The daughter of Serizburrow

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The second part of the story.I actually like it a bit less, but I think it still is fine.

It again is a long fight scene XD

The devil does not normally let people of his hook easily. Actually he does not at all. He is the one who opens the gates of hell and drags people into them, a man has though to either live a life of a lousy piece of cow-shit and die, or agree on his own accord. It is said that a devil never breaks a contract if it is on paper. A bloody contract that prescribes your soul for eternal punishment not even judgment day ends. The devil not being able to fulfill one… does it really happen?


Obviously there is Faust, a man who bet his soul. No man knows if it is not just a story written by some random German who did not fear the wrath of hell. There is one story I know to be true though. The story of my father, and his sister. I never saw it myself Juan the local priest told me it more times though than I saw a man ride a horse. There was a twist, the contract was a bounty. That redskin was supposed to kill my father Jason, that was the deal. The devil lost to a single womanly tear.


I'm Lilly Tuca McCane I'm the daughter of Jason McCane and Sandra Tuca Fricht. That's right I'm 1/4th redskin. My dead aunt must be rolling in her grave.


Anyway I've been born marked by hell itself. I have a huge birthmark on my back resembling the devils face. I have 3 guns one that is always cold, one that is always hot and one that is just a big ass gun.


I sadly had to leave Seizburrow at age of 17. Juan, God my bless his soul, passed away at that time. The only other exorcist was the shaman of the Indians a village over. I had to go to them.


That's why I'm the best in the west when it comes to fighting whatever supernatural spawns in this world. I have 2 magic guns and an education in both catholic and redskin exorcisms. But of course nobody wants to pay a woman for exorcisms! At first though only, guess who has visions predicting supernatural stuff to? Yup me.


  • May I ask you why you told me this whole long monologue? - John the fat sheriff asks.

  • I'm just telling you that you should let me join the people going Gua. Obviously when a child slaughters an entire village it's a case for me! - I slam my hands on the table.

  • Yea? Will you bibity bo the ghost with your magic gun? - he laughs, it's pissing me off as always.

  • With your tone, like fuck I will. - I say while shooting the floor. It immediately starts to smell like sulfur, blood is slowly pouring out of it as flames start to spread along the side of the blood.

  • Miss you are a witch! - he says while holding out a gun in his shaking had towards her head.

  • You might be right but I'm on your side. So can I now go to Gua do the bibity bo? - I say pushing the gun to the side with my finger.

  • Yes.

  • Thanks you.


Sadly the pretty small of sulfur is overwritten with pork, what stinky sheriff all sweaty and in panic after seeing something any good magician could trick you into seeing? Gua is not safe. I suppose I'll leave my stuff at the inn, one horse is all a woman needs to move without her luggage. Normally I'd need my cart. I laughed there for a moment.


  • What are you pretty lady doing here, go back. Next comes up a city full of monsters. - a young man says in a cocky way. His name is Carl.

  • How come a hire able thug and an exorcist are on one job, old man? - I completely ignore that douche bag.

  • I hired him to take care of the real monsters of this world. I'm Carlson and I am Hilary, you can call me Old Hil though. How come a legend like you is in heading to a shit whole like Gua? - the old man looks at her intensely.

  • Oh! I see we have an expert! I like to be recognized, from which story do you know me Old Hil? - I ask happily, the old man must be an expert only the best exorcists heard of me.

  • Wait who are you exactly? - the thug gets curious.

  • I'm Lilly Tuca McCain and I'm better than you that’s all you need to know. Now come one lets speed up a bit or he'll reach another city. - I say while riding up front. I wonder how this “Carl” will react.

  • I expected more from a woman who killed a witch. - the old man nods his head chasing after her.

  • Better in what… - Carl mumbles.


The desert is flat, the sun is hot and it stinks of shit and rotting corpses. The only noise is the noise of our horses and screams loud enough to make tumble weeds fly.


  • What the hell is this! - Carl scream in peril seeing all the rotting corpses with overly much blood flowing constantly out of them as they are devoured by wild birds.

  • Shut up and shoot the horses; now!!!

This is not good not good at all. This is not the level of things I'm normally dealing with.


The plants plants where are there. Why are my hands shaking so much!?

Calm down Lilly, fighting daemons is a family legacy. In the bad it's in the bag.

“Fuck you Carl!” I scream while the 2 shoot our horses. Because of his scream it noticed us I know it the crows and vultures are staring at us.


Come on, yes I found it! Fill the pipe with some tumble weed, bird shit and ashes of a burned down house. Light it on fire. The taste, I see the words the words of magic and visions of hell. No concentrate! I hear Carl and Old Hil talking in the background.


“Hohpotómâhó'ta notamota hotómoehnohtsêstse mortui estis?

Diaboli mâha'ham ? Avis servis hó'e'ôsané exemplum hotómoehnohtsêstse. Naeotse! My head hurts, those visions really come from the devil. The birds were already attacking. They protected me.

