One Foggy Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is short story poem.The first I've ever attempted.I hope you like it.I wanted to try a short story but I was a little bit afraid.Please let me know what you think.

One Foggy Night

It was a cold and lonely night

The fog was the only thing in my sight

I was on my way home so I thought I’d take a shortcut

I was walking through the woods I thought to myself “I got to be nuts.”

I was walking along and I heard a loud howl

I thought “I know that couldn’t be an owl.”

All of a sudden I heard a loud scream

I looked around but there wasn’t anything to be seen

I stood there frozen with fear

Hoping whatever it was wasn’t anywhere near

I started walking slowly trying not to make a sound

Whatever was out there I didn’t want to be found

As I walked a little further I heard crunching of twigs and leaves

I paused listened then hid behind a tree

I was scared and didn’t know what else to do

I just kept saying to myself “please don’t let it find you.”

As it got closer I heard loud breathing and a growl like a dog

I peeked around and it wasn’t a dog at all

Its body was covered with hair

Needles to say I was scared

Its teeth were sharp as knives

I was afraid I was going to die

Its eyes full of hunger

My heart being as loud as thunder

Claws razor sharp

They would surely tear you apart

It had something in its hand that was out of my view

I said to myself “don’t make a sound whatever you do.”

With one thrust it swung it around

A warm liquid splashed my face as it hit the ground

As I wiped my face and looked I knew instantly what it was

It could only be one thing human blood

I thought to myself “oh my god I’m going to die.”

Then I heard something coming up from behind

I thought “Now where are you going to hide?”

Then something grabbed my shoulder from the side

I jumped and swung and a hand covered my mouth

He said “shhh not so loud.”

The other from behind swatted down beside me

There were now three of us and I was relieved

As we looked on the animal continued to feast

I asked them “what is that beast?”

They looked at each other then me and said “son you wouldn’t believe us if we told you.”

I thought to myself “that’s probably true.”

One of them said “you stay here as we get a better look.”

When they stood up a tree limb shook

The beast jumped up and looked our way

They turned to me and said “stay!”

The beast rushed forward and I heard a blast and yelp

I thought “oh God please help.”

I then heard a scream of pain and another blast

I cried “please God help us fast.”

I heard one last gun fire and a blood curling sound

I looked around and one of the men and beast was down

As I rose to my feet to stand

The beast suddenly turned into a man

I walked over and couldn’t believe my eyes

As I looked at him as he died

The man looked over at me and said “you shouldn’t be in these woods alone.”

I said “I was on my way home.”

He said “go then and don’t speak of what you’ve just seen.”

I said ok and went on my way and thought “who would believe?”

Submitted: October 11, 2008

© Copyright 2021 viper. All rights reserved.

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