World Hunt - Vampires

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Just the second part of my previous story. Made (hopefully) anime style. Its about the hunters in a fictional japanese city.

Submitted: October 12, 2014

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Submitted: October 12, 2014



 It's been almost a week since the “ Hunter branch in Lashihara” has been founded. Though to the lack of informants Kaiko and Fusao had only to deal with a simple exorcism so far. Their lives seamed normal, but the anger of Kaiko being unable to do her job was unbearable to Fusao.

As Kaiko and Fusao were at school eating lunch and chatting.

  • Where the hell did you get that pie from? - Fusao asked Kaiko curiously, knowing her methods of getting something already.

  • I gave Hayate my homework and he gave me pie instead. - Kaiko said proudly.

  • There would be no problem. Except I made the homework and you just stole it. - he said while taking the pie she had left and taking a big part of it with his hand and eating it that way.

  • You are disgusting. - she said while retaking her pie and eating as fast as she could with a spoon.

  • I don't want that hear from someone who eats from dirty dishes. - he replied while taking the rest of the pie for himself.

  • Could I maybe interrupt you? - asked politely the one year younger student Daquan Zugauara as from class “1 E”.

  • Thats surprising. - Fusao said quietly.

  • Yes, you can interrupt. - Kaiko said to the boy. - What is, Fusao? - Kaiko asked.

  • Nothing, just continue Daquan. - Fusao said brushing of the topic.

  • So you guys are hunters? - Daquan asked.

  • Yea, how you know? Are you a monster? - Kaiko replied unusually suspicious.

  • No, I need you for vampire hunting. If you do I will offer you the service of me as an informant. - Daquan said serious.

  • Now stop! Who exactly are you. I know only rumors about you, I need real information. - Fusao gave Daquan a vicious look as he said that as blunt as always.

  • Do you accept the job?! - Daquan nearly screamed but nor in an angry nor desperate way.

  • Of course we do, we are hunters. Now answer Fusao's question. - Kaiko replied so nobody strange would hear.

  • I am the chief of the local yakuza. And heir of the Zugaura silver – blood clan. - Daquan explained.

  • Sounds good. How many vampires are there? - Kaiko tried to sound professional.

  • A whole 5700 of them over 200 are people who once were part of my yakuza branch. - Daquan informed.

  • You, will need to make you're subordinates provide support. Unless that, with such numbers the head vampire will be able to escape. - Fusao added bluntly.

  • Where the hell did you learn that? - Kaiko asked Fusao.

  • I have learned all the books you gave me. It's just the first job we will need them for. Anyway Kaiko, give me money I need some for philosopher stones. - Fusao added out of topic.

  • I won't even ask how you did that. Is your brain a computer? Anyway yakuza kid we accept the job. We march in tomorrow after school. Fusao you chose yourself finally a rune. - Kaiko said a bit to nonchalant, not being able to cling to a topic.

  • Very well. By the way what type of weapons do you guys use? - Daquan asked serious as if he was working on tactics.

  • We are the weapons. Where is the vampire nest anyway? - Fusa replied with a faint smile.

  • At the old northern train station. I have to go now - Daquan replied.

  • Bye. - Kaiko and Fusao said.

As the incident ended, both went back home the way around to avoid meeting Ersilia. Talking about unimportant stuff. About teachers, grades and food. Mostly food. Both were though thinking about the upcoming vampire hunt, that will take place the next day.

  • Fusao I never saw you talking to a guy before? Why is that, are you a pervert? - Kaiko asked him viciously.

  • I think it's time to tell you. After reading all the hunters data, I know what type of demon my mother was. - he replied.

  • What does have that to do with it? - she asked again, now being serious.

  • Kaiko, for some reason since I was a kid men have been acting weird around me. In truth they all fell in love with me. - he said to serious, for a such topic, as always.

  • What the hell are you talking about? Are you stupid? - Kaiko replied wondered, and a bit angry because she thought he was joking with her.

  • I think my mother was a succuby. - he replied still being serious.

  • Impossible, now tattoo yourself a rune finally. - she brushed of the topic.

  • Thats the only explanation. I know when humans and succuby mate the child is a female succuby.- Fusao replied.

  • The rune! - she screamed him into the ear. Trying to end the topic.

  • Yes, yes. I will take a Hardness enhancement. There is no power enhancement for a demon. I am not a witch after all. - Fusao replied mockingly.