  • Thanks, guys. Are you alright? - I ask them, some might say with a gentle voice

  • No greater pleasure for a man than taking a beating for a pretty lady. - carl cracks a joke but he has torn clothes and his skin is bleeding. Hilary does not do much better.

  • Well, girl you sure saved out asses. A whole street of dead birds.

Now just I start looking around me, birds hundets of them lying on roofs and filling a whole street. All are dead. The stinking air is geting more humid ssolelly from the vaporating blood or maybe the birds just stink so much. It is unaturally hot even for the desert. My back is burning up. The sreams have stopped, I don't know if it is a reason to be happy though. As they stopped because of a reason. I see the boy. The daemon is looking at me. It slowelly opens it's mouth. How!? How can it open so far. We should be running I can't move, neither can those 2. Shattered glass and nails start peing puked out by the boy and blood so much blood. A vision, so short. But, warm not like the usual ones. I don't know what it said but I grab Carn and on istinct jump with him behind a building. A scream, we cover out ears. The ground shakes, the sky gets dark. I turn around, Old Hil is dead, a cross in his hand. His body filled with whole going trough him. A blood tail is following the glass and naild that pierced him. All the buildings in the are, they are filled with it, I have to taki on mat God bless. I make a symbol of the cross.

  • Are you trying to go out there, are you crazy? - Carl tries to stop me.

  • Just get away from here. - I push him away, of course he wont go.

  • Can you kill it?

  • No. - no man, nor woman can kill an immortal.

Breath! Step by step I go out a sandy wind blows. The stench surrounding me resonates with my soul, am I rotten to the core. My back is hurting. The 2 revolvers in my hands the magic pipe in my mouth. “Evigilare faciatis ehóonestôtse hestsêhove maledictus.” I hate this spell so much, the spell the white lady told me. The spell I'm allowed only to use if the gates of hell are opening in front of me. My back! It's freezing cold, flames purple flames are bursting out of it. A second and so much going on, the devil is taking a breath to scream again. I shoot my 2 cursed guns one bullet surounded with fire and blood I never saw them work that way the other carries ice and the other slteals thunder from the buildings surrounding us. What is the perception, I see the bullets flying and the scream starting to leave the devils mouth. The bullets hit him, now it looks as if he was gently flying trough the air. But his scream is shouted at the sky. The pitch black clouds are cleared and the sun shows itself. And the creature hits the ground, am impact so powerful a few houses fall over from just being close. Of course it still is alive, how else could it be and I'm on my butt just from the shock wave. Something flying trough the dust. What else could it be! Huge chunks of wood at the speed of bullets. I shoot and shoot, and shoot. Magic bullets illuminate the clouds of dust causing more and more explosions. I hear his breath, again this warm vision, I can feel it is not from hell. This is not the curse! “Hésêstanové deus hóom carnis puer, éháotsehe !” A scream a scream of pure hatred, I see it coming closer! I blow all the air my lungs can hold into my pipe, it forms in front of me a cloud. The scream hits, the buildings on both sides of the road get obliterated. The could is blown away and so am I. The flame is gone, my leg I can't feel it. The child is here, how could have an 11 year old child have sold his child to the devil?

  • Wait! What is your name daemon? - I ask while he is standing over me and glass and blood from his mouth is dropping onto me.

  • My name? I want yours instead!

  • Sure it is Lilly He'konose McCain. - I stand up proudly. „Na'hanéoohe fumi”

The smoke from my pipe flows into the cold gun, I fire off the little shits brain. I can't He must be dead by now.

  • Don't get cocky! - I'm pushed to the ground. It's Carl.

  • Thanks.

Old Hal's crucifix is burning the devils body while a huge glass blood tongue is swinging out of it's head. I use the smoke to confuse him while he screams curses, and shoot the big gun at him at the same time. “O Jesu ! fons vitae animaeSplendor et virtus Patris ? Laudamus te Angeli ;Abs te trahunt vitae praemia. Tuum , decies centena millia exercituum effusi estisDensa in caerula caeli ; Cum Michaël fert tua signa terror ,Fortitudine salutis crucem . Et in signum rebellibusNonne cum Draconis expellere ; Ducemque aetheris turribus altisEst quasi fulmine ad inferos. Da nobis Michael tamen DomineContra ducem superbiae Sequamur hunc Ut a Nobis corona ,Ante lucem Agni throno . Deo Patri sit glória,Qui eruit nos per Filium ; Ungit per Spiritum Sanctum,Et tuetur nos ab Angelo host . Amen .” Reciting it, hurts me. All my sins are being called out. Even the sole sin of being born. The warm visions confort me though. I continue I recite. The chains of god are dragging the devil back to hell. No!!! The tongue, the last thing I saw. Supposedly 2 days passed. It was Carl who saved me again. Sadly I lost my left leg under the knee. He set the city on fire after carying me to the closest town. Nobody knows where he is now. I am Lilly Tuca McCain, I closed the gates of hell and now I have a wooden leg and few scars.







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