Be The Church

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We've all been told we should go to church on Sundays. Going to church doesn't make you a christian. It takes more than just going. You have to live it. This is a short story about that.

Be The Church


  It was a Sunday morning when Timmy arrived at the church. The parking lot was empty except for one car. He saw his friend Brian at the church door. Brian turned around and was heading back to his car when Timmy drove up beside him. “Where is everyone at?” Timmy asked. “The note on the door said we are meeting at the ball field.” Brian answered. “Why are we meeting there?” Timmy asked. “I’m not sure. I guess we’ll find out once we get there.” Brian replied. They both drove to the ball field where they seen many cars already parked. They parked and got out and headed for the bleachers where everyone was sitting. They saw their pastor Bro. Bobby on the ball field looking through his papers. As they were sitting down Bro. Bobby began to speak. “Ok everyone please quiet down for a minute please. I have an announcement to make.” Everyone started to get quiet and focused their attention on him. “I guess you’re all wondering why we’re here instead of in the church. Well to answer your question; today we are going to do things a little different.” People started murmuring and looking at each other.

  “We are not having our regular church service today.” People started getting a little louder wondering what he was talking about. How can you not have church on a Sunday morning? That’s what Christians are supposed to do. “Calm down calm down. Please listen to me and I’ll explain.” The people got quiet again and looked at him with confused look on their faces. He began again and said, “Today we are going to go out into our community and do good deeds for our fellow men and women.” Every ones eyes got wide with amazement. “ We are going to split up into different groups and go out and see how we can help our community and help others to come to our Lord and Savior.” They started to get excited about this idea. “At this time we are going to split up. Once your group is together you’ll be given your destination and instructions.” He called their names and they split into the groups they were called in.

  “Ok. First group will be going down to the local rest home where they will be assisting in activities, meal deliveries, prayer and what ever else they need help with. Second group will be going around to our local neighbors and seeing if they need any yard work or any repairs done. You can even ask if you can share the word of God with them. Third team will be going to the gas stations and you’ll be pumping gas, checking oil, and cleaning windshields for the customers. Last team will be at the grocery stores helping to bag and carry out groceries. You’ll all have cards with different Bible scriptures on them you’ll be handing out as well. Are there any questions before we head out?” Brian raised his hand. “Yes Brian what is your question?” “How long will we be out for doing these things?” “We will be out as long as feel necessary.” Bro. Bobby answered.

  “Are there any more questions before we head out?” No one else raised their hands so he dismissed them. They car pooled to keep from using too many cars. A couple other guys from the church by the names of James and David arrived at the rest home. They walk in and go to the nurse’s station to let them know what they were there for. They asked where they could be of help at. The nurse led them to the activity room. They walked in and introduced themselves. James said “Hello everyone I’m James and this is my friend David. We’re here today to help out in anyway we can. If you need prayer we’ll pray with you. If you need someone to play a game with we can do that. Or if you just need to talk we are here. If there’s anything at all we can do for you all you have to do is just ask one of us.” They all said hello back to them.

Meanwhile Timmy and Brian were going around town to see if they could be of any help to any of the neighbors. They came up to a house and walked up to knock on the door. A lady opened the door and said “Yes can I help you?” Brian answered “We are from the Trinity Of God Church and we are going around the community today to see how we can help our fellow men and women and we wondering if there was anything we could help you out today?” The woman looked at them with amazement.

She was shocked and didn’t really know what to say. She asked “What kind of things are you doing?” Timmy answered “We can mow your lawn, weed eat for you, any repairs you may need or anything else you may need.” She replied “Wow this is the first time this has happened. No one has ever came here and offered this before. My yard really needs to be mowed to be honest with you.” James said “It will be our pleasure mam.” “Thank you very much.” She said. They unloaded the lawn mower and weed eater and started on her lawn.

  Back at the rest home David and James were talking to the residents when an elderly man called for David. David said “Yes sir how may I help you?” The elderly man said “My name is Peter and I could use some prayer if it’s alright.” David answered “Of course it’s alright.” David called James over to help pray with them. David asked “Would you like to let us know what you need prayer about?” Peter said I’ve lived a hard life. I’m seventy eight years old. I’ve never known Christ. I’ve been sick and crippled for a few years now. I’ve had a lot of anger and resentment a lot of my life and it takes a true man of God like you guys to come here for us and do what you’re doing. I can see the love and joy in your faces and eyes. You have true compassion. I’ve never experienced that in my life. I’ve always been full of bitterness. I want to know that feeling. I don’t have much time left in this world and I want what little time I have left to be filled with love, compassion and peace. I want to know Jesus. Can you help me?”

  James said “Yes we can. I’m so glad to hear you say that. I’m glad you opened up to us. You’ve taken the first step already by admitting you’re a sinner and confessing your sins. All you have to do is believe in your heart that Jesus died for our sins and rose again on the third day. Then you have to ask Him to come into your heart and ask him to be your savor. Can you do that?” Tears gathered in Peter’s eyes and started to run down his cheeks as he answered yes. David said “Lets hold hands.” They began to pray for Peter and everyone started to gather around them and began praying as well.

  Timmy and Brian were just finishing up when the woman came out and offered them a drink. Brian said “Thank you mam I really appreciate the drink.” She said “No thank you I appreciate what you have done for me.” Timmy asked “Can I ask you a question miss?” She answered “Sure. What is it?” Timmy asked “Have you been saved? Have you ever accepted Jesus as your personal savor?” She replied “I was saved many years back but I haven’t been to church in years.” Timmy asked “Have you thought about re-dedicating your life back to the Lord?” She answered “To be honest I haven’t thought about it but I’d like to.”

He asked “Would you like us to pray with you and help you?” She answered “Yes please would you?” He said “Yes we will.” They prayed together and she re-dedicated her life back to the Lord right there in her front yard.

  James and David were on their way back to the ball field when James said “Wow can you believe the day we’ve had?” David said “It has been an incredible day hasn’t it?” James said “Yes it has.” “I wonder if any other churches have ever done this.” David said. James replied “I don’t know. I hope we can do it again someday.” Davis said “We can do it everyday. It doesn’t have to be just on Sundays. That’s what being a Christian is. Don’t just go to church but be the church.

Submitted: April 25, 2010

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