  • Thats what I wanted to hear from my subordinate. - Kaiko said with a winning bright smile and clapped him on the back.

As they finally came back Fusao made himself the rune tattoo on his right shoulder. Kaiko had her rune on her back just below her neck. Than both proceeded to their daily tasks. Apparently it turned out that Kaiko is pretty skilled with mechanical stuff, for example she was repairing the fridge at that moment. Fusao was though sitting in his room. Since Kaiko came he took away an hour from the time he spent playing with his pets. The animals of course blamed it on Kaiko and were destroying her stuff always when she was out. In real Fusao was studying the sciences of hunters like alchemy and runes. Alchemy is pretty simple, you can turn gold into anything, nothing can be turned into gold. Specific items can be turned into others as well as you can store material in a philosophers stone. And you can bring the held in material into shape using “dimensional rune lines”. By connecting runes, alchemy and modern science you can create weapons fit to fight gods.

An example could be a philosopher stone that stores antimatter. So Fusao was spending all his time studying this. Even as everything seamed peaceful now, both were awaiting anxiously the vampire hunt awaiting them the following day. Sadly vampires are not very high level monsters. So both though it will be an easy one sided extermination and not fun fight. Though Kaiko prefers such easy hunts a bit more.

The time of the fated encounter finally came, the dozen yakuza with their guns and swords stood there looking suspiciously at the kids their boss who was a kid himself asked for help. The atmosphere was perfect, it was rainy and dark. And the train station looked incredibly scarry.

  • So people I have to ask you a favor. Please pull out the fangs of the vampires after you kill them, if we leave some corpses ourselves take the fangs out too before the vampire corpses dissolve. - Fusao asked sounding weirdly suspicious.

  • Why do you want them? - Kaiko asked the question every wanted to ask.

  • Not you're problem. Do you agree yakuza? - Fusao said bluntly. Fending Kaiko of.

  • Ok, I agree Fusao but you have to buy lunch the next week. If you disagree I won't allow it as you're boss. - Kaiko tried to conclude another deal.

  • Fine but for your money ! - Fusao screamed out while rushing flying into the building, propelling himself with the weird gas his limbs beyond the lower joints produce. Of course his clothes there were shattered.

  • Damn, he should be a politician. - Kaiko whispered annoyed to herself. While flying herself inside using telekinesis.

The yakuza stood for a moment still, they needed to understand what happened. But a second later they rushed in. Kaiko and Fusao were rushing ahead. Kaiko was crushing vampires right and left with rails. Fusao learned a new ability though, he could shoot crystal bullets from his hands. He couldn't though coordinate his flying while doing so, so he was running. Fusao was annoyed by falling behind Kaiko, she was much faster than him. It annoyed him so much he did not notice he killed way more vampires she did. Fighting the low vampires was not Fusao's and Kaiko's job though, they were hurrying to fight the head vampire. At the same time a battle between yakuza and vampires was going on. Luckily Kaiko and Fusao dealt already with most vampires. The superior strength and speed of vampires was not their only trump card. The biggest problem was the fact that vampires regenerate their body when they drink human blood. The weaponry, numbers, coordination and tactics of yakuza set them on pretty equal terms with the vampires. Sadly equal terms mean the most casualties. Than Daquan Zaguara came into the old empty train station where the vampire hideout was. He was casually walking among the the vampires and yakuza fighting. When finally vampires jumped at him to drink his blood, all they did was tip their fangs into him, with out a moments notice they were lying on the ground slowly burning up. In pain a human can never imagine. Daquan was the heir of the silver – blood clan. The characteristic of this clan is the fact that their blood has properties like silver just 17 times stronger. Silver is the metal of hunters. All supernatural beings are weakened by it, weak beings like vampires even die from it. And so with Daquans arrival the tables changed, even vampires fell fear. An army loses when panic occurs. All what was happening from this moment forth was just a one sided extinction of panicking vampires.

In a war morals of soldiers are more important than their strength. Daquan a yakuza heir knew that since birth. He was stunned with the fact that his panic causing tactic worked out. He stood proud smiling while his brown hair waved in the wind. Still he had a sad look in his small brown eyes, he lost many man during that fight.

Meanwhile Kaiko and Fusao reached the main hall where were only 2 vampires. The head vampire and a vampire in a middle age Europe inspired armor. The head vampire jumped out a back window of the station. He grew wings and started flying of.

