nothing to do with this.” I say, and continue. “5 years ago, two of your comrades passed away in a car accident. Then you decided to kill Johan Stein, so that you will be able to get the jewellry all yourself.” Raven starts laughing.

“That’s slightly different young lady. I don’t need the jewellry all by myself. I just protected myself from getting killed. Johan Stein was the one who was planning to kill everyone. This trusty woman who kidnapped your boyfriend saved my life, by telling me. So I saved her life by taking the action.” says Raven.

“You didn’t take the action. You failed at killing Stein. He was killed later by Caroline Evelyne.” I say.

“What do you mean? What on earth do you mean to say, Sharon?” Raven is panicking. “What do you mean I didn’t kill Stein? What do you mean by Caroline killing him? How can she? She was freaking out when we told her about the robbery plan. How can she possibly kill anyone?” I stay silent. “TALK TO ME! TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW!” There’s a thump from the speaker, then the wall starts to vibrate. The grey wall starts to lower down and a long dark corridor is seen. Jack is still lying on the floor. I drag him into the corridor. The voice of Raven is not appearing from the speaker after the thump. I keep on dragging Jack into the dark hall, deeper, and deeper.


At the end of the corridor, there is a steel door with an electric sign written ‘ON AIR’. I open the door. It is heavy but not locked. As the door fully opens, I see a blond woman placing a gun at a guy’s head. The man is sitting on a big chair in front of tens of screens showing the cubic room from different angles. The man is pure blond and he has his hand up. The woman grins.

“Come in Sharon. I’m going to save you from this awful beast and let you go to your daddy okay?” says the woman. “I’m Caroline Evelyne” she introduces. The chair turns around and faces me. On the chair sits a man with pure blond hair and one red, one blue eyes.

“Raven.” I mouth.

“Caroline. What are you doing? Let go of this ridiculous weapon Caroline. You can’t shoot a person. You were even scared to do a robbery. How can you kill anyone.” says Raven. He bites his words.

“You know what Thomas? That girl is right. I killed Johan. I killed him because you failed at it. I finished your job for you.” says Caroline. I just stand in front of the entrance watching the conversation going on. “You probably meant to stab him in the heart but you weren’t deep enough. He didn’t even die of  hemorrhage. That’s how terrible you were at killing. You even left that geezer leave a dying message. How idiotic is that?” Caroline laughs very creepily. She sounds like a psychopath. She scares me. “When I checked to see if you did him, what did I see? Stein reaching for the door knob with his bloody hands. So I finished him off. I’ve killed 3 people already Thomas. I felt like a professional sniper when I shot the two brats dead. It felt so nice. And when I hit Stein with a bat in the head, oh that feeling. But I dropped my earring and you have your name in that crime scene. We’ll end up both being arrested when the police is smart enough but before that, I’m going to shoot you. Then after I go out of prison, I’m going to get the jewellry myself.” Caroline started to laugh louder.

“It’s not possible. It’s not possible.” Raven repeats to himself. His colourful pupils shrinks and the white becomes more visible. The woman pulls the trigger as the man shuts his eyes. I hear the gunshot. I close my eyes to not see blood. When I open it, I see one of the screens broken and Caroline frozen. Raven’s head is facing down. He looks as if he is dead.

“Don’t worry, he just fainted.” I hear a whisper behind my back. Jack is awake on his knees holding a gun in his hands. “I found it in one of Stein’s drawers. Not surprising for a robber to be having a gun.” Jack’s voice is weak. He is sweating a lot.

“Well, I guess the poison didn’t work yet young man. Don’t act so tough, or you will just run out of energy and die. I’ll finish you guys off first. Be thankful Sharon. I’m going to send you to your daddy up there in heaven.” says Caroline with a nasty large grin. She faces towards us and points the gun to me. “That boy would die eventually so I’ll just shoot you first young lady.” She takes a step one by one, with the gun held in front.

“Run. Run as fast as you can and hide behind the walls.” The voice is Jack’s. It’s weak but it’s loud enough for me to hear. I follow his orders and run as fast as I can. Caroline quickly turns around and fires towards me. Then Jack shoots and breaks another screen. The bullet burns the tip of Caroline’s blond hair and she freezes. Jack runs at his most to where I am. His breath is rough. He is sweating even more than before. I hear footsteps of high heels. The sound is coming closer. I tighten my body as I listen to the evil giggles.

“ATTACK!!!” One side of the grey walls suddenly fall apart and a bunch of police officers get inside. Caroline falls to the ground getting a tranquilizer gun. The police hand cuffs her, and several go into the room across the hall way to get Raven. Jack falls to the ground.


After Jack fell in the cubic room, I cried my first time in my whole life. We were sent to the hospital with an ambulance. I ran with the rolling bed, watching Jack with the breathing mask on. I waited in the waiting room until 3 a.m. when the surgery finished. I can still remember how much I was relieved when I heard that the doctor was able to get rid of all poison through his vein, and he was living. But the most important thing happened after that. The next morning, I woke up with Jack patting me on the head with his green eyes bright with the sunshine. How his gentle smile relaxed me, calmed me down. How I thought everything was a dream.  His warm embrace and his tranquil words.

“I will protect you Sharon, forever, and ever.” he said as he gently stroke my hair.

And for the first time, I smiled. A true smile.


© Copyright 2019 Violette Angel. All rights reserved.

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