The Tale of Seizburrow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Westerns  |  House: Booksie Classic
A path of a Cowboy and hid dead sister for revenge.

Submitted: June 19, 2015

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Submitted: June 19, 2015



It's hot, a young man is walking trough the small mining town of Sezburrow. His eyes are empty, the gun in his left hand is shaking. He looks angry, it seams as if he was a corpse that forces himself to live. He collapses, the burning sun bakes his body. Suddenly the local priest, rushes out. He grabs the boy by his collar and drags him forcefully into the church. He throws him violently onto the ground. He tells the nuns to bring him into a free room and feed him something, the priest proceeds in smoking a cigar nervously. A few days pass until the mysterious man wakes up.

  • Where am I! - he screams.

  • Shut, up. - Juan the priest says.

  • I am looking for a man. He killed my sister. - he responds.

  • Calm down, whats your name? Mine is Juan. - Juan asks softly.

  • Jason McCain, did you ever hear of a group of thugs lead by a redskin? - Jason asks while eating the given food greedily.

  • Does the ghost tell you to kill that man? - Juan asks carefully.

  • Yes I am! - a scream comes from nowhere and the wooden floor cracks.

  • “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Leave this body, pass on to the next life.”- the Priest tries to exorcise the ghost.

  • Stop it! - Jason punches the old man in the face.

  • Why are you interrupting? - the priest asks. Lines on Jasons face appear, the room becomes cold.

  • Nobody will hurt my sister again. Lilly is nice. Can you just tell me where if the man I am looking for is around here? - Jason asks trying to calm his sister down.

  • He might be occupying our mines. You can't go alone, just give up. There are to many of them. - he understands that, its the boys will to help the ghost.

  • Your role is over old man. - he says as he stands up and starts to put on his clothes.

  • You didn't recover yet! Stay here a few more days. - Juan says.

  • Shut up were going! - Jason and Lilly scream simultaniously.

Juan is genuinely scared. Jason leaves the room, he is enraged. Storm clouds are brewing, something you can see maybe only once in a few years here in the desert. As Jason walks the earth freezes, windows break. His appearance becomes more and more beastly. People are scared, they fear “the daemon” who is directly in front of them. The town is small, maybe a few minutes passed until Jason and Lilly were already at the mine. As much as Jasons presence causes cold, there is burning head coming from the cave. The Indian Jason was hunting down slowly descends out of the cave. He is covered in blood that is flowing out of his mouth. There is no sign of the many men that supposedly were there.

  • Did you think I would not prepare? To fight a monster like you??? - he screams.

  • She is not a monster, she is a cute girl whom you have hurt, and you will pay. Jason says as the girl in his head repeatedly whispers ' I am not a monster.” over an over again.

  • Lets do it like men do it. A duel not a massacre. Don't you agree? - the Indian asks.

  • This is not about honor! - Jason screams as he shoots his gun.

The Indian catches the bullet with his bare teeth and starts giggling. Seams that he wanted to be the nice one here. His face stats to take unnatural expressions. Juan stands stunned, Lilly becomes concentrated. Somethings wrong here, ghosts act different. The redskin fires calmly a bullet, a burning bullet. Burning like the 7 hells! A strong thunderbolt comes shooting and destroys the bullet in middle of its flight. Both men did not move since all this started. They stare angrily at each other. They point their guns at each other, neither one of them dares to fire. The Indians body starts to expel flames. The frozen are surrounding Jason starts to expand. They fire another shot, both at once. With precision no human could have achieved and more force than any gun could muster. This is no duel, this an annihilation. The one who dies dies disgraced. Thunder and fire meet in middle of their flight. A beautiful light display follows, both man stand unshaken. The townsfolk becomes interested and proceeds to observing the fight , though their windows from the far. Juan is though heading there himself with all the exorcising equipment he has. The Indian hires his gun into the sky, Lilli's clouds burn, ash is raining from the sky, its turns though into blood, not water when touching the ground. The Indians gun explodes. Jason puts a smirk smile on, as the redskin is standing with his ripped apart hand. Jason fires the 4 shots he had left. One in the spine, one in the head, on in the heart and the last one into the cock. The Indian just stands the laughing, laughing, like that did not even scratch him. He starts walking calmly towards Jason. Juan is running towards them, he is shaking. The redskin punches Jason with force that sends him flying over the pool of frozen blood until he ends up covered in it. His chest is smashed and his hand is broken. His heart is not beating. The Indian is though slowly coming after him, it seams killing him is not enough. Lilly is still fighting though, she puts all her might just into the few bullets that hit. Her ice pulsates away from the wounds and back pushed back by flame. The redskin is already at the fresh corpse, Lilly sheds a tear into the sea of blood, no scream no ghostly action just the tear of a maiden who wants to protect her brother. All the blood changes into clean ice. It covers the Indian he tries to fight, but even his flames become frozen. Lilly becomes visible, she is beautiful and white. Jasons chest is healed but he is still dead. Lilly hits him repeatedly with electric shocks, and massages his heart overflowing with tears in his eyes.

  • You need to get away from him. - Juan says, with sadness and pity in his voice.

  • Why? - Lilly asks depressed.

  • You are pulling him to the other side. Both you and the Indian must proceed to eternity. Don't worry the sins you commit after death are not counted in the heavenly court. Your brother will be okay. Trust me. - Juan said and started to recite exorcisms in Latin.

  • I will. - Lilly says, she flies into a light in the sky dragging out the devil inside the Indian and his soul with herself.

That was the last time she was seen. Jason woke up, his memories were lost. He stayed in Sezburrow. He married, and had a few children and his oldest daughters name was Lilly.

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