  • I fly faster. Get the Knight. - Kaiko said as an order to Fusao.

  • Aye, Sir! - Fusao saluted mocking her.

The next moment he turned back to being serious. His eyes changed into their snake like form. His forearms became blades. You could clearly hear him silently laughing as if he was trying to hide it.

In a moments notice he propelled himself towards the Silent Knight. Who started to swing around huge chains. He was though unable to hit Fusao. The boy managed to land the first hit with his full power, than he found out that the armor was solid thank steel, he could not get trough it even with his hardened back matter, anyways he decided to call it “melnaradus”. He knew at that moment that he needs to train his rune, sadly its only half as strong on him as for a full blood human. At least he knew that the armor was thicker than 7 cm. A second later, without even Fusao being able to take action, the knight rammed him into the wall hitting him simultaneously with 3 chains. Thanks to his hardness rune his bones just manged to not be broken. He planned to hit the armor into the same spot to get trough it. The damage he inflicted on it was gone though. There was only one explanation; it must have been an self-repairing armor that uses philosopher stones and dimensional rune lines. It simply meant that the armor will regenerate until the philosophers stone supporting it is empty. The Knight started to run towards Fusao swinging his chains around faster and faster. Fusao was cutting the chains as fast as they reached his range. The chains regenerated though too and there were appearing more and more new ones. The Silent Knight finally started to win the upper hand by hitting directly Fusao with his chains breaking his ribs and cracking a bit his skull up. Our half-demon could do ranged combat now as well, he put his hands up and busted out laughing like a mad man, while shooting out crystals out of his hands at the sped of a machine gun and the impact power of a assault riffle.

This ambush ripped the Knights armor apart for a moment even landing a direct hit that tore the liver of the knight straight out. After the knight snapped out of being surprised, he started to block the bullets with his regenerating chains controlling them only with his left arm. In his right hand he was holding an Renaissance long sword, just triple the diameter. For a literal tank, the vampire Knight moved fast towards Fusao. As the Knight came finally close to Fusao, he let himself be hit with the Knights chains to avoid a hit by his sword, and hit him with the melceradus blade using his own kinetic energy. Fusao sadly suffered a broken arm. This time he could though cut trough the vampires armor and even 10 centimeter deeper damaging the lungs of the giant Knicht. Momentarily he reshaped his melnaradus into a shield that blocked a carnage of chains. When it finally broke under the pressure of the Knights blade. The fight was much harder than our protagonist might have imagined this morning. Even though that Fusao managed to get hold of himself and stopped laughing aloud as a sign of respect towards the Silent Knight. He had big respect for that monster, even though being a weak type of beast it managed to achieve strength that allowed him to enter copy. Fusao had though not the time for such admiration, seconds after the breaking of the shield he could feel the cold blade at his neck. In a moments notice he shot the knight back using the “melnaradus riffle”; thats how he called the attack that used crystals as ammunition. That attack tore the knights armor apart and shattered his body with wholes, it seamed as if all was over but the vampire knight made his helmet disappear and jumped forward to suck on Fusaos neck that he previously barely managed to cut. And so he manged to regenerate basically all the damage inflicted on him during the fight, and rob the half demon he was facing from some strength. Afterwards he shot himself back using his chains, as he had to wait for his armor to regenerate. Despite all that Fusao was the one who was that moment deemed to win, simply because he finally had a smart idea how do get trough that stiff armor. He bashed forward being hit with the chains all over his body, this situation was quite similar as when he was fighting Kaiko. But the Knight could not panic as she did, because he was not human anymore. So Fusao all beat up stood before the vampire holding his bade sideways, he pushed with all he got and propelled the blade into him using his “melnamigla”; so he called the gas he can shot out of his hands. He manged to clearly cut of both legs of the knight. It was still a success even though he was aiming at the torso. Suddenly, he was thrown back by the knight with a strong bade swing that cut open Fusaos chest. The knight instead of crawling around was using his chains to stand. It looked funny as his armor regenerated even though his legs did not. In the end Fusao was still much more beat up than the Silent Knight was.

  • So you are a telekinetic, and I was wondering how you were swinging those chains around. - Fusao said while spitting out some blood. He said it for himself, he did not expect a response.

