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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The ordinary unpopular boy Toru is always bored. He wishes for something like a "fantasy adventure". One day a princess from another world comes to summon him as a Hero.
Sadly he is a coward. He screws up, he screws up badly...

This is only part one.

Submitted: June 07, 2015

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Submitted: June 07, 2015



Day in day out, nothing…


Boring boringess.


This is the life of Toru Azaraki. When in school ignore, in home pushed by his parents to constant learning. No private life; of course.


“I'm bored. Why must everything be either boring or bothersome to me?!” - Toru thinks.


  • Want me to do something about that? - Lisari a mysterious pink haired pretty girl asks.

  • What do you mean? - Toru responds with lifeless eyes and not motivation.

  • You will become a hero saving our kingdom from the daemons what do you say? - she pushes cheerfully.

  • Not interested. - he replies bluntly.- I am bored, I still have responsibilities though. Go bother someone else you lunatic.

  • Lunatic?! You still think I am crazy? - Lisiri says while making a huge stone hover over her head.

  • Stop it! What if someone sees you! I still can't go. - Toru replies with mixed feelings.

  • There is no one in the radius of on kilometer. If you don't accept my offer I'll just have to kill you. - the girl says jokingly.

“What the fuck!? How can she say it like that. My life to her has no worth. Or maybe like a bug… If I “buzz” to much. Killing me might be just fun.” - Toru


“My plan like always, he won't believe and maybe go away or run. Than I just subdue him. I already marked him with the brier Run-stone. Here I go for hero number 28.” - Lisiri


The sky is clear, as expected of June. The sun is hot. No one would have seen this scenery as well fit for a murder. Toru thinks just, just this over and over. It's like a scream, or an order from himself to himself.


“I don't want to die!”;” I want my boredom.”;”I have to escape.”


Lisiri is staring harmlessly at Toru. He is frozen in place, all of his soul and mind tell him to run. But,.. but his body can't utilize to move. The sight of the 2 meter in diameter rocks over Lisiri's head. In TV, it'd be not intimidating at all. Now he can be crushed like a bug. With as much effort as he utilizes when killing a fly in class.


He finally regains his senses.


“If I stay still I will die 100%. If I run I have 1%, I hope I do.” - Toru


“Soon, I have to brace my acting skills now!” - Lisiri


Toru takes 3 steps. His face is more serious than it ever was. He steps past Princess Lisiri and... he starts to run with tears in his eyes. Repeating his previous thoughts like a mantra.


Lisari is throwing stones, never hitting him. It looks though as if he was barely dodging. What fine acting!

“I can't escape this thing” - Toru.


Toru grabs a random piece of wood lying around. Without a thought; with closed eyes and pissed pants. Relying unconsciously solely on instinct. He utters a swing, a swing of a 1,3 meter piece of wood. It easily breaks trough the princesses own barrier. It seams to be coated with a small blue barrier on its own at the end.


“What is this?! It was not in the script!” - Lisiri


He hits the side of her head. Slices go cutting up her face it is unrecognizable. Her neck is torn apart. Blood shots out in the rhythm of her heart beat.


“I am a magician, He just has to leave. I am actually scared. He must be mind broken now though.”


Lisiri is staring at him with her eye unable to move lying on the ground bleeding to death. He vision is red. The boy is calmly dragging her body.


  • What a beast… Even now it's regenerating. - he says while taking lighters and alcohol from a nearby empty shop.

  • Stop it. I am sorry it was all made up. - her mind screams but her mouth whispers.

  • What the hell are you?! - he screams while throwing a bottle at her head trough tears.

  • Please… - Lisiri whispers as the alcohol is stinging her messed up face. She tries to move her hand.

  • You made me a murderer. Even your last words… - he says while dropping a match into the trash can.

Screams of agony echo around the city.


Toru runs. He does not know what is going on. He just killed something.


“She could not be human right?”




Desperate thoughts… This is the only thing he can use to console himself.



© Copyright 2020 Viorp. All rights reserved.

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