This poem is about a child growing up slowly with only one person for company. She gets braver and braver until she is ready to lead her own life of not being scared all the time

You found me, Silent and scared. You comforted me, And let me know you was there. For me, And always would be. Slowly I unfolded, Like a flower in spring. Petal by petal, Leaf by leaf. Slowly I told you, My secrets. My fears. That I had been hiding for years. Trapped. Inside myself. A flightless bird. A timid mouse. A tiny insect. In a world so big, So full of people. Slowly I grew braver, And crept out of my shell. Like a newly hatched chick. Slowly I boldened, A rose in summer. My colour returning! A daisy in the wind. A daffodil in a garden My inner flower unfolded and pointed itself towards the sun... And a life full of freedom!

Submitted: January 31, 2012

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