As he expected, no response came. He had now though of way to deal with the Knight. The Knight started to swing his chains around as he did before, this time though every time Fusao came close enough to strike with his bade he was shot back. Fusao was tired, you could though not read anything from the Knight's movements. In a moments notice the knight charged in for attack using his chains similar to how an octopus would crawl over the ground, at the same moment they created a barrier that made close combat impossible. So the half demon went again with the melanaradus riffle. The chains were creating though a good self regenerating barrier. And even before Fusao could notice the Knight's sword pierced him trough his stomach. When that happened, Fusao silently whispered the words “You lose”. That moment he put a calm, faint smile on. He propelled himself forward up to the handle of the sword. He rammed his hands into the Knight deep trough the stiff armor, the Silent Knight cut Fusaos body open to the right, as an act of desperation. It was to late Fusao spread crystals from his hands all over the knight body piercing everything, there was more melanaradus crystal than Knight left in the armor. The Silent Knight finally brought himself to say something his last words.

  • Promise me never to laugh like you did before. - he said silently clinging to life only to hear a response.

  • I promise, on my honor. - Fusao replied.

The Knight died; as an token of respect Fusao did not even pull his fangs out. He took though his philosopher stones. Afterwards he put together all cuts and broken bones using melanaradus. Than he just dropped on the floor and lied down thinking and waiting for Kaikos return.

Now Kaiko had to deal with the head vampire, who called himself King. Kaiko was chasing the King trough the airspace over Lashikara. She thought that the King was a coward who was running away.

  • You know my fighting style requires open space, so lets start witch! - the King screamed out. Stopping and turning around in mid air. You could feel strong blood lust from his young body. Actually he was hundreds of years old but looked as if he was in his twenties.

  • Actually my magic works better in open spaces as well. Anyway don't get overconfident. - Kaiko replied carelessly.

As she said that she sent a huge train from 1800's flying towards the King. He blew it up a second later and immediately sent snakes made out of the explosions flames to Kaiko. What happed was quite impossible to comprehend, vampires don't usually have that much power.

  • What was that?! - Kaiko asked wondered, and a little hostile. While destroying the flame snakes using wagons.

  • Says the train summoning witch! - the King screamed out, while shooting a few bullets from his gun towards Kaiko, the bullets caused though huge explosions who hit Kaiko around a bit.

  • Lets stop the small talk, I'm here to kill you not make friends.- Kaiko said in a hostile but comedic way. While destroying the new snakes that started to emerge from the explosions who hit her around. This time she used a long speedy modern train which she even sent afterwards flying towards the King.

  • Ah, and it was so fun. - the King replied. Shooting only one bullet who exploded immediately before the train blowing it up.

Thats when Kaiko started to understand how the vampire was fighting. He was shooting weak philosopher stones who changed air into some sort of explosive. So the King could not hit the train directly but only cause an explosion close to him. The King was changing nitrogen in to nitroglycerin, Kaiko did nor need or know that information. The fire snakes were an effect of pyrokinesis. Now that she understood the power of her opponent she could take real action. The King understood the basics of Kaikos power from the very start, materialization witches are rare but in his 700 years of life he met quite few. And so their fight actually just started. Kaiko summoned a 140 kilometers per hour driving train and while hiding behind the locomotive she waited as the train was flying towards the King. As expected from him the King caused a huge explosion just before the train which sent the locomotive flying up. Kaiko jumped out with a Cross buck from behind the blown away locomotive landing a direct hit on his head. As that happened the vampire shot a bullet just behind Kaiko, the explosion was way bigger than the previous ones. It burned away the back of her clothes and created a scald on her back. Even though the explosion was very close to the King as well he basically used Kaiko as a shield for most damage. At a moments notice both built up space between each other again. Even though the King had his skull ripped open so much you could see his brain he was laughing as if he already had won. Kaiko was only silently crunching from pain.

  • Is that all young lady? Weren't you part of a superior race? - said the vampire mocking her.

  • Maybe, I did not give up on my humanity though. - she replied trying to mock him. And sent a normal train with two wagons flying towards him.

  • Too bad, maybe you should have! - he said easily dodging the train.

  • I don't think so! - she screamed out truly angry.

