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Love "it"!

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



„Penguuuuuin! Peeeeenguin! Penguin!!!” I scream it, it screams it. Wait what was „it”??? „Iiiiit!” I scream in agony. It's dark, cold, and the constant screaming! “It” keep it down finally! Oh, no I angered it. Why, why do I always forget??? And always this son! “Peel, peel; peel it like an orange!”. Goddammit it am human no fruit! “My skin!” I scream, but just to satisfy “it” the nerves on my back have gone numb already at the fifth “peeling”. So my days pass, or not! I have forgotten about time a long time ago! Or not!

  • It's enough Bob. You're out! - the squeaky voice of “it' screams.

  • Out? - I ask, a hope came. I finally can out. Wait but where is “out”?

  • Peeeeenguuuuiiiin!!! - “it” screams, and what? Huh, this weird blue thingy. Sky!

Where is it, why is it so hot. Everything is so shiny and the people are so colorful. People, people! “It” you gave me people! They seem to dislike me, ah yes. I am different. What, why, where, how??? “It” did you make me different? Why did you give me back then! “It”!!! No! I am the same! They are different! There was this glass, like shiny and silvery. It's magic! It lets you see yourself, don't you think “it”. Walk, walk, walk oh something I hadn't done in centuries! Whats that!? Iuiuiuiuiuiuiuiui! Is that loud, remember “it”? You were always so loud too, hahaha no a thousand time worse!!!

  • What are you doing here, Sir? - a blue “different” human asks.

  • Looking for silverglass! - I respond happily. Thank you “it” did you send this blue one?

  • Are you on drugs!? On your knees! - blue human screams and points black toy at me. I remember “it” always playing with this black thing with me.

  • Praise the blue lord! - I beg on my knees crawling over to blue human. Will he be my new “it”?

  • Stay back! - he screams. Why is this “it” so scared? Ah, the moon is out already.

Oh, he still plays with me. Seams you need to see real me to play! Not, this skin of a “different” that old “it” always puts on me! Oh, another meat sack broken. Bob is going home now, to my one and only “it”. I can play the orange again! Oh, I am back. The sweet “it”, is cute black eyes and knee less legs. His white stomach.

  • “It” I am home! - I scream happily.

  • Home, sweet hell; Bob. - he is repeating time and time again as he is dragging my body to my room. Part by part, leg by leg, arm and head. The hallway looks always funny afterward.

Hi hi hi hi hi, hahahhahahaha! „Penguuuuuin! Peeeeenguin! Penguin!!!”


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