"Don't Judge Us"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I've done a poem on addiction once before, but this one goes more deeper and darker into the subject. It's based on some reality of my life as well as others I'm sure. We all have our demons and weakness, and with being judeged by them isn't right when we all are guilty of having faults. It deals with the pressures people with addictions go through and what the results can lead to. If you are an addict or know someone who is take this poem into consideration and read it before you pass judgment on someone or decide to turn your back on them.

Submitted: August 09, 2010

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Submitted: August 09, 2010



  Don’t Judge Us



I look at you then I look at me

I see how the demons captured us so easily


I would see you take a drink and light up

With me it was pictures and movies that I could never get enough of


They captured us when we were young and vulnerable

It has got worse through the years because it has become uncontrollable


You could never put the bottle down

I could never break free from the movies no matter how many I threw out


To some people they could never understand

But growing up this way was never in our plans


People would say they could stop if they really wanted to

They don’t know what its like until they’ve been in our shoes


They would judge us and start complaining about us and tempers would begin to fly

But in the end it wouldn’t do any good, because things wouldn’t change no matter how hard we would try


At times things would become violent and there would be fights

As I look back I remember it happened many nights


We know we have problems everyone does

But it gives no one the right to judge us


We’ve tried to change our ways

We try and deal with them every day


It’s not easy breaking free from alcohol, drugs or porn

With some of the remarks some of you have said to us it’s left us scorned


Being viewed and judged as a junkie, drunk and pervert doesn’t feel too good

Sure there are programs if you have the money or insurance and we’d pay it if we could


So don’t judge us when you have faults of your own

You’re just not letting them be seen or known


There’s only so much pressure and criticism one can absorb

Some have took all they could take until they could take no more


We have enough guilt and depression as it is

We don’t need the criticism and pressure added on to the list


What we need is a shoulder to lean or cry on or an ear to talk to

Is that asking too much for you to do


It seems no matter how hard we fight we can’t seem to win

Every time we try to stop we always start up again


Everywhere we look it appears there’s no help to be found

We feel we’re alone on this battle ground


Some of you just seem to just turn your back

Or brush us off like dirt or dust on a mat


There have been many nights we’ve sat and thought about the problems in our lives

My brother decided to take his, but I still survive


I still battle with my problems that hasn’t changed

And I still think about him everyday and wonder what he’d say


His demons got the best of him and wouldn’t let him go

I’m still struggling with mine and if he were here he’d tell me to keep fighting that I know


Anyone who knew my brother knew he was a fighter and never gave up

But I believe he was tired and his body and mind had finally had enough


My demons are trying to do the same to me

They’re telling me end it and you too will be set free


But I know my brother would want me to do what is right

He would want me to continue to fight


That’s what people fail to realize about addicts; they have to fulfill that need or desire

They fight so much and for so long some just give up, because they’ve grown tired


You’re probably thinking well I think the whole thing is just dumb

Well unless you’ve been there or are there its nothing you can fully comprehend


So don’t judge us the way you do

Until you’ve experienced things from our point of view


As I said you’ll never understand us, but you can listen to what we have to say

If you do that you may just save a life that day


It’s not easy for an addict to open up

But if you take the time, and be there for them that’s enough

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