As the King tried to shoot another shot from his gun she summoned magnetic rail left close to him. It Pulled the gun to the side, so the shoot was far of, the fire snakes were still though coming after her. The King felt now a bit uneasy though knowing she could do that. Kaiko easily blocked the the snakes with her trains. She started to speedy materialize the magnetic rail on different sides of the King every time he was about to shot. He could not land one accurate shot, and she was able to block the dragons with ease as she charged forward. Finally coming closer, Kaiko sent the fastest train she was able to summon at the speed 250 kilometers per hour towards him. The King saw it coming closer and closer, his gun was though tossed left and right making a shoot for him impossible. Anger was overcoming him; finally he pulled out another philosophers stone out of his left pocked and just threw it at her train. The train suddenly disappeared in blindingly bright shine. It was burning termite, the King changed the iron in the train into termite and set it on fire with pyrokinesis. The pure blindingly white incredibly hot termite flames came flying towards the witch in form of thin snakes. No matter how many trains she materialized the compressed flames burned them trough like butter. As the flames were nearly reaching her she summoned her fastest train. Holding onto it she managed to barely escape from the flames up into the sky. And now the King could use his gun again. No matter how fast her train was it was still far from the level of a bullet. Explosions hit the train from all sides, destroying it completely. Kaikos clothes were in scraps, her hair all smoked up and her skin burned up in some places even showing muscles. The pain she felt was leaving her barely conscious to that came as well a collapsed lung from the shock waves. The King only suffered a head wound so far.

Kaiko had no idea what to do as the Termite Flames were coming closer. She finally had an idea, she wanted to summon a train and rotate it st a high speed around herself, she abandoned that idea in a moments notice though. She was not able to control something so big so freely yet. So she used magnetic rails which are less flammable than normal ones. Her plan worked out better than planned she managed to distort the termite flames making them way smaller, and creating an opening for attack.

As the vampire was shooting seemingly without aiming at her she sent the melting magnetic rail towards him, concentrated on attacking he did not manage to evade, this mistake made him lose his left arm. You could see anger on the Kings face. Kaiko charged in again using a massive 1800s train as cover. The trains of that time period were build as thick as thanks and much heavier. So when Kaiko stabilized it even the explosions and the termite flames could not move or destroy the train. It took though all Kaikos energy, she knew it was her lest chance to deal with the King. As the melting train was already close to hit the vampire he evaded by flying up, Kaiko came at him quickly with a Cross buck.

First what she did was hit the gun out of his right hand. The vampire was trying to guard against Kaikos hits with his one arm. It worked even pretty good as our witch had not much energy left considering how long she was flying and fighting already. He manged even to deal a few hits with his legs to her, because of her weakened telekinesis he manged to break her left leg. That left him though of guard so Kaiko used the opportunity and hit him into the place where his brain was standing out. At this moment she felt only joy even forgetting about the hellish pain she was encountering right now. Even tears of joy left from her eyes. In a last grasp of energy the King tried to reach her neck but, he could not, he just died. Kaiko started falling to the ground, if she had hit the ground she would have died. Luckily she fell into a pond and that caused her burned body such immense pain that she woke up and managed to get ashore, the yakuza were already rushing to where she fell.

Daquan knew only basic informations about hunting. He knew though about “copy”. Even so he had a feeling that Kaiko and Fusao might have been wounded so he sent his man to search for them. Because Fusao was very close they managed to find him in less than 10 minutes. The search for Kaiko took much longer. She was in a worse condition too, as she was still only a human. Even though Fusao did not want them to go to the hospital. All people involved knew it was impossible for Kaiko to get well soon without going to the hospital. Fusao had though not to go to the hospital.

A day after coming to the hospital Kaiko regained consciousness and Fusao came to see her.

  • Hi Kaiko. Did you expect those vampires to be so strong? - Fusao asks unusually calm.

  • No, but damn fire hurts! How come you basically don't react to pain? - Kaiko asks wondering.

  • You know I was raised in a church orphanage. - Fusao replied bluntly.

  • Oh, shit. Damn you have bad luck. - Kaiko said an laughed a bit, she stoped though imediately because of pain in her chest.

  • Anyway when will you be healthy again? - Fusao asked wondering.

  • An medic alchemist will come from the organization to restore my skin and flesh tomorrow, so in two days I will be back. I assume I don't have to pay rent for the 3 days as I am not living with you for that time? - the girl replied trying to sneak in a bargain.

  • Your stuff is sill there so you will pay. Anyways get well. - he said bluntly with a faint smile while leaving.

From this point on he learned they cant underestimate even weakest monsters like vampires. As well as Fusao understood that he could transcend the strength he was born with. At the same time he was wondering, if he could maybe make humans reach strength of gods. Wondering so, he decided to research that from now on.

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